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More than Equal

Chapter 4


''And you're saying my parents went to this school….''

''Yes, both your mother and your father.''

''Why are you telling me this now? Is this another one of your games…'' he left the sentence hanging in the air.

''What!? No! No… I'm telling you the truth….''

''Why haven't you said anything before then?''
Harry Potter was getting angry. This was one hell of a bombshell; if this was a hoax there would be hell to pay. The timing of this revelation was a bit suspect as well…

''I wanted to…'' Petunia Dursley said quickly, perhaps a bit too quickly she thought as she saw his eyes narrow.

''I wanted to tell you but I was told to wait for the right time…''

Truth was, she could have told him at any time but at first she'd wanted to separate him from that part of his life. Now, it was just too risky not to tell him, he'd be eleven soon and his letter would be coming if she remembered correctly. After envisioning his response to the fact that it was real and they'd been keeping secrets from him she was determined to minimise any potential blow up by telling him now.


He wasn't saying anything. This was good and bad. It was making her a bit nervous but she knew he was thinking…. At least he was thinking, that was good. If he'd flown into a rage she had no idea what she'd do.

What could she do?

''How do you know all this? Who told you? My parents?''

''What happened to them? I'm guessing they didn't really die in a car crash…'' He was visibly angry now that he'd entered that train of thought…

''No, no they didn't…'' seeing his eyes narrow perceptibly she hastened to explain fully. ''The man who left you here, Albus Dumbledore, he's the one who told us what happened. He'd left you on the doorstep with a letter, you were just a baby and he'd left you there. I didn't even the see the letter until I'd already settled you in the nursery.''

Albus Dumbledore…. He'd remember that name. Who left babies on doorsteps?

''But what about my parents?'' he said a bit less forcefully this time. His anger now directed elsewhere.

Petunia felt tears begin to well up again. She'd been scared just now and then to have to relate the fate of her sister to her nephew, the emotional rollercoaster was taking its turn.

Aunt Petunia's tears were merely confirmation for Harry of what he'd already known. His parents were dead.

''Tell me…''

And so Petunia related to her nephew the fate of Lily and James Potter.


Harry Potter's mind was a whirl. Thoughts flitted through at lightning speed as he recounted the fate of his parents, the fact that there was a wizarding world and apparently a wizarding school and the implications of what these things would mean to his life weighed heavily on his mind.

He paced in front of the swing set at the Little Whinging Park. It was something of a thinking place for him. It had always been, especially at night when it was empty.

It was dark now and there weren't many people out, the absence of noise made it easier for him to think.

What did all this mean? How was he supposed to feel?

How did he feel?

He felt disappointment. He felt his dreams slipping away from him… He couldn't describe his elation at discovering that it was just him that had the powers.
It was a wonderful feeling….. a powerful feeling.

He was wrong. It wasn't just him. There was an entire world of people out there with the same powers as him. It was unfair.

He felt that he should have been glad to learn of his parents and the fact that they too had powers, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't help his disappointment.

Fantasies of being above all others, being worshipfully gazed at by everyone else, Powers unique to him, being something of a god amongst men when he'd mastered these powers…. Gone…. these hopes were beginning to flit away. He wasn't unique….special.

There were hundreds, maybe thousands or millions of other people with these powers. One of them had killed his parents.

A Dark Lord no less….

A true to fucking Christ actual Dark Lord. What if his people, his followers decided to kill him next? Surely the Dark Lord and his warriors or whatever would have powers beyond his own, he was still a kid.

He'd hadn't even been to magic school yet…

What was he gonna do….

Questions. It was a night filled with questions for young Harry Potter. The revelation of an entire magical world and what it meant for him would keep him up for hours.

He would question his place. Question his parents… They were killed, what if they were weak magicians? What if he'd inherited their weakness? Is that why he couldn't do any of the more powerful magic he'd heard of? Is that why his magic-made food didn't come out right? Why he couldn't make money? Why he couldn't create storms?

The situation was weighing heavily on his mind.

Who was Dumbledore? Why had he brought him here? How much magic did kids his age in the magical world really know?

It was a lot…Too much…. It was too much.

