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The Gift to Feel

Chapter 7

Naruto cautiously made his way through the Uchiha Manor, locating Sasuke's bedroom to barrow a spare set of clothing to replace the flannel pajamas he woke up in. Thankfully Sasuke was absent, as the blonde did not want any confrontation before he cleaned up even though most evidence from the day prior was physically gone from his body. He took a quick shower before he tip toed the creaking stairs, letting his mind drift. What was he going to say? How did you explain this kind of situation to your best friend? He rounded the stairway only to become stock still in the doorway of the kitchen. Coal eyes pierced him, their owners solemn face saying more than others could have thought possible. Sasuke moved from his chair, approaching his frozen friend until he was only six inches away from the other man. The Uchiha's face hardened as he spoke his next words, no playful edge that he once had that morning. "Why? How could you?"

Naruto came out of his daze, not thinking too clearly. "What?"

"How could you keep something like this from me?", Sasuke took a step back and turned his head away. "Is anything you told me even the truth?" "Of course!", Naruto fired back, "I just, I left some parts out."

When the raven didn't respond, he continued. "How could I tell you? To admit that I was brought so low after my parents death, I could never live it down, the shame." At this Sasuke moved back towards the blonde, hurt covering his face. "I was you best friend and I could have helped you. I would have done anything to keep you from this kind of life." Naruto winced at the past tense, "You still are my best friend, Sasuke. But I never wanted to admit to anyone, or myself, about I was doing. After my parents died, I needed money fast. To pay rent, utilities, food. If I didn't do anything, child services would have taken me back into the system. Everyone thought I was looked after my godparents, but they never showed up to take care of me, didn't even call. It was what I had to do."

Sasuke looked enraged by this and fired out his reply to the confession. "Prostitution? That was your answer along side with lying to your friends? And what about now? Its been years!"

It was Naruto's turn to look hurt, "I can't change what I did, what happened, and it has been tearing me up inside that I never told you. But you have to understand how I felt after the first time. I felt dirty, like the lowest scum of the earth and that I had no business with any of you. 'You were to good to be acquainted with someone like me', I thought. And as for your other question, the money was good and better than anything I would get with just a high school diploma. Also, once you start its hard to quit the life. Even as my own independent agent, I had too many connections with the more slimy areas of the state, that even if I had quit, repercussions would have been unavoidable. It traps you, and as you witnessed earlier, some of my customers are people who have hands in affairs you wouldn't dream of."

The taller man's snort brought Naruto out of his bout of self pity. "You don't think a family as powerful as the Uchihas can save you from the creepers you call customers? If so, then you're dumber than I thought." Well, that was the end of concerned Sasuke, and so obviously it brought out an angered reaction. "You teme!" He aimed a punch that was easily caught by the Uchiha. "Its not like can just stop, even if you were to help me!" "There's no question about it." Sasuke tripped his legs from underneath him, straddling him to limit the others movement. "I will help you, and as much as I hate to admit it, you are right." This caused Naruto to stop struggling. "I will financially support you so you wont have to work as much, and in the meanwhile come up with something to get rid of the others." "You're serious." The blonde stated, not as a question, but with growing conviction that he would finally get out of this life style. The firm nod only confirmed his thoughts.

The two continued to stare thoughtfully into each others eyes about what was to be done, neither fully aware of their surroundings until a knock from inside the kitchen caused them to look for its source. There stood Itachi, a frown marring his features as he took in their very questionable position.


With that, he turned around and left the room, also leaving behind a confused Sasuke and a stunned Naruto in silence.

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