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Cold-hearted Itachi Uchiha is the successor to a multi-billion dollar company. He has everything he ever wanted within his grasp, well that's what he thought. Naruto Uzamaki is your average teen just trying to survive in life. Both his parents dead, with nothing more than a high school education he needs money, fast, so he turns to prostitution. What starts as a simple gift from a co-worker, Itachi soon realizes an attachment he feels for a certain blonde. What is this feeling? So new and unexpected?

Author Notes: Hi! I'm XxTaintedDaggerxX and I started writing this story with my good friend The Ever Holy Mad Hatter. I came up with the story, and originally continued to direct the plot, while she and her mad set of skills layed out the story for all to see. Sadly, right after we started this story together, she moved away and communications between us got kind of rough. Anyways... After keeping the readers waiting for so long, I decided to just continue this series on my own. I hope no one is disappointed with the turnout. Thanks for reading!

Rating: Teen, for now of course.

Pairing: Actually I'm not even going to, if you're to stupid to have figured it out I don't want you reading our story anyways.

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The Gift to Feel

Chapter 1

Naruto perched on the edge of the desk, the stares of the two high class men making him want to squirm. This was unusual, usually his clients wanted to hire him for just a quick one night thing, not as a gift to a friend.

"Well have fun, yeah.", Naruto tuned back into the conversation as the shorter (and friendly looking, in Naruto's humble opinion) man left the room quickly, seeming to be holding back his laughter. As the door closed, he could hear the man burst into not-so manly giggles.

The black haired man stared at him, red eyes boring into his, and this time he did squirm. He waited for a moment, and when the man said nothing he figured now was as good a time as any to do his thing.

He slide off the desk, and swinging his hips, he made his way over. He stopped a few feet away for the much taller man. He wasn't used to having to do all the work; usually his clients couldn't wait to get their hands all over him. This could be awkward, but before he could make a total fool of himself the man swept around him. He pushed a button on his desk, and in what could have been the most incredible voice Naruto had ever heard said,"Ms. Haruno, make sure no one comes up to my office, also make sure Deidara finds something very unpleasant in what ever he eats next."

"Oh course Mr. Uchiha.", came a high pitched cheerful voice through what Naruto assumed was a speaker.

Itachi let his hand off the button, and the room fell silent again. Gracefully Itachi turned back to Naruto, and in that same sexy voice said, "I don't know what the bastard told you, but I have no need of your services."

Naruto stammered out the only reply he could think of, "But, if I don't, I wont get the other half of my money."

Itachi stared at him again, obviously trying to think of a way out of this, "Fine, I'll pay you double what he is, just leave.", his voice had taken on a hard edge. He leaned to press the button, to call on his secretary again, when a timid voice from his rather unwanted guest stopped him.

"But how do you know you can even pay me double?"

Itachi raised an eyebrow and made a purposeful glance around his office, Naruto did the same. It was evident that Itachi could have purchased a small country, "Oh, right, um well…", he paused awkwardly,"Uh, here let me give you my contact information" He dug a small piece of paper out of his pocket, but couldn't find a pen. Itachi noticed his dilemma and tossed him a cheap looking one from his desk. Which Naruto failed to catch. Itachi couldn't help but stare at his ass as he bent over, it was the tight pants he attempted to convince himself. Naruto quickly jotted down his number and held it out nervously for Itachi to take from him.

Naruto had no idea what it was about this client, you would think after having sex with at least seven people a week would make him shameless, but this man made him feel like he was new to the job again. When Itachi's hand brushed his, he actually felt himself blush again, and it had been a long time since he'd done that.

"Well, uh, bye", he murmered. Itachi made no move to show him out, or even acknowledge he was still there. Feeling slightly dissed, Naruto quickly walked out of the office. Ignoring the pink haired secretary, he left the building as quickly as possible, hoping to forget the whole embarrassing incident.

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