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Absolutely Nothing

Parker was possibly the least modest woman Eliot had ever met. And it seemed he was always getting naked with her. No, no, that wasn't right. It's not like they sexed each other up at the office every night; fate just seemed to have decided his blood pressure wasn't high enough and to throw them and costume changes together at every possible turn.

The first scam they pulled together was that crack job for Dubenich – the job that brought the Leverage team together. Parker ran into the elevator and had her shirt off before the doors closed. Sure, sure, it was all business but that doesn't mean his vitals didn't spike. And then there was that time in Texas when they switched places with a pair of bank robbers. They came in as paramedics, ducked behind a desk and emerged as father and son. Disturbing, yes. Unsettling, yes. But the hardest part? Undoing buttons. His fingers didn't work so well when he was going cross-eyed not looking to the beautiful blond on his right.

He meant it when he said something was wrong with her; Parker was insane. There was no dispute. Anybody could tell you that. But the words rang false in his ears every time they had a costume change. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that woman. Absolutely nothing.