Chapter 1: Mission in England

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This crossover is between Naruto and Harry Potter! The pairing I am doing is KAKASHIxANKO! I won't change it the pairing people, no matter how much you want me to!

This is Harry Potter in their 3rd year!




It had been well over half a year since the Fourth Hokage- Minto Namikaze, the Yondaime, the Yellow Flash-his sensei had died to protect Konhagakure, the village hidden in the leaves by sealing to most powerful, dangerous demon within Naruto, the Yondaime's only son. Almost a year after Obito had died and five months since Rin had joined another team; while he became ANBU.

Everyday for three hours a day, Kakashi would spend a time to care for Naruto; he even caught Anko Mitarashi visiting a few times and he asked why she did so. "The Yondaime and his wife were planning to adopt me before all of this had happened, I was so thrilled to finally have a family."-her smile was so bright Kakashi thought he would be blinded by it-"they were going to finalize the adoption after Kushina had given birth to her child but it was all to good to be true wasn't it? They tried to finish the papers as soon as they got word of the Kyuubi coming. If only we were given time I could have had a family no matter how short it would have been I could have had a family, a father, a mother, and even a baby bother, but it was to good to be true. Though before she had her last breath, I was to be the godmother since I was not able to be his sister. She also said that you were to be the godfather Kakashi. Either way I still had someone left to care for right?" Anko was always the cheerful laid back kind of person but even with such a personality her eyes shown the sadness and inner feelings that she hid.

Over time the young ninja grew to have emotions towards the fiery girl and asked her to be his girlfriend. Anko stood shell-shocked and the only reply he got was a kiss from her on his cheek; leaving him baffled while the 15 year old boy watched as his girl walk down to their godchild's room and quickly followed soon after.

It had been a month since he asked her and he felt as if life was better again. He had been ordered by the Third Hokage to accept a mission that was year long for an old friend of his. The young man was unsure to accept, "I will consider the mission, I will tell you tomorrow."

The elder nodded and asked, "Is this because of Naruto and Anko, Kakashi?"

"Yes. I do not want to leave them-wait how did you know about Anko?"

"I was around the corner when asked Anko to be your girlfriend that day." With that Kakashi's face was a little flushed.

The Third chuckled, "Then bring them with you."

"Are you sure I am allowed to?"

"In the letter he sent me-the Hokage looked at the parchment in his hand- 'the ninja you choose will be allowed to bring at most 3 people along with him for either personal or business reasons.' So you will be allowed to begin them on the mission to accompany you."

"Thank you for telling me but are you sure to let Naruto out of the village?"

"I am sure I can find a way to help you. Now go along and tell them. The mission begins in a week's time." He gave the mission scroll to the lad just before he walked out the door.

'This will probably be one of the roughest missions that he'll have. I just hope that salt won't be spelt on half healed wounds." With that the unwanted became predicable for you can't run away forever from your fears. 'I just hope sending him of all people to England will help ease his mind of life here.'

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