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Chapter 9



Get up and move on with your life.

That's what Riku had told her to do, go to school and act as if nothing had happened.

As far as Namine was concerned Roxas didn't exist, even if she desperately wanted him to.

After Riku called her last night, Namine had been just a little less than completely freaked out.

He had told her that the best solution was to forget about Roxas, well at least for now that was the best solution.

She hadn't really thought ahead, she was just glad that she had actually fallen asleep last night.

Granted, it took two hours of reassuring from Riku, a few childhood memories, and maybe a lullaby, but that was something Riku would never sing to her of course, or at least, not under normal circumstances.

Yea, Namine had definitely categorized this past weekend as not normal, especially considering the part when the mysterious Roxas appeared and then just as quickly disappeared from her life; not to mention that her long lost friend, Riku, suddenly called, with nothing but a lame excuse about how he hated to talk to girls over the phone.

Namine sighed, and for the first time, wished that her life could go back to being simple, uncomplicated, and boring.

She almost wished that she had continued to count as the seconds past, instead of loosing herself within the moment. Or better yet, she wished that she had never gone to that party at all, because that seemed to be where all teenage problems began.

Sadly her problem was at little more unusual than most would think; instead of getting drunk and coming home pregnant like some, she fell for a mysterious and somehow dangerous guy behind the mask.

Just her luck, she wishes for excitement and instead she gets a few kisses and an unnerving phone call from a guy too complicated to be categorized with the rest of the male species.

She laughed at herself as she slugged her books across her desk in chemistry.

Chemistry, great, this was just what she needed.

She looked up and caught Kairi's gaze. It was a mixture of confusion and aggravation, probably a reaction to all those messages she had left and the fact that Namine had continently forgotten to call back.

So instead of rolling her eyes and looking away, she sent Kairi a hesitant, apologetic smile, and silently thought how she'd never understand the complicated mechanisms of the female species…even if she was one herself.

Kairi was in front of her before Namine could breathe, "Namine, I will forgive the missed calls, for now, because I am so anxious; you have to tell me what went down the other night, I mean, one moment your off in your own little world, and then your walking out with one of the most attractive guys I have ever laid eyes on."

Namine shrugged, and silently mocked Riku's words. Forgetting about Roxas, that was hard in itself, but with Kairi here, constantly reminding her of his golden hair, and piercing blue eyes, now he was really asking her to do the impossible.

"Come on, that's all? A shrug, I know you don't act it, but you're a girl, and deep down all girls have their limits, how could you not swoon over that…"

Namine had only been half listening to Kairi's hyperactive rant, but still, she couldn't help but notice when the redhead's words slowly faded and then stopped completely. She ripped her gaze away from her sketch book, and looked at Kairi, "over what? Are there not words to describe him or something." She said, as nonchalantly as possible.

Inside her head, Namine was freaking out as much as Kairi was out loud. She knew exactly what Kairi meant, Roxas was better than words…which is probably one of the many factors as to why it was so hard to stop thinking about him, let alone forget about him completely.

"Kairi, don't give me the silent treatment, I know he is too good for words, see, there I admitted it, now will you please finish your sentence, or at least breathe…you're kind of freaking me out." Namine stated cautiously; Kairi was acting more…herself, than usual, and just to inform, that's not a good thing.

Before Namine could slap Kairi senseless, she was slapped herself. Right on the arm, and it hurt! "Kairi! What the hell!" Namine hissed grabbing the soon to be bruise on her arm.

Kairi sent her a serious glare and whispered, "Namine, it's him! And he's looking right at you."

Namine's entire body tensed and she followed Kairi's gaze towards the door. She froze; knowing the sound of his voice, the softness of his touch, and the power of his kiss, made seeing him a second time even more entrancing than the first.

He sent her a seductive, inviting smirk, as he scanned her eyes with his. Her knees went weak, and she clutched her sketchbook so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

This feeling, of relief and bliss that she felt before was mixed with an underlying feeling of fear that sent chills down her spine.

Her dream of him and his bloodshot eyes, mixed with her memories of dancing and laughing. She couldn't distinguish one from the other, because they combined to create a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction that not only drew her but repelled her from him as well.

The bell rung and the sound woke Namine. She blinked and he had disappeared from the doorway, just as he had on her doorstep merely nights ago.

Nights ago…when he kissed her, and whispered those words in her ear…

She sighed loudly, Riku was asking her to do the impossible, forgetting about him was something she wasn't capable of doing.

"Namine…Namine…Namine!" Kairi hissed and grabbed her arm, "Sit down!" Kairi yanked her down, and Namine landed with a loud, uncomfortable thud, in her cold, death trap type chair.

Namine sent her a glare, but Kairi only shrugged, "Thank me, I saved your ass. You were still staring at that door; when the teacher walked in, and let me just say he wasn't particularly happy that you were still standing, mindlessly, when he walked in."

"Thanks." Namine let out an exasperated sigh, it was Monday first period, and she already knew this week was going to be long and torturous.

