Chapter One:


Kairi opened her tearfilled eyes.

Why was I crying? She asked herself.

Kairi felt like she was sick, why? She wnt to her bathroom and saw horrible bedhead.

"Ugh! Nami, do you see my hair? Ha! I look like Medusa, minus the snakes." She laughed.

No response.

"What, you mad at me or something?"


"Naminé?" Kairi asked.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she was trying to change into Naminé, it didn't work. When kairi opened her eyes, she was still Kairi. Panicking, she quickly brushed through her hair, put on clothes, and ran to Sora's house.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Kairi pounded on Sora's door. When it opened, she saw a tired, brunette boy.

"Kairi? What are you doing here? Usually you would still be asleep right now, I was." Sora said.

"Sora! Get Roxasto come out! I need to tell you guys something important!" Kairi yelled.

Roxas then popped up next to Sora, he was practically see-through.

"What's up? Where's Nami?" Roxas asked, his voice almost as asleep as Sora's.

"That's just it! I don't know! I can't talk to her, I can't change myself into her, I can't make her appear, i have no idea where she is!" Kairi said quickly. Roxas and Sora both shared an expression of shock.

They knew that Naminé wasn't just mad, because then Kairi would have still been able to turn into her, and she would have appeared as her own person. Roxas was devestated. He was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

"She's not gone. She's not gone. She's not gone." He told himself over and over again.

"Hey, Roxas, don't worry, we'll find he, it'll be ok." Sora said, trying his hardest to cheerup his nobody.

"Sora, you don't get it! She could have faded back into darkness, or the organization could be back, or someone else could have taken her away! How are we supposed to find her Sora?" Roxas yelled angrily.

"The same way I found Riku and Kairi, by trying." Sora said calmly.

"I already lost two of my best friends, I can't lose her too." Roxas said.

"Two?" Sora and Kairi asked in unison.

"Oh yeah, you guys never got to meet her huh?" Roxas replied to their question.

"Her?" They asked.

"Xion, she was the fourteenth member of the organization. Her, me, and Axel were all best friends. She looked almost exactly like you, Kairi." Roxas told.

"Huh? But Naminé's my nobody." Kairi said, confused.

"Xion was your other one. Naminé and I were born when Sora sacrificed himself to save you, Xion was born when you lost your heart." He explained.

"Oh." Kairi said.

"What happened?" Sora asked.

"She was trying to figure out who she was, so she kept running away from the organization. One time, she met Riku."

"Riku!" The brunette and redhead said.

"Yep, she became very... fond of him. She started running away to see him instead of just trying to figure out who she was. And one day, she helped Riku destroy a really big heartless. She used her best attack and, it killed her." Roxas was looking at the ground and he looked heart broken.

"So, you lost Xion, and Axel. And now you're scared that you lost Naminé?" Kairi replied.

Roxas nodded.

"Don't worry! We'll find her, I promise." Sora said.