He didn't know where to begin. He'd killed the Dark Lord, but no one knew how…

So he was powerful…right? He couldn't be weak… In movies and stories a baby who'd done something like that was bound to be powerful… He was still special…

It was a lot to think about… In fact, it was all Harry Potter would think about for the next two months until the morning his Hogwarts letter came confirming his aunt's story.


Petunia Dursley found herself in a strange position these past two months. She'd been used to spending time worrying about her family…. These past few weeks though she found herself spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about her nephew.

He had been weird these past few weeks…. Distracted. She supposed the revelation was a hefty one. At first she was just glad that he was distracted and seemingly ignoring her family completely… After a while though his silence became unnerving. She wondered if she'd done the right thing. She could have told him years ok when things were still ok, it would have softened the blow.

She didn't know what to do… He got his letter this morning, she saw him walking around with it in his hands as though it would disappear if he let it go. She'd never forget the way it looked even from all those years ago. Parchment, those wizards used parchment instead of regular paper.

He was becoming agitated; she felt needed to do something...

The need for action warring with her common sense.

Common sense won.

What could she do anyways.…? She couldn't do anything.

The letter had come, addressed to his bedroom no less.

It had come, with it, confirmation that there was in fact a world full of people like him. His powers were magic. It was magic. He supposed he'd always known on some level. But still, magic.

It sounded so fanciful but yet so right. There was a list… He needed magic supplies…

He had no idea where he'd get them.

Books, cauldrons, robes, it sounded surreal. A wand…. He actually had to get a magic wand. He found it ridiculous… He personally felt a wand would look silly. Why'd he even need a wand anyway? Perhaps there was special wand-magic…

He felt a small bubble of anticipation. He'd resolved his fears somewhat over the past few weeks. He'd killed a Dark Lord as a baby, he couldn't be a weakling. His aunt Petunia had even said he was stronger than his mother. He'd remembered that conversation he'd overheard all those years ago. The night he found out he was special…

He would be…he still would be…

It was infinitely harder now, but he could still stand above all others. He'd have to learn everything there was to know about this magic.

He'd do his best to become the greatest wizard ever.

Where would he get an owl to respond?


Albus Dumbledore was in a bit of a quandary. He didn't know who he should send to meet with young Harry and reintroduce him to the magical world.

Minerva and Filius would usually handle these things but he felt he needed to make a strategic placement in young Harry's case.
When he'd brought it up Hagrid had volunteered but he wasn't sure that was a good idea.
He was a kind and lovable, though large, man. He just felt as though Hagrid would be ill prepared to deal with a boy like young Harry who could already perform feats of magic without a wand that Hagrid would be hard pressed to replicate. It would dull the boy's enthusiasm somewhat.

No, Hagrid wouldn't make the best impression. Severus had already expressed extreme distaste for the boy who he had yet to even meet. It was disappointing but not wholly unexpected. The man could be so childish at times. In any case, Severus would leave a horrible impression.

Dumbledore knew that he was just wasting time with these ponderings.

The absolute best option was to go himself. He knew this.

It seemed he would get a chance to give the old bones a stretch.

It was settled. He'd go himself.

Fate had a strange way of working… He would introduce Harry Potter to the wizarding world as he had another young orphan all those years ago. It was his duty as Deputy Headmaster at the time just as it was Minerva's now. Still, he would go himself and see just how many parallels there were between young Mr. Potter and young Tom Riddle.

Hopefully not many.

It was eerie, thought Albus Dumbledore as his gaze rested upon Harry Potter for the first time in a decade.

He was a healthy size for his age…. A slim, average build. He had the same startling green eyes as his mother but he'd inherited his father's aristocratic features. He was a handsome young lad, very similar to….

No. He needed to stop these comparisons. They lead totally different lives after all.

''This is Professor Albus Dumbledore Harry….. He's come to tell you about Hogwarts.''

Dumbledore registered Mrs Dursley's nervous countenance but chalked it up to her feeling uncomfortable in his presence.

''Hello Mr Dumbledore, it's nice to meet you.''

The boy was politely. It was a good start.

''I'll uh…. I'll just leave you to it. Would you like anything to drink Mr Dumbledore?''

''No, no thank you my dear. I'll only be a moment. I intend to take young Harry out to get his supplies today if that's alright with you.''

