I , got the message that Miroku sent me mentally and used a Jutsu that Miroku didn't think of using, the Transportation Jutsu. Boar, Dog, Tiger. "Transportation Jutsu!" I said. And, Bam! I appeared right in the tree that Haru and Miroku were standing in. "So guys, why did you call me here?" I asked.

"Well, actually, I called you here," Miroku said. "To help defeat this rain village Jonin, ok here's the plan." Miroku whispered my plan to summon our mythical beasts and defeat the ninja together.

"Good plan, Miroku." said Haru.

Together we used the hand signs. Boar, Dog, Monkey, Bird, Ram, Dragon, "mythical beast Summoning Jutsu!" we yelled. I summoned a creature known as "the nightmare" a dark horse with flames for a mane and fire on its' hooves, Haru summoned a Chimera which has three different heads ones a black dragon, ones a lion, and the last one is a goat, and Miroku summoned another Yuan-ti, a giant one, and the battle began. Haru used a jutsu called the "Acid Fire Bullet Jutsu" it's like the "Toad Oil Fire Bullet" except he made it himself like most of his Justus. Miroku watched the hand signs it goes… Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Boar, Dragon, Horse, Tiger.

"Acid Fire Bullet!" he made a roaring sound as he blew a huge flame across the acid, spat on the rain village ninja. The rain ninja was like a huge bon-fire, the fire even melted his headband

Now it was my ' turn, I used the Army of hell Jutsu and the hand signs went… Dragon, Boar, Rabbit, Horse, Tiger, Dragon. "Army of hell Jutsu!" I said. And after that a huge army of the undead rose from the underground, and attacked. Then I used the Nightmare Jutsu, and no not the mythical beast but the Bad Dream Technique

Dragon, Horse, Boar, Snake "shadow style: Nightmare Jutsu!" I said.

Then it was Miroku turn. Miroku activated my Byakugan. Horse, Tiger, Boar, Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, Rat, Boar, Dog, Semi Tiger. And used a fighting technique called "Nin-taijutsu" it's mainly the basic fighting technique or "taijutsu" with chakra to block chakra points.

Miroku blocked all his points by using the teleportation jutsu. But Miroku took a lot of chakra to use both Nin-taijutsu and the teleportation jutsu. After all that Miroku finally blocked all his chakra points and Miroku left the rest to us teammates because Miroku was all out of chakra.

Tiger, Dragon, Rat, Tiger, monkey. Haru made these hand signs and said. "Vine Barrage Jutsu!" then after a little while, I remembered, I had a chakra pill which allows me to regain my chakra up to eighty-nine percent of chakra. But I only had one, I figured I'd use it only in an emergency.

A few minuets later…

Miroku saw Haru get extremely mad that his demon chakra was activated which means he has two-hundred percent more chakra than any normal ninja, he first used the… "Demon Rasengan." And hit the rain ninja. The demon Rasengan is one of the most deadly moves he's got. The most deadly he's got is the "Demon Chidori." Miroku decided to use the pill and gain my chakra back. Miroku took the pill, which tasted nasty by the way. Then I heard a bark which sounded like Akamaru. "Hey guys, hope you wouldn't leave all of us out of this." Said a very familiar voice of Kiba Inuzuka. Then Miroku popped in with Shino Aburame. My bother's squad, Ino's squad and every genin from the leaf village was in the forest except for Sasuke Uchiha who's working for the assassin of the third hokage, Orochimaru. Naruto used his Shadow Clone Jutsu. The shadow Clone is a physical clone that can be hit, if you hit it hard enough, it will disappear. I used the basic clone jutsu which isn't a physical clone but an illusion also known as "Genjutsu." we all attacked at once and brought him down but we didn't realize there was two more. Duh, I said to myself, every squad has at least three ninja Haru copied this Keke Genkai called Shikotsu Myaku which used to allow only Kimimaro Kaguya to move and remove his bones without bleeding. Haru fired his finger tip bones like bullets but missed. But unlike Naruto, Haru can go into demon mode at his own will and he can control it now and like Gaaras' demon Shukaku he can control sand. One thing Haru learned from Gaara is the sand coffin and sand burial. "Haru! Use those Justus Gaara taught you!" I hollered to him.

"Every one stand back," Haru said cracking his knuckles. "Sand coffin…" he put his hand into an upward set of prongs. "Sand burial!" As he said this he closed his hand into a tight fist. The rain ninja screamed. But one thing I noticed is the rain ninja used a substitution Jutsu. That's it! I said to my self. The chakra absorption Jutsu, that has to work, just have to get close enough and I have to be very quiet. Boar, monkey, dog! Chakra Absorption Jutsu Miroku jabbed his back and absorbed 99% of his chakra.

"Haru! Now!" I hollered.

"Sand Coffin!" he shouted. The sand shot up around the three rain ninjas. "Sand Burial!" but yet again a substitution by the other two the first one died. Then I said. "Leave them to me."

"No Sensen remember what Suichi sensei said," Miroku reminded her. I had a quick flash back to what our sensei said.

"Remember always work as a team." Then the flash back faded.

"Oh fine," I said with a huff. "But I handle the girl because I feel like taking her down."

"Great, Haru and I will take the male down." Miroku said. But one thing we didn't know was that the second male ninja was someone in disguise. When Haru attacked the "rain" ninjas' neck extended like a snake and bit him right in his neck, I said to my self… there's only one person who can do that. "Orochimaru I'm calling you out!" Miroku screamed.

"So you figured out my true identity, eh? Miroku?" said Orochimaru. "Well I guess you know what I did. Am I right?"

I saw Haru lying on the ground bleeding from the two puncture holes in his neck.

"You mess with my teammates, you mess with me!" Miroku heard I cry out. "Rasengan!"

"Chi… auhg!" Haru howled in pain.

"No, Haru, you should rest. We'll take care of him." Horse, Tiger, Boar, Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, Rat, Boar, Dog, Semi Tiger. "Byakugan!" Miroku said out loud. Miroku saw I get hit by one-hundred needles. This battle didn't last long but we eventually made Orochimaru retreat. But then we all blacked out. The infirmary why the infirmary I rather be died then there. Hope the guys are ok, man feels like I was hit by Miroku the baka. May as will get some more sleep. " guys you better get me out of there or I am going to kill you ." I said. I blacked out aging and only to see my bother right in face. " AHHHHHHHHH! Naruto." I yelled. " sweet you're a wake sis." Naruto said " the doc said you been out for 5 weeks."

"Five Weeks!?" I asked in exclamation "what do you mean 'five weeks'?" I asked

"Well, that's how long they said, I don't know why but… they just said it" said Naruto

"Well, that explains the IV needle, which hurts by the way." I said, then felling a burst of pain.

"By the way, Sensen, I heard that your teammates are out of the infirmary

" WHAT will tell them to get I here or I will kill them!?" I yelled

" ok ok no need to yell." my bother said

" go to hell bother." I said biting my lip so not to kill him

Oh yeah, your teammates have been out of the infirmary for like, what? Three weeks." my bother said


The nurse Yuna came running in asking what was wrong.

" nothing." me and my bother said

Sensen's point of view