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Chapter 1

"You're going home" Director Vance's words rung in her head, home – except it wasn't, it wasn't home any more this was home. America with what she considered family, the team, Ducky, Abbey, Gibbs, McGee and…and Tony. And what should have been Jenny, but that was what should have been, Jenny was gone forever, dead. And now she was as good as.

Ziva managed to contain herself until she got out the building. Then looking up, the NCIS building in front of her she let a tear escape. She wiped it away with her thumb and after taking several deep breaths, went back in; after all she couldn't just leave without saying goodbye. She got in the elevator and walked up to her desk where everyone had gathered to say their goodbyes.

Gibbs new, she could see it in his eyes. Mossad, or rather Director David, her father would be on their way furious. But Vance had saved them the effort, their best assassins would be on their way to America for nothing, because he was sending her back. What made her angry was he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew he was signing her death warrant, and he didn't care.

She had found out, just a few hours earlier that her father had received intel from a "anonymous" source, that she had killed her brother, Ari. His precious son, next to Ari in her fathers heart Ziva was nothing, meant nothing too him.

He would kill her for what she'd done and he'd never look back. What bothered her was the fact someone knew or had witnessed the shooting, and had waited all this time to tell someone. And she had thought it had been just her, Gibb's and Ari. Gibb's would not have told, she hadn't said anything and Ari was dead. But that was a mystery, right now she had to focus on there and then, and Tony.

She gathered with the rest of them, Abbey was sobbing into Gibbs shoulder and McGee looked like he was completely lost. She couldn't even look at Tony.

Ducky looked his sincere, normal self. They stood, facing each other, "I guess this is goodbye then my dear boy." Ducky said to Tony, and held out his hand, which Tony took.

"I'll miss you Tony, though I would've never liked to admit it before now, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, McProbie." He replied with a smile.

Abbey tore herself away from Gibbs and ran up to Tony and hugged him,

"Whoa Abs, can't breathe."

"Sorry, I'm gonna miss you so much.

"I'm gonna miss you too Abs."

Gibbs walked up to Tony patted him on the shoulder, "Bye Boss."

Gibbs just nodded.

"Ziva," he said in barely a whisper.

She still couldn't bear to look at him, it hurt too much, so instead she looked at the floor. "Tony."

|The rest of the team out of respect looked away, the Ducky cleared his throat, "Umm, when you're done we'll be in Abigail's lab, won't we?"

"Oh right," McGee said.

"Come on," Gibbs said and the elevator dinged. And the rest of the team disappeared. Ziva hadn't moved.

"Ziva, look at me."

"I can't," she choked.

It hurt Tony; it hurt Tony so bad to see her like this.

"Yes you can, it's easy." He put her hand on her face and lifted her beautiful head up.

And though it hurt both of them, knowing it wouldn't happen again they gazed into each others eyes. Once they started they couldn't stop, he was searching for something in her eyes behind the pain, and he found it. So he leaned forward and gently kissed her.

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