''Yes, yes…its fine. What time will you be back?''

''We shouldn't be too long my dear, perhaps a few hours. I will return him before 4 o clock this afternoon.''

''Thank you…''

She didn't know why she'd bothered asking him, he could bring him back when he felt like it after all and there would be nothing she could do.

Albus Dumbledore was immensely pleased to see Petunia Dursley being so parental. He'd remembered she didn't get along well with her sister but it seemed she'd been able to but the past behind her and become a mother to her nephew.

''Well Harry, I'd assume you have many questions…''

Harry Potter was thinking furiously… This was Albus Dumbledore… the man who left him at the Dursleys. He looked….different… than he expected.

He looked like the stereotypical Great magician from the movies. This was a Merlin if he'd ever seen one.
If his look was anything to go on, he'd probably be just as powerful as those old wise magicians usually are.


''Erm… Tell me about magic… what can you do with it.''

''Ah… that's a good question m'boy, one I've heard all too often. Magic can do many things young Harry. There are also many things it can't do… You'll learn all about what magic can do at school, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give you a bit of a demonstration.''

With that Albus Dumbledore removed his wand and with a grand flourish turned a nearby cushion into a cat.

Harry Potter was wide-eyed.

This was the kind of reaction Dumbledore was hoping for. That was good. It was 'safe'.

Harry had asked a good question but Dumbledore didn't want to put ideas into the boy's head about what magic could and couldn't accomplish. He wouldn't want to encourage a pointless quest for power after all; neither would he want to stifle creative genius by telling the boy of notable limitations this early on.

The best option was to let the boy guess, show him something safe and make him aware that there are limitations.
It was always a problem of young Toms, one he shared with a young Gellert Grindlewald; he'd never accepted that there were things that couldn't, shouldn't be done with magic.

Harry Potter was impressed. He'd never done anything like that before.
He'd never even tried to create an animal. A cushion, into a cat, a skill like that, changing something into a living animal was amazing.

''Will I learn to do that at your school.''

''Why of course m'boy. This magical art, the art of changing something into something else is called Transfiguration. You'll be learning Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Astronomy, History of Magic, and Herbology during your first year. At the end of your second year you'll have the opportunity to choose extra subjects like Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies.''

Transfiguration, magical potions, it all sounded pretty amazing to Harry. There was so much to learn. He was quite a ways behind it seemed. He'd have to work hard if he wanted to be a great wizard. Arithmancy sounded kind of like math and all the others he could kind of guess from there names….except Muggle Studies.

''Wait….What's Muggle studies?''

''It is the study of non-magical people. Wizards call them Muggles…'' Muggles, that was a funny name. Sounded like a racist term to him but he didn't dwell on it. It didn't interest him in any case.

''I suspect you would excel in this class, most wizards only have the vaguest ideas of Muggles while you've lived in this world all your life.''

After that pronouncement a semi-awkward silence settled giving Harry Potter some time to better process all he'd learnt.

Albus Dumbledore was watching young Harry carefully. He was pleased that the boy did not have a distaste for muggles. Minerva had feared Lily's sister would not have treated the boy well but it turned out her fears were unfounded.

He was curious though, curious to know the extent of young Harry's powers. A bit of passive legilmency was as far as he was willing to go but that would reveal nothing of Harry's abilities so it was pointless. Perhaps he could ask for a bit of a demonstration as well...

''Can I ask my boy, what magic can you do?''

Harry was startled. That was unexpected.

He wondered what he should show. He didn't know if this was a test. He decided to go with something impressive just in case.

Albus Dumbledore's eyebrows shot northward as Objects around the room started floating about, dancing to a silent tune seemingly of their own accord. There was nary a gesture from the boy. Such control, it was astonishing.

Harry saw Dumbledore's surprise and felt some of his weariness disappear. He'd feared, perhaps somewhat childishly, that Dumbledore might decide that he wasn't a strong enough magician if he didn't do something good. He was about to levitate something heavy to impress the headmaster but decided on quantity against quality instead levitating several objects.

He wanted to do more, to show off and make a good impression but there were a lot of things he couldn't do inside of the house without wrecking it.

