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Two Things

"Pain killers and wine? Intelligent Nate." Nathan turned to find Sophie, glass of milk in hand. "You can have milk." He looked from her to the glass of Merlot he just poured, back to her. She took the glass from him, trading red for white. Nathan gave her another look, begrudgingly heading into his living room. Sophie followed, settling herself on the sofa. Nathan drank his milk.

"Intelligent, huh?" he said, setting his glass on the coffee table. "Like screaming my name – twice – and blowing our cover?" he was still on her about that. Sophie sat her wine down.

"Do you know what it's like seeing someone you," she paused, searching for the right word. "Someone you give a damn about get shot? Few things are more sickening than that. What could've happened that would be worse?" two things could trump. She would bring neither up, both were too painful.

A moment.

"There are two things." Nathan said quietly, meeting her eyes. "Being shot by someone you give a damn about." Sophie blushed, adverting her eyes. A gentle hand on her chin turned her head, once again their eyes met. Nathan continued. "And shooting someone you give a damn about."

I've loved Timothy Hutton since I was a little girl watching A Nero Wolfe Mystery on A&E, he was Archie Goodwin in the series, and to me he will always be Archie, no matter how much I like Nate. One of Archie's hallmarks was his love of milk. I had a chance to tie that in and took it. I really want to create a situation in which Nathan has to do the Flamenco…