Namine was right, the lesson was terrible, or at least according to Kairi it was, Namine wouldn't know, because up until the bell rang, she couldn't pull her mind away from Roxas enough to even think about focusing on something seemingly sane.

She was too busying silently freaking out. He was in her school, and he was looking at her. It's not like she wasn't excited to see him, because she was, oh she definitely was. At the very thought of him, her heart swelled, and an goofy smile unconsciously fell onto her lips.

But in the back of her mind, Riku was there, telling her to stay away from him.

If only Riku knew what it was like to kiss him under the light of a street lamp, or dance with him until the music stopped...or well, she actually hoped he didn't know what that was like…

She shuddered as the image of Riku and Roxas kissing on her front porch set her mind free, not only did it disgust her, but it saved her from another moment of Roxas worshiping.

She managed to make it to her locker without thinking about him. Wow, a whole ten feet, congratulations Namine, she said to herself. She felt like a druggie, praising every moment she was able to take a drink of water without downing a pill with it.

Great, knowing how this day was going, her last words were probably going to be his name.

At to top it off, she couldn't open her locker. Stupid, rusty contraption picks today to be finicky.

"Dang Namine, for someone who's so good at counting, you'd think you remember your locker combination." Sora laughed, with Kairi by his side.

Namine just looked at him, and decided it would be best not to question when exactly they had become friends. Honestly she was just grateful for the distraction, even if it was Sora; he was goofy enough that just looking at him made her laugh.

"Here let me help you with that." At the sound of his voice Namine tensed up, and she suddenly became very aware of the person leaning against her locker right behind her.

She turned around, still unable to believe it was really him, and her eyes widened with excitement.

That familiar smirk was pulling at the corners of his lips, and his eyes swept her up just like they always did.

"Hi Namine," he smoothly said, before banging slightly on her locker. It opened of course, it always did; he was like her secret key, whenever anything broke he fixed it.

"Riku!" She screamed, and jumped into his arms. He hugged her back tightly, and it felt as if he would never let go.

Standing there, in his arms, by her locker, with all her classmate swarming to their next class, she felt safe. This is where she's supposed to be. In his arms, like she always had been, and hopefully always will be.

They let go and Sora screamed, as if on cue, "Riku, man! Long time no see!" He stepped away from Kairi and they did that man-hug-hand-shake thing.

"So what, are you back now?" Kairi chirped in.

Riku looked right at Namine as he answered her question, "Yea, transferred just yesterday; being away made me realized how much I missed this place."

As Namine looked at him, a small smile slid onto her lips, and in return he smiled as well.

Kairi's eyes shifted between the two and suddenly a smile consumed her lips. She sent Namine 'one of those looks' and pulled Sora away, "uh, we have to get to class, bye guys!" She screamed, smiling at Namine as she hushed a complaining Sora.

Riku just laughed as he watched to two practically run away; Namine laughed to, they were just friends, always had been, always will be. "So, how have you been?" he asked, opening her locker and helping himself to her lunch.

She couldn't help but smile to herself, typical Riku.

"Wrong question," Namine stated, a bit of mock anger in her voice.

"What?" He asked, "You know what," She said in return, crossing her arms.

He sighed loudly, "Namine you're such a girl." She punched him for that. "Riku, my best friend left for months, how to you think I am?"

He took a bite out of her apple and turned to face her, "look, Namine, I'm sorry, what else do you want me to say? I am back now, and that should be all that matters."

She stared at him, she wanted to make him feel pain, but he smiled goofily at her and her facade collapsed. "Fine, you're forgiven," she muttered under her breath.

"Good, I don't think I could stand another minuet of your wrath," he said, sarcastically of course.

"You're such an asshole," Namine said, slapping him on the arm. But he knew she was kidding, so he simply smiled at her.

"See Namine, everything's back to normal, you call me an asshole and slap me; and I laugh because for one, I know you're kidding, and two your slaps don't even hurt."

"I rest my case," she said, deciding suddenly that rummaging through her locker is super important.

"Fine then," he said smiling, and then leant down to whisper in her ear, "we have to talk, about the dream, you know." He stayed there, lingering, as his breath hit her ear, until she nodded.

"Good," he said, and then kissed her quickly on the cheek, "see you later!" Then he was off.

And as he walked away, he left her thinking two things; how one, he had never kissed her before, well except once, they had tried the whole dating thing in middle school; and two, at the mention of that dream, all those images flooded back.

She shuddered, whishing that Riku would drop the issue. So what? They had the same dream, they have been best friends since she can remember, it's probably just one of those things, you know those best friend things...

She sighed, there had to be at least one doctor out there that would back her up.

Besides, Roxas was the last thing she wanted to think about; since his disappearance a few days ago, and then sudden reappearance this morning, he had been the only thing she could think about, and to be frank, she wanted a break.

She continued to rummage through her locker, it had to be in here somewhere; books just don't disappear over the weekend. If she didn't find her mythology book soon, she'd be late.

