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Ghost's head throbbed, she felt like she was being hit with a hammer over and over again. She caught a whiff of pizza and knew her plan had worked – the turtles' lair had smelt of pizza yesterday. Ghost heard male voices and strained to hear what they were saying;

"What do we do with her when she wakes up?" One voice asked.

"I don't know Donnie. How is she doing?" A more authoritative voice said.

"Well, as far as I can tell, she doesn't have concussion – she was just knocked out." The first voice said that.

"Err, guys. Dudes, she's waking up!" A more surfer-dude voice said.

Ghost opened her eyes to see three of the turtles standing over her. They seemed to be waiting for something. Ghost wondered where red was – blue, purple and orange were here.

"How you feeling dudette?" Orange asked, breaking the silence.

Ghost tried to sit up only to be pushed back down by purple.

"I'm fine," she snapped.

"I just want to tell you that your not dreaming, okay? We really are turtles." Blue said looking at her seriously.

"I didn't think I was dreaming." Ghost replied calmly, which gave them all confused looks.

"I hear our guest has woken up." A giant rat walked towards Ghost, red following close behind.

"My name is Splinter and these are my sons; Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. You are?" The rat asked.

"Ghost, my names Ghost."

Raph laughed at that earning him a harsh look from Splinter.

"You may stay here, Miss Ghost, until you and your dog are both fit and well."

They all left to do their own thing, apart from Mikey.

"What's his name?" He asked stroking Billy who didn't seem to like the attention much.


FF 2 hours

It was 7pm – tea time. Ghost had been dreading this, being a ghost she couldn't eat but she couldn't tell the guys. Wait, why was she calling them Guys? They're her targets not friends.

"Come on Ghost, get something to eat." Donnie encouraged.

"That's okay, I'm not hungry." Ghost told him.

Donnie looked at her, concerned. "You need to keep your strength up." He said.

"I'll eat it." Raph offered reaching for the slice of pizza.

"Mine!" Mikey shouted, grabbing from under Raphael's hand. That started the pizza war or the war for the pizza.

Ghost laughed as Raph and Mikey tumbled past her chair – then mentally slapped herself – she couldn't enjoy their company, she couldn't find them amusing. But I do have to put on a show, she told herself which made the other voice shut up.

That night as Ghost lay in bed, she couldn't help thinking that the turtles and the rat were actually very nice. Well, Mikey was over friendly, Donnie was nice, Leo was a mystery and Raph... well okay Raph wasn't the nicest turtle around but that didn't matter cause neither was Ghost. Desperately, Ghost tried to banish such thoughts from her head and failed miserably.

Maybe, just maybe, Ghost was fighting on the wrong side.