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Chapter 10


Despite the fact that Namine ran, she still got to mythology ten minuets late. Much to her dislike the teacher scolded her and gave her detention.

She timidly sat down; she had never been one to get into trouble. Her mind was still foggy from that kiss, and she could barley recall the teacher telling the class to open their books.

She took it out, and fumbled with the pages; her hands were still shaking, and her breath was slightly irregular. She unintentionally flipped open to the page with the rose, it was slightly bruised, and she picked it up without a second thought. She thought of Roxas and the quick yet passionate kiss they shared.

A part of her wanted to forget, because she had a feeling that Riku, despite his manly inhibitions, was right. Yet at the same time, she was afraid to forget, and loose the memory of his touch, and the feel his lips on hers.

She threw it down, as if it had burned her, and it landed with a small thud on her book.

She looked towards the board, and read the assignment.

She was about to turn the page when a word caught her eye.


Her breath quickened.

Definition: one of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.A person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God: an angel of mercy.

She scanned the page further, suddenly growing curious, and feeling unsettling anxious.


Definition: A cursed being. Considered to be a fallen angel; cast from heaven and sent to wreak havoc on Earth. (See related terms: Vampires)

She resisted the urge to scream as a sudden, yet completely illogical, thought swarmed her mind. Had Roxas placed the rose, specifically on this page? Was he trying to tell her something?

The other night, he kept warning her, saying that he was…different…dangerous, yet he appeared to be the exact opposite. Sure, he was mysterious, and different, but dangerous? That was the last adjective that came to her mind when she thought of him.

Even Kairi admitted to thinking of him as perfect.

He was a mysterious bad boy, and she thought she had figured him out, to some extent at least, but was there a piece she was missing?

A very important…life changing piece?

She texted Riku. She needed help, and he was the only one who knew her well enough to even begin to help her calm down.

He replied within the minuet.

Meet me at the spot.

Hope you still remember where that is :)

This almost made her laugh; of course she remembered their spot.

Before he left they went there almost everyday, but she hasn't gone sense he left. It felt too empty without him there, so she avoided it; she decided long ago that instead of forcing his absence she would welcome the memories as they came.

Time passed and she once again found herself counting the seconds. Unlike the other times, when she counted out of boredom, now, she was couting in hopes to relax her suddenly chaotic life. The bell rang, and she rushed from her chair; and avoided any signs of Kairi and Sora, even Roxas, if he was there at all.

He was so…unpredictable; with him she was beginning to learn that she needed expect the unexpected.

Somehow she was able to stay focused as she walked through the bustling halls; through the doors, take a right, and turn the corner.

Their spot wasn't anything special, it wasn't a gazebo or a picnic table, just a tree; but it was their tree, and that's precisely why she loved it so much.

She smiled, he was already there waiting for her.

He looked up from his book, and shot her a smile to mimic her own.

She sat down beside him, and he put the book away. She caught a glimpse of the title, Angels and Demons; she never thought she'd see him reading actual literature, but hey, people are allowed to change…she just never thought one of those people would be Riku.

He noticed her staring and mumbled, "It sparked some interest," he added with a shrug, but she barely noticed. In fact, she all but ignored him completely.

He poked her in the arm, and she jumped, and turned to face him.

He was clearly worried, she could tell from the way he looked at her, and the way his eyes seemed to empty of all emotion except sadness.

"Tell me I am over reacting," she was shaking and she glanced nervously at him.

"This is about that guy isn't it?" Riku asked, but it wasn't just a question, they weren't just mere words. He knew exactly what she was worried about; in fact, he even knew why and how. He knew it all, but what made the situation even sadder was that he couldn't do a damn thing about it.

She hesitantly nodded her head, and he reached for her hand.

"Namine, I want you to know that I am here, and that I will protect you," he reassured, interlocking his fingers within hers. She nodded her head, and managed to smile at him. Somehow being here with Riku made being with Roxas seem all the more dangerous, yet she couldn't help but still want him.

Even with Riku's promise of protection, a part of her still wanted to be held in Roxas's arms, and feel his fingers grace her skin. She knew she shouldn't want him, but Roxas had a mysterious quality that made him simply irresistible.

But she didn't tell Riku any of that, instead she simply said, "I know."

He smiled at her, he was her best friend, and she always thought he would be; yet she couldn't help but realize as he held her hand in his that something was different; their lives, together and apart, were changing.

She might be confused, but she knew one thing for sure, and that was that she didn't want to fall for Riku, especially with Roxas's presence constantly consuming her mind.

She didn't want to fall for Riku, but somewhere deep down; she already knew it was too late.

