Hello Readers...I'm back! I know it's been a long time since I've put anything up, but life has sort of gotten in the way, you know? Anyways, this story holds a special place in my heart, because I've been working on it since before book 6 was released. I recently returned to it, and will do my best to see it (and its sequel) through. This story begins the summer before the Trio's 6th year, and should go through until the end, and then I have a sequel planned to cover 7th year and the war. Basically, before the 6th book, this was my (somewhat cliché) ending to the series. As of now, we're going to just pretend that nothing in the 6th or 7th books ever happened. I'm not sure yet what's going to happen with the Horcruxes, whether they will exist in this story or not, as I haven't gotten that far yet. I'll try to update regularly, but I'm about to start my second semester of college, so It could be tricky, but I have 5 or 6 chapters already written, so that should hold you for a while at least. Anyways, this is the prologue, and if I'm not careful, it will be shorter than this author's note :D So I'll leave you to it. Happy Reading, and don't forget to review!


Harry Potter and the Success of Unity

Chapter 1: The Third Bedroom (Prologue)

It was a dark, boring night, and in the third bedroom of the Dursley residence at Number 4, Privet Drive laid Harry Potter, deep in thought, memories of the past year flying through his mind. However, of the many thoughts surging through his brain, the one that lingered happened to be none other than the memory of that fateful day last June, when Sirius, his godfather, passed through the veil at his cousin Bellatrix's hand.

Harry tried to relax, but could not. Tomorrow was the day that he would go back to 12 Grimmauld Place for the first time since Sirius had passed through the veil, and he was still well aware of the morbid silence that haunted the house now that its main inhabitant had been lost, quite possibly for good.

Harry dreaded falling asleep, for he was no longer able to predict what awaited him in his dreams. Sometimes they were pleasant, familiar. Other times they were dark and morbid. And then there was the one he most often had, where she invaded his dreams.

She came almost every night, shrouded in darkness, and she spoke to him, encouraging him when he was feeling down. She had become a sort of positive entity in his life, and he had begun to become upset when she was not present in his dreams. He could not see her face, only her shadow, but when she spoke to him, her voice stirred something in the back of his mind, something seemingly forgotten: a memory that he couldn't quite place…but when he thought about her, he felt like an empty piece of his heart became full again. He used to think that maybe he remembered his mother during these dreams, but he had ruled that out almost immediately. This person, or what he knew of her, lacked the overall essence of Lily Potter that he had gleaned from the many stories told to him by Remus and Sirius.

His curious thoughts about the mysterious girl from his dreams were cut short as his mind began to wander in a different direction, and he fell into a fitful sleep, plagued with dreams of Lord Voldemort and flashing green lights.

Meanwhile, in a place far away, a young woman not unlike the one from Harry's dreams lay awake, knowing that in the coming days the tide would be swiftly changing in the battle between good and evil and the war for dominance in the wizarding world.