Chapter 2

A hand waved in front her face. "Earth to Lyss", said the owner of the hand. She looked up and smiled.

"Hey", she replied to Angel, still feeling butterflies in her stomach every time she's near him even though they've been dating for two months.

He kneeled down to where she sat and asked concerned "what's bothering you"? She sighed.

"The Professor asked me to officially be the schools' counsellor", she told him.

He smiled, "that's great, you kind of already are anyway. So what's the problem"?

She traced circles on his hands as she thought. "I think I'm gonna take the offer, everyone's told me I should", she paused, "it's my parents, I've been thinking about them and why I haven't heard anything from them".

He placed his hand on her cheek for comfort, "go call or see them, write, email even, whatever you do I'll be her for you".

She placed her hand over his, " thank you, I think I'll go call them now". She kissed him tenderly as she left the room.

Lyssa sat quietly in her office, which was across from Professor Xavier's and next to Storm's classroom, with the phone to her ear waiting for her parents answer on their end. A pen was twirling around in circles on the desk due to her powers and her nervousness.

"Hello, Danver's residence", a man's voice suddenly came through. Her father's voice, the polite, caring and slightly gruff voice that she remembered.

"Hi Daddy", she said in an almost childlike tone.

"Alyssa, is that really you"? He asked full of hope.

She let out a breath that she didn't realize she was holding.

"Yeah Dad it's really me", she replied.

"Are you ok, where are you, are you safe"?

"I'm great and safe. I'm at that school I mentioned"…"I'm sorry I left the way I did, I just saw no other way".

"You could of told us, we would of understood. It's ok, I'm just happy to hear that you're ok".

"Thank you. How are you and mum and everyone".

"They're good, same-old-same-old. Worried about you though".

A lone tear ran down her cheek, "I'm sorry, I was scared that no of you would want anything to do with me after my letter and would be afraid of me".

She wiped the tear away as a knock came at the door and Angel and Storm walked through. Noticing that she was on the phone they indicated to leave but she shook her head, meaning that they could stay.

"I gotta go to work now, so I'll….."

"I'll call you some time soon and I'll speak to mum then too". Angel smiled at her as she said mum knowing she called home.

"Ok. Love you, bye then".

"You too. Bye". She ended the call and sighed. Both Angel and Storm hugged her as she stood up.

"Rough", Angel asked.

"Yeah, but good". She replied nodding.

"We're taking you out to celebrate your now official job", said Storm as they left Lyssa's office, "Jean, Scott and Xavier are meeting us there".

"Great, where are we going", Lyssa asked becoming suspicious.

Storm and Angel smiled together, "Oh it's a surprise".