She had forgotten that they were holding hands until Riku began to stroke his thumb across her fingers. "Namine," he said in a soft, comforting, yet worried voice, "I know you don't want to talk about it, but we have to - that dream, I just don't feel right about it."

Namine wanted to agree, she trusted Riku, with more than her life, but she also wanted to tell him to leave it alone, and reassure him that everything will be fine and that he was over reacting.

"Riku, I don't think-" she began, but he interrupted her. "Namine, you have to trust me." His voice was firm, almost harsh, and it looked as if he was fighting a battle within himself as the words escaped his lips.

She stayed silent, and looked at him with worried eyes. He brought his gaze to hers and said, "I know things," she knew he wasn't lying.

His pained expression was all she need, and she knew, "Riku what are you hiding from me?"

Riku look at her with wary eyes, and she suddenly began to question the friendship they used to share. When did they become so…distant?

His voice was weak, and completely serious as he informed, "He's not good, Namine, he's worse than not good, he's -"

"Crazy for this girl." Namine's eyes widened, because it wasn't Riku's voice that finished his sentence. She slowly tore her gaze from Riku's and looked to her left.

Roxas was standing there, just feet away from where they were sitting. His hands were casually resting inside his pockets, and there was a cocky smirk on his lips. "She's got blond hair, and eyes so powerful they make me question my very existence," Roxas concluded.

Even though Riku's fingers were still clutching her own, it felt as if he was miles away, and everything had faded except her and Roxas.

Riku, their tree, even her fear disappeared as she gazed up at Roxas. She smiled slightly, admiring the way the sun reflected in his hair, and he smiled back at her, loving how easy capturing her attention was.

Roxas turned his gaze from Namine to Riku and stated in a victorious tone, "If you don't mind, I'd like to-"

Riku abruptly stood up, "Like hell I mind," his fists were clenched at his sides, and his eyes were burning with a passion, an anger, she had never seen in him before. Roxas remained unfazed by Riku's blatant hatred, and instead of stepping back like any logically thinking person would, he did the unexpected and took a step forward.

"Come on now Riku," Roxas humorously said, "just because were on opposite sides of the court doesn't mean we have to fight." His smirk was wide, and his control clearly showed. "Besides, it's not like this is a life or death situation," Roxas concluded, chuckling as he did; clearly Namine missed the deliberate sarcasm in words, because she took Roxas's defense.

"Riku, calm down, you're clearly overreacting," she said and unconsciously interlocked her finger's within Roxas's.

Riku looked towards the sky, and unclenched his fits. He said in a voice much more controlled than before, "Roxas are you aware of the fact that you are holding hands with Namine?"

Roxas glanced down at his hand, and a slow, deliberate smirk crossed his lips, "Very aware actually," Roxas replied, locking his mocking gaze with Riku's fiery eyes.

"Well then, since you're so perceptive, you should know that that gives me the right to hurt you." Riku spat, clearly he had forgotten about manners, and dropped all formalities, instead he jumped straight to the threats; Namine sarcastically admitted how proud she should be of her best friend, and his blatant lack of etiquette.

Roxas laughed at his threat, and smugly replied, "We're in America buddy; I have the right to do anything I want."

Riku raised his eyebrow, and cornered Roxas with his words, "Are you forgetting the fact that you answer to someone higher than the president?"

"Fully actually," Roxas arrogantly replied; he let go of Namine's hand and took a step forward to whisper in Riku's ear, "you know me Riku, I am notorious for breaking all the rules." He took a step back and sent a victorious wink in Riku's direction. "Besides, Riku, if I were you I wouldn't be talking…I am not the only one here who breaks the rules."

Riku stayed silent for a moment, clearly annoyed by Roxas very presence. It was obvious he wouldn't be talking to the guy if it wasn't for his unfortunate interaction with Namine.

After a few seconds of deathly silence Riku finally muttered, "I think we should continue this…conversation, in private."

Roxas laughed, "Sorry Riku, but I don't swing that way, besides before you so rudely interrupted I was just about to ask Namine if she wanted to go have some fun."

Riku swallowed his anger and said, "Some fun, huh?"

Roxas smiled wide, "yep, some fun." And then he winked.

Riku instantly grabbed Roxas by the collar and slammed him into the tree, "I advise you do come with me…now, or else, you won't be able to have fun ever again, if you know what I mean."

Roxas laughed, and pulled Riku off him, "Your empty threats are pathetic, I know your kind, you couldn't hurt a fly even if you wanted to."

Riku smirked, and sent Roxas a victorious glare to match his own, "You said it yourself Roxas, I break the rules."

Namine decided enough was enough, and that they had expressed enough of their testosterone for one day, "Guys, really? Just shut up and get over it." She said, with more authority than she expected, and stepped between them.

