Hey Guys Im just making a one-shot this will be my first one-shot ever so just go with it. Plus I dont own Naruto so sad.

*Clash* *Bang* *Clank*
That was all you could hear outside the village of Kohona. Team 7 was curently fighting some masked ninja that had a head band that they had never seen before it had the scientific symbol for male on it.
"Kakashi-sensei what village is he from?" A boy with bright golden-yellow hair and saphire blue eyes asked.
"I believe he's from that new village that just popped up for the sexually deverse people; you know gays, lesbeins (?), bi, and straights (A.N. To anyone don't take any offense please I'm bi so this is just to be funny)." replied a man with shinny silver hair and 3/4 of his face covered.
"Oh you mean a place where Sasuke can go be himself?" Naruto asked as he ducked a incoming fist from a girl with bubble gum pink hair and a large forhead.(srry don't like Sakura that much. Or sasuke either)
"Naruto no baka take that back about Sasuke-kuns sexuallity!" the pink haired brat yelled.
While she was yelling Naruto was fighting the masked man when an idea hit him like one of Sakura's punches.
"Kakashi-sensei I have an idea!" he yelled as he fought hi way to his sensei.
"Here's what were going to do." he then whispered into Kakashi's ear.
'Thisn better work or I'm going to use Kohona's secert techinque on him.' Kakashi thought to himself as he made a single hand sign and called out 'kage bushin no jutsu' two more replicas of him appeared. One started to take off his shirt while the other sarted o make out with it. Everyone stopped to see what was going on the masked guy started to turn very red as blood startedd to drip out his nose.
'I guess ts working,' Kakashi thought to himself, 'time for the big finally'
Kakashi then walked up behind his two clones and started to make out too. Suddenly everyone hears a big THUMP. They turn and find the masked ninja passed out on the ground with blood running out of hie nose.
"Well team mission complete." Kakashi said with an eye smile. ' I feel so used.

H.L.S.S.- hoped you found it funny.
Kashi- you used meee!
H.L.S.S.-get over it. it was for the good of the mission.
Kashi-but you still used meee!
H.L.S.S.-aren't ninjas tools to be used?
Kashi-yeah what's your point?
H.L.S.S.-*sweatdrop* well lets ignore him *locks Kakashi in glass box* anyways please review.
Kashi-*ponding and yelling but no noise coming through mouthing let me out*