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Author's Note: This fic is based off a Youtube video by CPT21, I wasn't going to write it because he/she/it made a fic already but I had permission to do so...aaaaaaand the video make writing this look fun so this is my take, shot so far, but you guys know me...or you should...by now...what?. enjoi

"Dude...It's too early for this!" The earth ninja complained, dragging a checkered pillow over his head.

"Is not...so...stop complaining"

"Yeah it isss-oh yeah...a bit more...mmm" He closed his eyes in ecstasy and willed his muscles to relax.

"...what were you...saying about this...being too early?" A pause with each grunted word as he put more force behind his movements.

"It's never too early...for...oh-oh yeah..." he groaned and turned his head with a lazy smile, "For a back massage."

"Exactly bro" The crimson ninja chuckled as he slid his hands down a soft tan back till he came to the stretch hem of robot printed boxers, then his hands moved back up, rubbing and kneading every muscle along the way.

Hunter rolled off Dustin and laid on his back looking up at the ceiling, the bed shifted when the yellow ninja shifted to his side, "Thanks"

"Any time" He smiled and placed a soft kiss on the younger man's lips.

"I love you dude."

"..." Hunter pursed his lips; it's not that he didn't return Dustin's feeling's it was just, he wasn't comfortable saying how he felt. He wanted to, he wanted to turn his head to the right and he wanted to say the same but he couldn't, even now, even considering the action made his mouth feel like it was full of cotton on a hot day. He couldn't. "Me too" He watched as Dustin's eyes flickered town, it was subtle, but he caught it, he knew the other wanted to hear him say 'I love you'.

"I'm gonna go, I have to open to shop" He excused with a small smile as he sat up and crawled out of the crimson that pooled at his waist.

"Let Blake do it" Hunter said, sitting up as well, this has been happening a lot lately, with Dustin leaving, he knew it was his fault but it was Dustin's to.

"It's fine dude, look," The earth ninja did a small hop to pull his pant legs up from under his feet then he zipped and buttoned, "I'll see ya later"

"Fine" He sighed, watching the other man look for his shirt. A small smile graced his lips when he found it across the room by the door and he pulled it on.

"Later dude"

"Bye" As soon as his bedroom door shut, his back hit the checkered pillow and he groaned. Maybe this was a bad idea. The whole 'Him and Dustin' thing...maybe it just wasn't working? In any case, he and Dustin were going to have to talk sooner or later, things couldn't stay like this, they were so close but at the same time they were light years away.