Moshi moshi minna! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (Happy New Year)! I'm a 'lil late, but better late than never, right?

Anyways, this is just a (very) short oneshot for New Years. ShiMa of course. Hope you guys enjoy!



Blooms of light showered the sky, illuminating the dark, midnight sky. Red, white, green, blue, yellow…

A sideways peek.

In her face, the slightest hint of a smile ghosted on her lips, and her bright, azure eyes reflected the fireworks beautifully.

He knew that she was infatuated with sparkly things. More than her obsession for cute or shiny things. Once, he had pondered the differences between sparkly and shiny. Shiki even bothered enough to ask her aloud.

Yet she just smiled one of her rare, secretive smiles and held his hand in her warm ones.

Another set of fireworks paraded the night.

"They're beautiful…" she muttered, unconsciously shifting closer to the chestnut haired boy.

His eyes never left her small figure, and he settled for draping an arm around her shoulders.

Not as beautiful as you, he thought, sighing contentedly.

It was instances like these that he treasured.

Moments filled with peaceful silences and fond thoughts, dominated by an unconscious promise between the two vampires.


A light breeze stirred the air in the meadow.

Two figures were hidden in the shade of an oak tree, their pale faces dimly lit by the bright light of a full moon.

A burst of color illuminated the sky, followed quickly by a second and third- an introduction.

The stars dominated the midnight canvas briefly before the fireworks were shot into the sky continuously.

A contented sigh emitted from the bigger of the two figures, his embrace tightening around the blonde in his arms. A quiet purr responded, and the female nestled deeper into his chest.

"Happy New Year, Rima…" he breathed in her ear, his voice barely audible.

The honey-blonde aristocrat placed a chaste kiss on his neck.

"Love you too, Shiki." Her words lingered in the silence, warm and true.

Shiki rested his chin on her head, his lips curving slightly into a smile.

It was precious moments like this that he treasured the most.

Well, I thought I might as well play a little with writing styles so I can personalize and create my own...I'm not sure how that turned out much.

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