Albus Dumbledore's mind was carefully cataloguing what he was currently witnessing. It was not entirely surprising. He didn't come here expecting Harry to have a wand. He knew any magic done would have been wandless. Wandless magic was not as rare as most people were lead to believe, especially in the older wizarding population. As one grew accustomed to their magic from constant use it afforded them the ability to perform small feats of magic wandlessly, though it took a considerable amount of power. He himself took that to a level most people often stared wide-eyed at but even he was impressed by what Harry had done.

The boy hadn't used his hands or even looked at the objects, not a gesture.
That was impressive.

''Very good Harry. I see you are already a very powerful wizard. No doubt you will do well at Hogwarts.''

They had decided to take the Knight bus. Harry was wondering what was wrong with the old wizard when he suggested it.

The bus had appeared out of nowhere and startled him. He'd wondered why they didn't just appear where they wanted to go but when he'd asked the old man he'd just smiled at him and told him the Knight bus was a novel experience for him and sometimes it was nice to do things the long way in life.

Harry Potter didn't agree.

Albus Dumbledore was cataloguing everything he knew about Harry Potter. The boy had asked about what seemed to be apparition. He didn't want to believe the boy already knew how but he decided chances are, after what he saw of the boy's control, he did. He supposed it wasn't a bad thing. He'd have to tell the boy to keep some things under wraps. It would be useful if he could use apparition to escape a harmful situation should one come up. It would also be useful to have surprise on his side.

Harry Potter was not exactly as he expected but not necessarily in a bad way. A young James Potter with these powers would have been a problem. The boy seemed relatively quiet, curious and extraordinarily polite. He had been raised well. His casual use of powerful magic though…. Dumbledore wondered what should be done.

The boy would soon find out just how famous he was when he made his return to the wizarding world. To tell him to hide his abilities because they were extraordinary would be to heap something else onto his shoulders. Something else that set him apart from everyone else.

That wouldn't do. If he let Harry Potter go on thinking his abilities were normal however, that could lead to all sorts of problems.

There had to be some discretion with his use of magic or there'd be problems. There would be the expected jealous fools, the power hungry and those who would seek to destroy him. What it boiled down to was that people would be curious...

He'd had to put many an Unspeakable in their place before, concerning the boy. He wasn't some magical experiment.

He'd have to have a talk with the boy. It was expected Harry Potter would be powerful. There would be no harm in having him confirm it. It was also be morale boost to those who fought the good fight and strike fear into those whose hearts resided in darkness. He would have a carefully worded conversation with the boy.

Perhaps he could get him to exercise a minor bit of discretion.


Harry Potter was amazed. Diagon Alley…. hardly inspired but it seemed apt for some reason. The whole old-England theme made it feel so surreal, like a movie. The place looked like not much had changed since the days of Arthur and Camelot. There were shops everywhere and a few people peddling wares from stalls.

Someone was actually selling 'eye of newt'.

''Welcome Harry, to Diagon Alley.''

A cheer rose up.

This was ridiculous. But he liked it. Everyone was cheering; people were trying to touch him, he didn't like being touched but he didn't want to do anything in full view of all these people...

He was a hero.

He had heard the story from Aunt Petunia. He'd heard it again from Dumbledore (a much more exciting version he'd admit), the old man had a gift for storytelling.

No matter how many times he'd heard it though he didn't think it'd be like this. These people were going crazy. They'd been following him since the Leaky Cauldron.

If young Harry had know he was standing next to perhaps the only person bar Voldemort who was more famous than him in the wizarding world he'd not have found such attention strange.

It's not everyday you see Albus Dumbledore outside of his castle or the ministry just casually walking around. He's very likely to draw attention.
When the boy next to him has green eyes and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead, well…. pandemonium.

To Harry it was akin to those films where there's a boy hero and he's 'the chosen one', the one destined to defeat a great evil.
Irony has a special place in Harry Potter's life.

People were patting him on the back, thanking him and offering to by him stuff. There were well wishers everywhere. For a moment he felt like he'd achieved his dream already.


Albus Dumbledore was far less pleased though you could never tell with the cheery smile on his face.

