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Summary: Life happens, yes. Love happens, not to Namine. Until she finds herself face to face, and head over heals for a guy she has never even seen – the romantic, suave guy behind the mask.


P r e l u d e

'Come please…please Namine, I promise you will have fun!'

Kairi's words rang in her head, as they had been for the past half hour; Namine had already tried to suppress them, but the words just kept coming back - sounding as if they were some type of excuse for why she was here…and conveniently not having fun. Namine had been sitting here for a half hour, the same half hour, and she had yet to experience any kind of fun let alone the fun Kairi had ever so excitedly promised.

Namine sighed to herself, another minuet had passed by, and she began again with one, two, three…

She was extremely bored and as result had lamely resorted to counting seconds to pass her time.

One to sixty and then she would begin again.

She would rather be at home, doing something productive…like sleeping, but when she called about her sudden plans her mother could not resist and instantly told her that if she did not go she would be punished.

Ironic, isn't it?

Punishment for not doing something illegal - well not illegal, per say, but it was a party, a Halloween party at that, and at a party anything is possible.

Correction, anything is possible for anyone…except her - except Namine.

Until now? It is a party after all

No, She said to herself, this would not be some memorable moment in her meaningless life - she wasn't even here by choice.

If it wasn't for Kairi, and her persistent mother, she would probably be at home sleeping - dreaming, of a better life and an happily ever after.

But the point is she wasn't, instead she was sitting against a wall, watching…nothing in particular, waiting…for nothing, or no one, special to come. She was just there, wishing she was somewhere else. Or at least talking to someone.

Kairi, the reason why she was here in the first place, had left only minuets into the gathering.

She sped off into the crowd saying something along the lines of, "oh there's Sora, see you later Namine!"

Namine didn't even get a chance to respond before Kairi completely disappeared into the loud, pulsing crowd.

Namine's eyes scanned over the same crowd, just as she did thirty minuets ago when she was searching for Kairi, but like the first time she failed.

Twenty eight minuets ago Namine removed herself from the horde realizing that she was the only one not dancing or talking with someone else in the huge mob.

And twenty eight minuets later she was still sitting, leaning against a window and occasionally drumming her fingers against the nicely finished wood.

Namine didn't know these people, nor will she ever really know these people.

This was high school, and these were her peers – not her friends.

She only had one friend, Riku, but he was gone – and more importantly out her life, probably forever.

He moved away, far away, and when he did, she was forced to open her eyes and realize that she really didn't have anyone else.

He did of course, Riku had plenty of friends – but her, all Namine had was him, and now he is gone.

She misses him, yea…but like she already said, this was high school - the definition of change.

People come into your life, and then they go out.

Just like Riku had.

Kairi was probably going to be another one of those people.

Namine had met Kairi in homeroom, she was rather hyper, and did most of the talking in their conversations.

When Namine finally got a word in, it was about how she didn't have any plans for Halloween.

And that is when Kairi got really excited, and nearly begged her to come to this party.

So here Namine sat, at the party…wondering how many people actually noticed her…or if she was just another still picture painted on the wall.

She sighed again, another minuet….gone…forever.

She looked away from the ground, hoping that seeing others having fun would lighten her mood.

But instead of blankly staring into a sea of pulsing, rhythmic bodies like she had expected, her eyes caught something much more interesting - much more alluring.

Or rather their eyes had caught hers.

Blue – the single word that registered in her brain.

Those blue eyes.

They were staring at her through a pure white mask, one that only covered their eyes and left their mouth and nose exposed.

But they weren't just staring, no, their tribute could not be described as something so distant; in that one moment Namine felt a connection that she knew was beyond her grasp.

Those eyes - they were piercing into hers, diving behind her shield and weaving straight into her heart.

She felt too open, too exposed.

She loved and hated the feeling.

They were disguised and she was not – they could be anybody, yet she was revealed.

Namine forced herself to tear away from their penetrating gaze and look to the ground.

Her breathing had quickened, it had been awhile since someone - anyone had made such a strong, yet silent, connection with her.

It scared her, and she feared to re-lift her eyes.

But her curiosity eventually got the best of her and after a few moments she hesitantly looked up, dragging her eyes back to where the person was once standing amongst the crowd.

But to her disappointment they were gone.

Namine sighed again.

They were just another person…one that she would never really know or never really talk to.

Just like all her peers, all living their own lives while somehow affecting each other without evening knowing of the others existence.

That was High School - that was life.

That is how it has always been, and always will be.

She sighed again, at least for Namine it will.

But she was wrong, because she had caught someone's eye - someone's interest, and it was very likely that they were not about to let her go.

Because the guy in the white mask, although she did not notice, never took his eyes off her.

And he never would.

No matter the circumstances - no matter the challenges.


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