The TMNT Meet Twilight

So sorry for the very long wait – writer's block loves me. So does School, they can't get enough. BUT, I won't let them win! HAHA!

Raph groaned, turning over in his hammock. Even though there was no sunlight in the sewers to wake him in the morning, having Mikey screaming in your ear was a good replacement. Just not a wanted one.

"Shut up, Mikey!" He yelled, voice hoarse with exhaustion. He'd spent most of the previous night bashing thugs' mugs. He grabbed a sai and flung it at the general area of Mikey's wake up call – and smirked in triumph when he heard said turtle EEP! And run for cover.

"And I was going to tell you breakfast is ready," the red clad turtle heard his youngest brother say. Raphael tried to ignore the rumbling in his stomach. But Mikey cooked so well. Heck, he was hungry.

Raph groaned again, and stumbled out of his hammock, tying his old mask around his head.

Joining his brothers in the kitchen, he strolled over to the cupboard and poured himself a bowl of cereal. Still half asleep, he mechanically spooned cornflakes into his mouth, munching and swallowing, munching and swallowing, munching and swallowing.

"God, it's like watching paint dry." Mikey broke the silence with a witty remark.

Raph glared at him; "Shut up."

Donnie placed a glass of orange juice in front of him, nothing like orange juice to wake you up in the morning.

"Thanks Don." Donatello nodded, and headed towards the elevator to do some more tinkering on the battle shell. Something had blown under the hood.

"Carlisle?" Alice ventured.

"Hm?" The blonde lifted his eyes to the smaller.

"You know how me and Amy were hunting two nights ago?"

Now Carlisle was curious. "Yeah?"

They were alone in Carlisle study, but the others were probably listening to the conversation, intrigued. Had something happened?

"Well... We came across some... strange creatures." Alice paused, feeling slightly stupid to be talking about giant turtles.

"They looked like giant turtles. They could talk and walked on two legs, and everything." Alice told the oldest in amazement. She had never seen anything like the reptilian creatures, and wondered what they were, and how they came to be.

Carlisle raised a perfect eyebrow in surprise just as Emmett waltzed in laughing.

"Oh, come on, Alice! That's crazy-"

"Even for Emmett." Edward interrupted, the other vampires having joined hem in the study.

"It's true," Amy put in. Rosalie gave her a look, but they all knew that Amy didn't pull pranks.

Edward sighed.

"Even if they are real, they're no concern of us." Edward pointed out.

Carlisle sighed too.

"Maybe not, but I need to go to the hospital. I have a job interview. We'll talk about this later." He gracefully walked past them, out the front door and took the Jeep.

"Why'd he take my car?" Emmett ask with a groan as they heard it leave.

The others dispatched, ignoring him – they were used to Emmett's sometimes witty, sometimes annoying comments.

Sorry this chapter was boring, I still have writer's block. But I felt cruel leaving you SO LONG without anything, so I wrote this. I am going somewhere though - don't worry.