He could see it getting to the boy already. This was precisely the reason he'd sent the boy to live in the muggle world. Any regrets he'd had were dispelled as he witnessed the crowds drawn by an 11 year old boy.
Harry Potter was enjoying the attention, he'd let the boy indulge a bit by taking a leisurely stroll but he'd have to do something eventually.

He couldn't imagine what Harry would have been like if he grew up like this. He probably wouldn't have half the magical prowess he did now, another Gilderoy Lockhart. The world would be doomed.

''I'm afraid Mr. Potter and I have business to attend to…'' Dumbledore said over the crowd as they became increasingly rowdy.

''Mr Potter is just now being reintroduced to the wizarding world, I think it would be prudent we allow him to get through this as smoothly as possible.''

Give 'em the old chastising look and the disappointed tone and they all dispersed as easily as he remembered in their Hogwarts days. It was a benefit of his advanced age that most remembered him as their Headmaster/Deputy Headmaster and as such afforded him due respect. It didn't hurt that he was considered to be 'the most powerful wizard in the world'.

People became such animals at times, young Harry was being accosted by brave souls from every direction. The more timid and subdued people were simply too awed to approach. They were in the presence of two living legends after all.

After everyone cleared off, Dumbledore started heading straight to Gringotts.

Harry Potter was partially glad as everyone cleared off.
He was still famous after all. His fame wasn't going anywhere.
Some of those people were starting to annoy him anyway. The jostling was grating on his nerves and he would probably have soon involuntarily introduced someone to pain.


'Care of Magical Creatures' had been his first hint. Somehow though, it hadn't fully registered to Harry Potter until at this very moment.

Goblins were real…

And they ran the bank.

They weren't at all pleasant looking, or speaking, but they were fascinating all the same.

Dumbledore had asked the teller to visit his two vaults, one of them Harry's. Harry had been surprised he even had a vault until Dumbledore told him that his parents had left him money when they died.


Albus Dumbledore was shocked when he saw the visible mistrust in Harry's eyes as he asked him why he had his key. He'd explained that it was left in his care after the Potters had died and he'd been quick to return it to the Harry.

Albus Dumbledore was slightly confused and a tiny bit angry. He'd been called many things during his unusually long lifetime but he'd never before been considered a thief. He'd thought he'd had the boy pegged but then the unspoken accusation and the covetous look the boy had as he'd gazed upon his small fortune spoke volumes of just how little he actually knew about Harry Potter.

The look also reminded him of him.


Harry Potter stared hungrily at all the money contained in his vault. His vault.

It was all his. He couldn't believe it.

He'd never had anywhere near this much money before and he'd hated stealing. Seeing the wealth that he now owned gave him a welcomed feeling of elation.

He thought of all the things he could buy.

''Can I use this money in the normal world too?'' he'd asked.

He was then informed by the accompanying goblin that they offered a conversion service to change galleons into sterling.

Harry Potter's enthusiasm was due to the fact that he'd never had much money. He was given the same allowance as Dudley so he'd never felt comfortable asking for more when he squandered his.
His pride wouldn't allow him to. To ask for more money would be like outright admitting to his aunt and uncle that he needed them... He didn't need anyone.

He had a bit of a costly sweet tooth, unknown to him it was because of the replenishing power of sugar and chocolate on his magical reserves. His body craved it because it regarded it as fuel. After expelling large amounts of magic practising or just playing around he'd often find himself in the mood for something sweet.

He gathered up a bag of galleons and asked the goblin to change some of the money to normal money for him.

After making a quick trip to another vault for Dumbledore to pick something up they made there way back out to the alley.


''Where to next, sir?''

''Ah, I believe we should see about next getting you a wand my boy…''

''Why do we need wands sir… what do they do?''

''A wand helps a wizard to channel his magic Harry. Without a wand you will be unable to perform most magics…''

Seeing that they had listeners and the boy was about to protest he cut him off.

''Like that transfiguration I performed for you today m'boy. That specific piece of magic requires the use of a wand. A wand helps keep a wizard's magic focused and easier to use''

That explanation seemed to be enough for Harry and they settled into a comfortable silence as they made there way towards Ollivanders.

People continued to gawk and wave at him. They were following him and Dumbledore while trying, but failing, to be discreet.


'I expect great things from you Mr Potter. After all, You-know-who did great things; terrible, yes, but great.'

