Title: My TARDIS

Summary: Another Horrible song parody brought to you by me, this time to the tune of My Freeze Ray. Features the 10th Doctor singing about Rose so of course, very 10/R. So long as you've seen season 1, you're all set.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Yes, I do in fact own Doctor Who and Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog, right guys? *BBC and Joss Whedon glares at yours truly* Please? *No change*. Sigh, ok I don't.

Dedication: For all the reviewers of my other stories but especially for lunabyrd666 who was partly to blame for inspiring this and who seemed to like my other parody very much. If you propose again, I might be very disturbed but I hope you enjoy this as much as the other.

A/N: I said to myself I wasn't going to do another one. Unfortunately, when at 3am you're still not asleep and suddenly a part of your brain has a good portion of this already done and is screaming "YOU NEED TO FINISH THIS!" repeatedly, well the only thing you can do is sigh and say "Well, if I promise to do so, will you let me sleep?". So please, enjoy. Also, if you do happen to like this, feel free to read my other parody "Bad Wolf Chorus" and if there is anyone you know who likes Doctor Who and Doctor Horrible, please show them both.

Our first day

Saw you there

Took your hand


Gotta say

Love is rare

Wasn't planned


With my TARDIS we'll go through time

With my TARDIS we'll go

To the future and the past to

See the stars


Different worlds



Evil plots

Running fast

Save the day

With my TARDIS we'll go through space

We don't have to travel just around

The Earth, you know

There're just so many places to show

You say the word and we'll go there

Do anything for you I swear

When I look into your eyes

I'm just so hypnotised

Short instrumental break of 8 seconds. Here, the Doctor imagines himself (wearing the black tuxedo) dancing with Rose (wearing a nice red ballroom style dress) around the console.

That's the plan

Visit worlds

Save 'em too

Hand in hand

DOCTOR: *raises eyebrows suggestively* Want to dance?

ROSE: *clearly taken aback* What?

DOCTOR: I meant, want to go to France? *Looks at camera and winks*


With my TARDIS I will show

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