Shikamaru yawned, shifting his gaze to his team mates. Choji was opening a new bag Yummy-Os while Ino admired her new hair-clip in her hand-held mirror.

"Sasuke's sure to notice how gorgeous I look if I'm wearing this. Forehead-girl won't stand a chance." she smirked, adjusting the sparkling accessory.

"Hey Ino, I was wondering something" Shikamaru mumbled as Ino searched her handbag for some lipstick.

"And your question is…" she replied, finally finding some Blooming Cherry Blossom Gloss. Noticing the name of the shade, she shoved it aside in disgust and continued her rummage.

"How do you see without pupils?"

Author's Note: I can understand Hyugas being able to see without pupils because of the nature of their bloodline. However, Ino has no funky eye bloodlines, so why isn't she running into walls?

Hooray! This drabble is an official one. Exactly 100 words (not including the A/N).

I have decided to take my story "Porcelain Mask" and turn it into this multi-chap drabble fic. I would list my reasons, but then my note would be longer than my story o_0

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