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Not As Sparkly

Fingers glide on the smooth surface of silver and gold, of expensive gems.

A small smile.

The azure orbed vampiress continued to examine her collection of jewelry, ranging from the midnight onyx to dazzling white diamond.

Arms wrap around the female as she continues to admire her toys.

"What are you thinking?" his words interrupt the silence, soft and enigmatic.

Rima closes the humongous jewelry box and returns the embrace.

"Nothing of much interest."


As the couple stroll in town, a bright flash catches Rima's eye.

Naturally, people stared as the two walked hand-in-hand, halting in their tracks.

Neither noticed.

"Hmm…" Shiki couldn't help the slight grin that lit his features as he allowed himself to be tugged into a small jewelry store.


"Which one do you want, love?"

Shiki's chin rested on the strawberry-blonde's head as she examined the small array of jewels.

The conflict inside her showed clearly in her azure eyes.

Yes, this must be a hard decision for her, since these are shinier than the usual. More sparkly.

Shiki's grin grew wider at the thought.

But not as sparkly as her eyes.

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