The words floated around in young Harry Potter's head as he lay on his back in his reclining chair.

He'd returned from his shopping trip not too long ago and he decided to spend a little time thinking a he was wont to do.

It had been a hectic day but overall it had been good. He wished he could have explored the Alley a bit more but Dumbledore said that he'd promised his aunt he'd be back by 4.

He'd shopped for and bought everything on his school list along with a few extras. He couldn't wait to wear his robes; they made him feel more powerful, more wizardly.

He'd bought himself a few random knick knacks that had interested him; a watch that always tells the correct time no matter where you were in the world, gloves with warming charms woven into the fabric, a few scarves, some particularly comfortable shoes and a slew of other seemingly random things like his new ridiculously comfy chair.

His mind though kept floating back to Mr Ollivander's words.
Great things.

Yes, he would be great. This just confirmed it for him.

In every movie he'd ever seen, when a weird old man told you you'd be great it was bound to happen.

On that note, he forced himself out of his chair and towards his desk where his recently bought books lay. He thought since he had some free time he might as well start making his way to greatness.


Albus Dumbledore sat back and allowed himself to relax. His conjured tea was as impeccable as always and his bowl on lemon drops lay within arms reach. In a rare moment he'd allowed himself to indulge a bit and he'd bought the same chair as Harry's after trying it out at the boy's insistence.

It may have been a bit of a waste of a few galleons as he could probably do the charms on the chair himself in a relatively short space of time but he thought he'd throw old Reece a bone. The condition of his store suggested that business wasn't going all too well, that would surely change after having Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter buy chairs from him.

He remembered Reece from his Hogwarts years. The boy had little ambition but had been a whiz with charms.

Young Harry had loved the chair immediately and desperately wanted to buy it. Dumbledore allowed himself to smile a bit as he remembered how happy the boy had been when he offered to shrink and un-shrink it for him.
Harry Potter.

The boy was a mystery.

He saw all kinds of sides to the boy today. Most he liked, some he didn't, but as a man who'd lived a long 150+ years he understood better than most that no one was perfect.
Harry was still a child after all; he had a lot of time to grow.

The boy was a curious case. Unfailingly polite, at times eerily quiet and pensive but then fiercely independent, untrusting, and not surprisingly a bit vain.

Both his mother and father were good, but also vain people, Dumbledore mused; it was hardly surprising he shared some of their characteristics.

Characteristics…. The word troubled him today more than usual. He tried to take what he knew of Harry Potter, his characteristics, and tried to place him.

He couldn't.

A great many plans would have to be adjusted. He didn't intend on this happening given the boy's parents but having met the boy he was now fairly certain that whatever house Harry Potter was placed in it wouldn't be Gryffindor.

It was not so much of a problem though, as long as one knew how to look at a problem, at times you could find it wasn't a problem at all.

A Gryffindor Harry Potter would be expected and accepted without fanfare.

A Hufflepuff Harry Potter was even more unlikely than Gryffindor.

If he did end up there though, no doubt the Puffs would be overjoyed to have a hero like Harry Potter in their house. It would also lead to people underestimating the boy. It could work in his favour.
Harry Potter with his prodigious aptitude for magic could serve to dispel some of the thoughts people generally held on puffs.
Harry Potter in the House of Loyalty would also do a lot to ease Dumbledore's mind.

A Ravenclaw Harry Potter would come as a surprise. Filius would no doubt be overjoyed. The boy was definitely bright enough. It would be one of the easiest places for Harry Potter to be.
His power and control would be a lot less shocking. He'd also have a lot more respect from the other houses.

It was sad but the Hogwarts system perpetuated stereotypes in a way Dumbledore had not seen anywhere else in all his travels.

Your 'house' could characterise you for life in magical Britain. There was nothing anyone, even one of his considerable political and magical powers could do though. The houses represented the founders of the school. Something very deeply entrenched in British magical history.

Slytherin and Gryffindor were wildly accepted as the most powerful of the founders. It lead to an overinflated sense of pride in both houses and kept up the rivalry they've held till this very day.

