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Oroku Saki sat meditating, eyes closed. However, doubts ran around his head. Should he really of hired Ghost? Her reputation, had reached even New York, of being the most deadly member of the undead guild. But there was no going back now, that would mean death. The guild was formed in an almost truce between the Undead and the world of the living.

He opened his eyes to find Ghost standing right in front of him – she appeared to be 14 maybe 15 years old – but her eyes were timeless. It was if she was made of glass, old but always new.

"You summoned me." Ghost said.

"Yes. Watch your targets well and don't under estimate their skill and loyalty to each other."

Ghost nodded once and was gone, like a shadow fading into the night.

The turtles night was turning out to be uneventful. Mikey was watching impossible amounts of cartoons, Raph was in the dojo attacking his punching bag, Donnie was restlessly typing on his computer and Leo and Splinter were meditating.

Ghost watched silently from the shadows, completely unnoticed.

Raph walked in the main area of the lair, his body covered in sweat, only to walk to the shower. Mikey hadn't moved an inch. His arm hung lazily over the back of the couch while he flipped channels, looking for a decent show. There was never a good plot nowadays.

Ghost stalked closer. They are ninjas, but they are also teenagers. Easily distracted and raging hormones and emotions, this will be easier then They thought. True, she was a teenager herself but she was certain she could handle anything that got thrown her way. After all, she was Ghost.

Ghost had taken up a human existence before, it wasn't her best memory but she hadn't failed, she never failed. Slipping back into the shadows, Ghost left.