Another Gilmore Fic but not centered around the Gilmore Girls.

Collin McCrae was so bored tonight. It was the same thing with his friends at these types of parties yeah they were more fun then the stuffy parties his uncle and aunt host but still he was getting bored of the same thing over and over again. He wnated something new and exciting. He was tired of Fin's antics and Logan's for that matter why couldn't Logan just admit his feelings for one Rory Gilmore and why he couldn't he himself admit his feelings for one Stephanie Valdiment. Ugh who was he, he was suppose to be having fun and not being bored out of his mind. He left that night feeling not satsified.

He walked down three blocks when he saw his old school mates from the Royal Academy. He had graduated last year with honor's. He wondered what they were doing. He wondered over to them.

"What are you guys doing" He asks

"Having fun" one of them says

"Isn't your parents wondering where you are"

"Such a drag Collin" Jay says rolling his eyes

"No I'm not just saying" Collin says

"Collin live a little"

"I do"

"What get drunk with friends sleep with girls you don't know thats real fun" Isabella says sarcastically

"Oh and what are we suppose to do" Collin asks folding his arms

"Well be spontanous for one" She says

"Angrying your parents" Theresa says

"embarress them" Gabby says blushing

"And war" Lucy says

"Having bad tasting beer" Tom says putting his arm around the guy

"And getting back at the Addam's" Adam says

Collin rolls his eyes "your still having that war with them"

"They start it" Rory says

Collin looks at her "Rory what are you doing here"

"Snuck out of the Sub-party"


"I got bored'

"Where is the Reporter Girl we know and love"

"She's still here but I got bored besides Logan tries to hard"

"WHAT" Collin says

"He doesn't own up to his own feelings I see him get jealous when I'm with someone else"

"You don't either" Collin acuses her"

"Doesn't the guy make the first move" Rory asks Isabella

"Mm I don't know more power to the girl"

"Logan doesn't do girls like me anyways" Rory conters

"IF you say so Reporter Girl"

"okay lets not hang around here where our parents can catch us" Resa speaks and everyone nods their head's.

"Where are we going"

Isabella and Tom rolled their eyes

"To the races" Gabby says and Collin looks at her weirdly

"Drag races dumby" Isabella says walking in front of them and Collin stops in his tracks. "Isn't that illegal"


Collin sighs at Isabella and shakes his head and follows the group.

"Cheep aclhole yuck" Collin says drinking his budlight.