Hey everyone! this my first fanfic, if you have any feeback for me let me know so then i can write more fics and this fic is about Ryan and Summer from The O.C:

Ryan and summer were great friends. They both went to college in NYC. Ryan had feeling for summer and didn't tell, and so did summer, but she didn't tell Ryan.

"Hey Ryan, what are your plans for New Year", summer asked

"Nothing really", he said

"Come on Ryan, we need to do something fun", summer said

Then all of sudden, summer phone rings and it was her friend Emily.

"Hey Emily, what's up", summer said

"I am just calling, to invite you to my New Year party, can you come?", Emily said

"Yes, sure I will be there", summer said

When summer got off the phone she told Ryan about the party, and asking him to come

"Please Ryan, can you come to the party", summer says

"But I don't know these people", Ryan said

"I will be, please Ryan", she said looking at him with those gorgeous eyes. Ryan could not say no to her, so he said yes.

"Fine I will come" he said

"Great, this is going to be fun" summer says

"I am going to go get ready, pick me up at 7", summer said

"Of course", Ryan said

Ryan was at summer apartment, when he knock on the door one of her roommate answered it

"Hey you must be Ryan, summer going to be ready in two minutes, come on in", the girl said

When summer walked out of her room she looked gorgeous in her black strapless dress

"Wow, summer you look great" Ryan said

"Thanks Ryan, you look pretty great yourself too", summer said

"Well we better be off to the party then", Ryan said

When they were at the party, Ryan wanted to so tell summer that he loves her but he couldn't, and he couldn't handle staying there, so he decided to leave

Summer was looking all over for Ryan but couldn't find him, so she asked one of her friends.

"Hey Emily, do you know where Ryan went", summer says

"Yes, he told me that he had to leave", she says

"Why did he leave? I am going find him, I will be back"

"Ok, don't miss the countdown", Emily says

"I won't", summer says

Then she leave and goes to find where Ryan when. When she gets out of the elevator, she sees Ryan going through the front doors of the hotel and she goes and calls out to him

"Ryan, why did you leave the party?" she says

"Because I can't be in there with you"


"Because I love you, I have always loved you" Ryan said

Summer was speechless

"4, 3, 2…"

So Ryan turns away and starts to walk away, but he hears her speak.

"Wait", summer says


….then all of sudden she grabs Ryan and kisses him so passionately

"I love you too Ryan, I have always loved you", summer said

"This is the beginning of a new love", he says

"You know what they say, how you spent new year is how you are going to spent the rest of your life", summer says

"Well I can live with that" Ryan said, with his lips so close to summer,

And they shared the kissed….

That was the beginning of a new love

The End

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