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Love not what you are...


"...To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part..."

'Till death do us part? Why would you have that in wedding vows, its pointless! It's not happy like wedding are. Pathetic!' She thought with a small wave of her hand, trying to bypass it by scratching her ear.

"I now pronounce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride..."

Shivers ran down my spine, 'Been there, done that! Never again will I fall in love with anyone!' Her face darkened at the thought of her last boyfriend. 'I wish I could get away from this mess.'

Standing up she finally got in the car travelling towards food. Her stomach rumbled excitedly.

Later on...

Rain lightly landed on her lips. Licking them away she noticed they tasted different. They didn't taste like plain rainwater. It was a sweet rose-like taste.

Now that may sound weird, rain tasting of roses. But once you've read on, you would understand it was, by far, practically normal and no stranger than where Charlotte was. However she did not know...yet.

Chapter 1 – Where the hell...?

She thought of a rose tree planted in her garden at home. It was called deep secret; a unfathomable red, with so many layers of petals it was a wonder what was actually in the centre of the mysterious flower.

Sighing she looked around the fairly large corpse of trees she was standing in the middle of. Full of strange and exotic flowers. Looking down at her dress she thought it was probably best to turn back to the grounds of the old house, and rejoin the after-party of her sisters wedding, hence the bridesmaid dress. Her sister would most likely kill her if it got dirty or wet.

She followed its pattern. It was strapless, but it had a halter-neck strap. It didn't really do anything apart from if you stepped on the front hem, then it wouldn't fall down and most likely give everyone a nice view! Well for men mostly. She smiled and turned back, still studying the dress. It was pale purple; a piece of material, of a darker purple, attached around the top, splitting in half in the middle at the front, and flowing down to the ground. It was like a wrap for the dress, only just revealing the actual dress underneath. She really loved it, and as she pushed undergrowth out of the way she began to softly hum.

Stopping suddenly she turned around. "Hello?" She spoke steadily; she could have sworn that somebody had been there, playing the introduction of the song with a pan pipe. 'Weird' She thought and quickened her pace, until she came to a cliff with an amazing view.

But it hadn't been there before.

Staring around, and starting to get pretty worried I said out loud "Where the hell am I?" without even thinking about it. Then a small voice whispered in her head,


"Ha neverland!" Charlotte thought laughing. Though it did seem familiar to the story her Gran used to tell her about a flying boy and his pixie fairy thing.

Her Gran was very...different. She always would keep the bloody window open, even in the middle of winter! Just in case this boy showed up and whisked her away to a far-away land. Mind she was in a hospital now on her death bed, moaning all the time "Paul, make me fly...Paul, make me fly!" Or was it Peter?

Confused while she tried to retrace her steps; she figured she took a wrong turning somewhere, she tripped and landed flat on her face. She turned over while screaming, "Oh holy hell!" Sending screeching birds and fairies nearby shooting off into the purple sky. She looked up as they had startled her.

"What the hell is happening to me? Why is the sky purple? Why are there fairies? Oh god I think I've been drugged!" Charlotte scrambled up and began to run, she felt dizzy, sweat began to run off her face...then the pan pipes played again. Something stood in her way she pushed it; it held on tight.

Whirling around, she saw pan pipes in the left hand of a man. As she made to smack him, he stopped her and said,

"Don't worry I won't hurt you."

She paused, that wasn't a manly voice. She studied the person in front of her; it was a boy, the same age as her. But he was the exact same description of the boy her crazy old Gran spoke of.

Peter Pan.

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