The TMNT meets Twilight

I'm actually surprised no1 else has done this. I love the tmnt and twilight so I thought I'd do a crossover. I'm really sorry if any of the characters seem oc but I've only read the first Twilight book. Edward is not the main vampire in this story (sorry to all Edward fans). My oc, Amy, is the main vampire. I don't tmnt or twilight, I just own Amy. Enjoy and please review! I am trying to make this funny(which I'm not very good at) so don't be shy and give me some ideas!

"Are we there yet?" Amy and Emmett asked in unison. Carlisle sighed, they had been like this all the way to their new house. Esme had always wanted to live in New York and after several pleads from the above mentioned wife, Amy, Alice and Emmett, he had given up.

"Nearly." Carlisle told the eager teens. Amy stuck her head out of the window. Believe it or not, she was actually second oldest next to Carlisle – she's 259 years old. Amy was 15 when she was changed, but is very good at being a child.

"I see it! I see it!" Amy shouted suddenly pointing to a large, partly hidden farmhouse. She and Emmett had been having a contest of who saw the new house first. By the complains of Emmett, she had obviously won.

Amy grinned triumphantly at her older yet younger brother.

Carlisle had hardly stopped the car before she was out and running at abnormal speed to the front door. Opening it, she made a thorough exploration of the house – if Emmett was going to try and pull pranks – she wanted to be ready (in other words have a good hiding spot/ know every part of the house). Even though Emmett didn't usually pull pranks on her and Alice because they could see them coming.

The house was definitely large. Even going at vampire speed – it took Amy several minutes to learn have nook of the house and choose which room would be hers.

Amy heard the quiet purr of Edward's Volvo pull up beside Emmett's Jeep, which she had been riding in only a few minutes ago.

Amy ran back to help the others unpack. Taking several large suitcases out of the Jeeps boot, and placing them in the hallway. Jasper appeared beside her with his own 2 suitcases. He could taste his sister's excitement.

"Think your going to like it here?" He asked, smiling, knowing perfectly well what the answer was going to be.

"Definitely!" Amy said, treating him to her own beaming grin.

I did this so you would have a little knowledge on Amy as well as why they moved. PLZ review!