Dumbledore personally fancied himself more of a Rowena Ravenclaw. People didn't realise it but Ravenclaw was the only house respected by all others, even if it was unconsciously so. Gryffindors were thought to be uncouth and foolishly brave by Slytherins. Slytherins were generally mistrusted by the other houses and thought to be 'evil' by most Gryffindors. Hufflepuff was thought to be the left over house, the house you went to because you were neither smart nor brave nor cunning and ambitious. Given the themes of the houses, Hufflepuff loyalty did nothing to erase the stigma of cowardice, dim-wittedness and a lack of ambition.

Ravenclaws though, they were smart. Very smart.

Everyone somewhat respected someone they regarded as smarter than themselves. Dumbledore's Ravenclaw background had been one of the greatest assets to his career before he'd defeated Grindlewald, in fact even before he'd completed his works with Nicholas Flamel he'd been hailed as a prodigy.

Ravenclaw would be at this point the best option.


Severus would have a seizure.

He'd thought long and hard about the possibility of Harry Potter being placed in Slytherin and what it would mean.

The boy was certainly cunning and ambitious enough. There were endless parallels already between the boy and Tom Riddle.

Slytherin would not be ideal but once Dumbledore moved passed his musings on the Tom Riddle he could see where Slytherin could be a good choice for Harry Potter.

It would be a hard seven years at Hogwarts for the boy. If he ended up in Slytherin he would face animosity and mistrust that even his fame would not be completely able to conquer. He'd be an instant target for ambitious housemates to boost there own goals and family names. He'd also be the subject of deep hatred from the more staunch Gryfindors.

He'd face near constant adversity in some form or another, but he'd be stronger for it.

Slytherin could make Harry Potter wily and strong. It could only help, know thy enemy after all.

He'd seen the look on the boy's face at the mention of his parents' murder earlier.
He knew there was no chance of Harry Potter ever becoming a minion of Voldemort.

He then also considered how much it could help the wizarding world heal, having a Slytherin be the one to vanquish the Dark Lord that plagued them.

So much to consider….So little time.

Harry Potter was slightly baffled.

He'd not fully read any book yet but he'd skimmed them.

There was something he'd noticed though, all of the magic in those books only dealt with wand magic. Even the extra ones that weren't on the list, a few Dumbledore recommended himself.

Surely this was a joke.

Was this one of those secrets?

Dumbledore had told him that it would be best if he didn't show all of his powers.

'I believe the Muggles having a saying, every magician has his secrets.' he'd said 'This is true even in our world, not everything is as it appears, it wouldn't do for you not to have a few surprises of your own.'

Dumbledore had made a good point and so he'd agreed.

The muggles also have another saying though.

Fool me once…

Harry Potter had already been fooled once before.

Dumbledore had used a wand, as had every other magician he'd met today. Well, actually he remembered Dumbledore didn't use his wand to un-shrink the chair but that hardly mattered to him.

He'd be the first to admit that the magic he'd tried through his wand (moving his armchair into the corner) had used a bit less power than if he'd done it without it but
he couldn't believe that people would just ignore the usefulness of magic without a wand for such a simple reason.

Everyone had said how powerful he was/would be.

Aunt Petunia, Dumbledore, The guy at the bookstore (who'd seen summon a book from a shelf that was too high for him), Ollivander….

Harry wasn't slow, far from it…

It was like Aunt Petunia all over again, he had a niggling feeling about it…

He'd wait and see…

It seemed even among wizards he was special.

A/N: So there's one more chapter. A bit lacking in detail at some bits but it's because I find it a waste of time to write stuff you already know. I don't want to write about Harry trying on clothes or god help me that long drawn out meeting with Olivander.

Off to hogwarts next chapter. Harry has suspicions but he won't realise the vast difference in power between himself and others for a while.
His power will be an assset to him but he'll learn quickly that he'll need a hell of a lot more than just power.
I didn't want to give him a silly wandless magic book or advanced books about stuff that he won't fully understand yet (Animagus and all the other crap people get excited about).

Not much action but then that's what Hogwarts is for. I figured things would happen a bit differently. It wasn't likely to be the same day as the trip with Hagrid so he wasn't going to meet Quirrel or Malfoy. In canon the Dursleys ran and hid for days from the owls bringing Harry Potter's letter.

So tell me what you think.