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Chapter 2


Namine lightly stroked her hand along the painted wood again, uno, dos, tres…would counting in Spanish really make it all the more interesting?

No. not really, no.

But there wasn't really anything she could do otherwise…because the memory of his intense stare - those blue eyes - continued to flash in front of her eyes again and again.

She couldn't stop thinking about it, and she knew it was because - deep down, she wanted it - his presence - to become a reality.

But no matter, no worries, because the memory continued and eventually reality came crashing down, as it always does - and when she raised her eyes he was gone. Disappointment flooded her emotions again, just as it had the first time, and she desperately tried to throw the memory away. She closed her eyes searching for hope in the darkness she created, once more…open them once more, and maybe, just maybe, he will be there, she assured herself.

She sighed deeply; disappointment was only the result of crushed hope - without hope or dreams disappointment was an uncomprehendable emotion. She should stop wishing - who knows, maybe after that she would have - but she would never know because when she opened her eyes disappointment never came.

Because fate stepped in, and suddenly everything changed, because he was there.

Right there, he was real - almost too real to be true, and her breath caught, because just as her eyes lifted they locked directly and immediately with his. Their eyes had gravitated to each others so quickly that it seemed like he was waiting for her, patiently, for the moment when she finally opened her eyes.

Their stare held, and the seconds passed, but Namine wasn't counting them anymore - the sense of time had left her completely. The world seemed to fade around them as he held her eyes, tauntingly, intensely holding her every conceivable thought with his penetrating gaze. His stare only intensified as the seconds past and she unconsciously noticed the hint of a faint smile creep onto his lips.

Her heart lightened and she unconsciously returned the smile; and that is all it took - that was all he needed - acceptance - and within seconds he was there, directly in front of her.

She blinked, confusion enveloping her mind; in a single moment he had traveled from one side of the room to the other, and now - as unreal as it seemed he stood directly in front of her.

"Hello," the stranger confidently said, and as a result she was instantly paralyzed; his voice rang in Namine's ears - and she was automatically convinced that no other sound could possible be this alluring - this captivating. He was collected, suave, calm - he knew what he was doing - and it clearly showed.

Namine on the other hand, - "Hey," she returned, breathlessly - she knew nothing, she didn't see, couldn't see, behind the mask.

His gaze was softer now, more inviting and comforting - Namine sighed, and he smiled at her response; the smallest, simplest word she could possibly utter - a simple hello had warmed him. He looked peacefully happy - angelic even and Namine could not help but admire his appearance.

Her helpless eyes began to wander, and she quickly took in every detail of him; his golden hair, the mask in which his now inviting eyes looked at her from behind and the soft smile that played ever so lightly on his lips.

Namine pulled her gaze away from his face, as subtly as possible, and then noticed his stare scrutinizing her just as she was him.

"You're staring…" Namine whispered, a small blush highlighting her pale cheeks as she did.

In reaction to her words he dragged his eyes from hers and let them helplessly fall on the ground. A few moments passed and then a small smile came to his lips, and just as the words left his mouth he brought his gaze back to hers, "I tend to stare at things I think are beautiful," he confessed, the smirk on his lips more evident than before.

The blush on Namine's already pale cheeks deepened, and she lightly gasped - the way he was looking at her through the tips of his lashes and directly into her eyes stirred a kind of intensity and excitement that she had never felt before.

He had just called her beautiful, the compliment barely registered in her mind; because no one had ever called her beautiful…ever.

"You're blushing," he cockily pointed out, Namine quickly tore her gaze from his - if it was possible for her cheeks to redden further, then they certainly did. He noticed her deepening blush, and slightly amused by her reaction continued, "Is it because you think I noticed you staring as well?" He questioned a wide, charmed smile spreading across his lips. She did not answer, as he expected, and instead of waiting for a response from the embarrassed blond he continued, leaning down closer to her than before - so close, she noted, that he whispered in her ear, "because I did."

Namine's breath caught, and she held it until he slowly moved away from her and stepped back to a comfortable breathing distance. She did not bring her gaze to meet his for a few moments, and silenced filled the small, separate corner where they stood - the silence between them allowed the pulsing music to again fill her ears and for the first time since their conversation, if you could even call it that, had began she realized that she was still at the Halloween party and just over his shoulder a whole other world, one that she was supposed to be apart of, was still lively thriving.

"Are you alright?" he questioned, concern riddling his normally incontestable voice. Oh, so now he regretted embarrassing her, wonderful. She thought to herself, muttering, as she turned back to slightly face him, how thoughtful of him to ask.

As he spoke he unconsciously lent forward, but his action was only unconscious to him - Namine was fully aware how much closer this slight movement had brought him to her.

"No," she fumbled, failing to form a comprehendible sentence in her head, and her brain suddenly felt detached from the rest of her body. She blinked twice, allowing her mind to reprogram itself as she attempted to grasp what she had just said; and then she realized, no was right; she was in fact not okay - he influenced her in more ways than one, and she was not completely positive if she liked the affect he had on her. She continued with a hint of confidence in her voice, "No, I don't think I am alright at all."

He stared at her for a moment, as if in utter bewildering amazement, and she was almost positive she heard a small chuckle escape from his lips, "Well that is not good," He said simultaneously shaking his head as he let a small smile spread across his lips. "What is the matter?" He breathed; she could tell his concern was real, but she also felt like he was enjoying some sort of an inside joke - one that only he could possibly understand.

It took her a few moments to respond, it was like whenever he spoke the reprogramming process in her mind had to start all over again. "You," she said in a drawn out, hesitant voice, suddenly feeling slightly uneasy.

The stranger's eyes widened, and he nearly took a step back, "Me?" he questioned in a lighter more unbelievable tone; his expression taking on a mixture of amusement and confusion. He looked as if he had almost expected her to accuse him of such a action.

As he spoke another wave of breathtaking confusion and disorientation hit Namine; she inhaled deeply and responded quickly, blinking just before she did, "Yes you…" her eyes locked with his and her heart fluttered - reassuring her as it did of her unbelievably correct allegation - "…it is most definitely you."

"What an odd accusation," the stranger mumbled as his gaze drifted away from hers, but he did not at all look disappointed, actually she noticed that a faint smile was still on his lips.

"It seems pretty logical to me," she replied quickly; to her he was the odd one.

"Well then," he said after a minuet or so, "how can I fix your uneasiness?" he questioned leaning forward as he did.

A wave of his cologne hit her forcefully and she stuttered, "by not doing that," she managed to say.

"Oh," he said smiling and asked without moving back, "Do you think a dance would help?" He asked leaning down closer to her; his smile grew wider, and his lips slightly pulled back over his teeth.

"What-" Namine began utterly mystified by his words.

"Oh forgive me," he said hastily, "it has been awhile," He confessed, "I guess I don't really know what I am doing."

Namine didn't respond, she couldn't - the way his eyelashes fell over his blue eyes when he looked towards the ground, in what she assumed was shameless embarrassment, had rendered her speechless.

After a few moments he lifted his head slightly and leaning further into her space he said, "So tell me," a smirk was pulling at the corners of his lips.

She was beginning to think he was doing this on purpose - it was like he was intentionally using her weakness against her; and to her disappointment it was working - to her he was enchanting.

And that thought scared her speechless.

He removed one of his hands from his pockets and extended it to her, "how is it that I ask a pretty girl to dance?" He questioned, looking at her with that same enticing gaze, through those same appealing lashes.

She couldn't argue with her self any longer and she carefully lifted her hand and placed it in his; words were unable to reach her delicately painted lips - He was simply too irresistible for words.


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