Riku stared silently, at his friends reaction. His expression was broken, and his eyes clearly extinguished. Roxas smirked, admiring his victory, and he wrapped his arm around Namine's shoulders.

Noticing this action, Riku's eyes became harsh, "You know what, your right Namine, it's not worth it," Riku said to Roxas, but he clearly speaking to Namine. He brought his eyes to hers and with a broken spirit said, "Have fun." With those words he picked up his bag, and walked away.

Riku was angry and hurt; Namine had gone against his advice, and it made him angry. But she was angry too; he didn't control her life, she's always made her own choices, good or bad, and since he left she realized that she could live without him.

Namine watched Riku walk to his next class, book in hand, and sighed because despite her words and thoughts, she knew deep down, that it was already too late. Things have changed; they had changed the day he left, even if they swore long ago that it wouldn't.

The feel of Roxas's hand in hers brought her back, and she cleared her thoughts.

"Sorry you had to see that," Roxas apologized, inwardly celebrating how easy it was to manipulate not only her thoughts, but her actions as well. That situation, confrontation, couldn't have panned out better if he had planned it. He shook his head and chuckled to himself, oh wait. He did.

"Let's just get out of here," Namine said, she was clearly angry, but that would soon change. She was with Roxas, and around him, her mood was bound to lighten.

"I'll walk you to your next class," he offered, and she smiled at him, "I'd like that," she admitted, then smirked, "but first, lets take a detour."

Roxas raised his eyebrows, questioningly and excitingly at her suggestion. He chuckled before stating, "Namine has a bad side? Who would have guessed?"

Namine only smiled at him, and shook her head before taking a step in the direction opposite the school entrance. Their detour consisted of a few laps around the school and a personal tour of the campus.

Namine smiled and laughed at a joke Roxas made; since the confrontation fifteen minuets ago, her mood had significantly lightened, and she was now smiling widely, "You know what I just realized?" She admitted.

"That I am the hottest thing you have ever seen and that you want to pull me into a closet and ravish me?" Roxas answered, pulling a persuasive smirk onto his very tempting lips.

Namine giggled and said, "No, not quite," before dipping her head to hide her blush.

"You know, I like you," Roxas admitted, placing his hand under her chin and lifting her eyes to meet his. She smiled at him, in an attempt to hide the blush on her cheeks, and said, "What brought on the sudden expression of affection?" She cleverly replied.

"Well, normally when I tell girls they should ravish me, I get punched, but you just smile and laugh." He answered smugly, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you want me to punch you?" She asked, playfully, and raised her fist.

He looked at her, raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Only if you're into that kind of stuff," he whispered, suggestively, into her ear. She pushed him for that, and he pretended to wince in pain.

She only shook her head and rolled her eyes, before pulling Roxas towards the school. She decided it was time to get back to class, and if she didn't act on her decision soon, she knew that she would be very tempted to skip completly. He pulled open the door for her, and together they entered the school. The halls were empty, and despite the fact that Namine had decided it was a good idea to get back to class, she found herself tracing the empty halls, with Roxas by her side.

Her cheeks were still flush from Roxas's previous comment, and she quickly changed the subject. "You know, I never told you what I realized." Her words were broken, and her thoughts were scattered.

She tried to hide her blush, but the air-conditioning made it even more prominent.

They stopped walking, and he turned to face her, "and what is that?" he asked, clearly amused, and placed a small kiss on her neck. He knew that he wouldn't be able to resist for much longer.

"That this is the first time I've seen you without a mask," Namine managed to answer. Her voice was soft, and breathless.

He pulled away from her and looked her in the eye. "Technically it's the second time." She looked into his eyes, and something changed; his tempting lips suddenly became irresistible.

"The first time doesn't count," Namine stated, recalling their interaction in the hallway just this morning, when he gave her a rose, and the best kiss she has ever received. The memory of his passionate touch made her blush and a faint smile fell onto her lips.

He sent her a confused look, and it was her turn to send him a smirk.

She lifted her hands and interlocked her fingers behind his neck. Her voice was light, and her lips formed a cute pout as she said, "Oh, come on Roxas, you should know by now the effect you have on me."

"Well…" His eyes were wild and his smirk pulled over his teeth.

She heard the knob behind her click, and before she knew it, she was in the closet, with her back to the door, and nothing but darkness between her and Roxas.

"Well, do you like what you see?" He whispered to her, and she felt his hands trail up her arms.

She reacted to his touch, and wrapped her arms around his neck again. All she knew was him, his presence, his touch, and his voice.

"Do you like the guy behind the mask?"


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