"Finally!" She said, plucking the book out of the mess she called organization.

She slammed her locker shut, and clutched the book to her chest. There were only a few more minuets till the late bell rung, and her class was across campus.

But something was poking her in the stomach, so she stopped and pulled the book away from her.

There was stem sticking out between the pages. A confused expression fell over her face and she opened to the page the stem marked.

Namine gasped quietly, and blinked twice, unsure if she was seeing things or not; when she flipped the book open, it revealed a white rose, slightly smashed, but still fresh.

She lifted it up, and one thought crossed her mind: Roxas.

He had called her a white rose.

Her breath caught, and the book nearly slipped from her hands.

Attached to the rose, was a small note, tied with a light blue ribbon. She opened the note, and read.

Hey, just wanted to make sure I was on your mind as much are you are on mine.


The cocky womanizer

P.S. Turn around

She immediately turned around feeling curious, suspicious, and anxious; her eyes instantly locked with his blue eyes.

No one else was there; they were all in class. It was just him and her. Standing, staring…smiling. Like it had been just a few nights ago, except now, she was truly alone.

Her fingers tightened around the stem of the rose and her breathing intensified. He was there, standing on the other side of the hall, leaning casually, against a locker; there was a wide expecting smirk across his familiar flush pink lips. At the mention, the memory, of his lips, on hers; her blush deepened and his smirk widened.

He looked down shaking his head and chuckling slightly, probably at how evident she made his ability to make her blush, and then began to shrug away from the lockers.

"I see you got my note," he said smiling, still walking towards her. She was frozen unable to look away from his mesmerizing stare.

She cautiously nodded her head, still shocked that he was here. His eyes softened due to her hesistant reaction and he said, "you look anxious…did I do something wrong?"

Riku's warning flashed before her eyes, but Roxas's smile dissolved any hesitation she had. She shook her head, "no, actually, the note…yea, thanks."

He chuckled again, and took a few more steps towards her. He was close and when he spoke, his voice was a quiet whisper, "so, did I succeed?"

She sent him a confused look, and he smiled before saying, "In my note; are you thinking about me as much as I am about you?"

She recapped over the past few days, this morning especially and said in a tone to match his own, "you have no idea."

That widened his smirk and he cupped her cheek in his palm, "good."

Then he closed the space between their lips; the kiss was soft, and nicely familiar.

They kissed; she swooned and he calculated.

As their lips moved he was thinking about everything, but she wasn't thinking at all.

He knew his next move, his next word, and she couldn't even begin to fathom that he did.

Her book suddenly crashed to the floor, and he pulled away from her. She looked down embarrassed, and he picked up the scattered book and rose.

He twirled her rose between his fingers, and chuckled to himself, "you know, you're kind of a klutz."

"Shut up!" She smacked him lightly on the arm, "it's your fault."

"Oh right, blame the good kisser." He stated, rolling his eyes and smirking at her.

"You're so cocky," She said, defiantly. She turned from him to face the hallway.

"I accept my title well." He said, moving in front of her.

He leaned his arm against the locker behind her, and closed the space between them. There was merely inches between his lips and hers, but they did nothing. She looked at him, and in return he stared back. And it was in that moment that he unintentionally began to question his plan as a smile formed on both their lips.

Suddenly he stepped away from her, and placed the rose back within the pages of her book, "you have to get to class." He mumbled, as if he really had something else on his mind.

She nodded her head, "right." She took her book and began to turn away, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.

Without warning his lips crashed against hers in a sudden whirlwind of passion.

He hadn't kissed her like this before; before his kisses were light and smooth. Now he seemed desperate, and it was as if he was not only testing himself, but solving a puzzle. And with every movement, every time his lips pressed against hers another piece was put together.

He pulled away; he was breathing just as heavy as her's was, and they looked at each other, eyes locked, both unaware of the change that occurred between them.

"Wait for me," he whispered, as if he was finally beginning to understand. "Just know that even if things change, I will still be here." His voice was heavy and he sounded broken. He didn't want to admit what was happening, she was changing him...somehow, she was subtly making him feel. It was as if she represented the little humanity he had left.

She was more than just his next victim, now he understood, she was so much more.

But it wasn't up to him to decide. So he stood there staring into her innocent eyes, and questioned if it was his right to fight destiny for life.

Life? He laughed, life was nothing to him anymore, but he couldn't help but wonder...what if life was something, and what if that something was her.

He squeezed her shoulder lightly and she nodded then turned. He stood there, motionless as she walked away. When she looked back, the image of his face shocked her. Instead of seeing the calm, confident, swave guy she first met, she locked eyes with a confused and unusually broken victim.

It looked as if he was mourning, as he stood, with his hands hidden in his pockets. His face was titled towards the ground, but as she looked back, he looked up. At first his face was grim, as if he had just realized their world was going to end, but then he sent her a lopsided smirk.

She smiled back before rounding a corner, and walking towards the rest of her life; hopefully, she wished a life that included Roxas.


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