EAGLE: Tali's Tale

Quick intro:

Tali has trust and friendship issues among others, but when she begins to piece together the parts of her past will she finally understand her future? With her sarcasm in hand and feelings hidden, Tali enters Hogwarts and is thrown in with the Golden Trio (Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger in case you didn't know) this will be a year that none of them will forget.


Place: Hogwarts and Hogsmede

Time: 5th year in 2008

Main Characters: Tali, the Golden Trio, Tali's Family

Quick Background:

Atalia "Tali" Riviera is a 15 year old outcast who is beginning Hogwarts as a fifth year. The reasoning is a little weird but Tali was accepted to Beauxbatons while her siblings went to Hogwarts. Now she is starting with her 11 year old brother, Lucas.

Tali is the second oldest of 5 kids: Elena Riviera who is 18, Gwenneth "Gwen" Lockhart who is also 15, Lucas Lockhart, and Erick Lockhart who is 2, and her parents are Alyssia Riviera-Lockhart and Gilderoy Lockhart.

4th year at Beauxbatons, Tali's parents decided it would be better if she was at the same school as her siblings with Voldemort's return, so they pulled her out in February. Tali was home schooled until the end of the year and has just been accepted to Hogwarts.

Tali and Gwen do not get along even they are the closest in age. Now you are probably wondering about Tali and Gwen who are not twins but the same age. That will be revealed later on in the story.

The reasons for the different last names without giving too much away is that Alyssia was married once before she met Gilderoy but she wished her daughters to keep her name.

You might be wondering about Gilderoy Lockhart who was a big part in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Keep in mind that although that story didn't happen, Gilderoy did lose his memory around 1993, right before he met Alyssia. She just got out of a divorce and they just clicked. When Alyssia found out she was pregnant, her and Gilderoy got married.

The rest of the stories happened. Harry saved them on countless occasions. Voldemort returned after Triwizard Tournament but in 2nd year the teacher was someone else. This year Umbridge is still a bossy crazy boring teacher but Tali will have her own profecy.

Author's Note: I hope this has been enough to spark your interest. If so you will be happy to know that the first official chapter will be up very soon. This will definitely turn into a trilogy.