The Heir Chapter 16

Here is the real Chapter 16. I've Replaced The AN with this.

Friday Afternoon

Collin was dressed as was Isabella who only sat there rolling her eyes

"Mia stop doing that"


"I am telling my friends"

"your telling a reporter tell your friends first"

"I promised Paris I never go back on a deal"



"ME ah why would I be that"

"Love" Collin says and Isabella smirks. She holds out of the door

"Guys come in" Isabella says

Collin saw Logan and Finn and he was surprised

"What are they doing here" He asks

"They should know first"

"Should know what love" Finn asks

"Tell them Collin or I will" Isabella says

Isabella tapped her foot.

"I am not letting you talk to Paris without talking to your friends" Isabella says tapping her foot

"But Izzie"

"No but Izzie do it or else the interview is off" Isabella says walking out of the room and Collin sighs.

"What do you need to tell us buddy" Logan says

"I need a drink" Collin says

"Okay let's all have a drink mates" Finn says

Collin takes a swig of his drink "I'm an heir to a kingdom"

His friends start laughing

"I'm serious I am I just didn't tell anyone because well I hate it"

"Wait let me get this straight mate you're a prince" Finn says laughing

"Yes and I'm going to be King one day"

Finn and Logan couldn't stop laughing

"You want proof well here it is" Collin says putting a tape in the vcr

Logan and Finn were still laughing

"Ah you guys don't get it"

"Why didn't you not tell us" Logan says

"It never came up" Collin says sighing

"What about when you met Isabella"

Collin shrugs his shoulders "I hate being treated differently I wanted someone to know me for me"

"We are all treated differently" Finn says

Collin sighs "I know I'm coward"

"Well could we go see this place" Logan says

Collin nods his head "how about my wedding to Mia"

"You mean Isabella" Finn says and Collin nods his head.

"But what about Stephanie" Logan says

"She's not for me" Collin says


"But nothing Logan she proved that she is not for me by sleeping with that b*$tard"

"She made a mistake"

"Do you want to be in my wedding or not Logan"


"Do you want my friendship"


"Then support me if not then get out of my life" Collin says storming out of the room.

Finn looked disappointed at Logan

"Why do you must do that" Finn says

"I don't know" Logan says sighing

"Your going to lose a friend"

"He never told us why"

Finn shrugs his shoulders "I don't know mate"

"We've all been through thick and thin"

"I don't know"

Logan leaves the room and Isabella rolled her eyes as he went past her.

"Same old Logan" She mumbles

Fin comes to see Isabella

"Why didn't he tell us"

"He was a coward"


"He's afraid that you wouldn't understand"

"But we would have after all we have pressures on us to"

"I know don't have to tell me that"

"So why didn't he want us to know"

Isabella shrugs her shoulders "He just wanted to be a regular dude"

"Oh" Finn says

Isabella sighs. "He'll always be there for you guys you do know that"


"So he didn't tell you everything about himself I'm sure he doesn't know a lot about you either"

"Yeah he kind of does"

"What's life without surprises and shock boring"

"Yes but this was huge"

Isabella sighs "What's life without drama boring"

"True I need a drink"

"No more drinks not for you Paris told me your cut off"

"Ugh" Finn says and Isabella smiles "see you around Finn oh be there Saturday at the wedding" She says giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaving.