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Author's Note: This fic is based off a Youtube video by CPT21/Patrykowski der Jaeger. Um...I have nothing to add except this is the end and I hope you liked it. HA! I did it :D More updates to come, I think I have...4...or 3 XDD Just wanted to giveyou something before I left. Enjoi.

Okay, so normally going to one of your best friends that was actually the, pretty much, year long girlfriend of your ex-boyfriend wasn't the best idea but they weren't exactly normal. Blake told him to give Dustin time but he failed to mention how much time. Blake only needs a day or two to cool off but Dustin...he's only had the longest and Hunter didn't want to wait anymore. He wanted to be with him, so he didn't voice his exact feelings...that doesn't mean go screw my brother's crush. He had so many reasons by now to not like Dustin...hate him almost. But he couldn't he couldn't hate Dustin.

"We never actually..." The water ninja shook her head as heat rose to her cheeks; she wasn't exactly open with talking about her sex life, especially with her guys friends, especially the ex-boyfriend of her ex-boyfriend, Hunter.

"Oh..." He looked left then right, not sure if he was glad that they didn't screw or if he and Dustin got further in a week than they got in a year, or if her knew that the lack of actual sex meant something, "How'd you ever start...I mean-" He cut himself off, looking down the wooden table under his elbows.

"I asked him out...after you guys broke up..." she shook her head, telling Hunter this was harder than she thought it'd be, "I know it wasn't right but you don't know how long I've..." Tori looked sown at her sneakers.

"You've what dude?"

"I've been thinking," she hooked her thumbs on her belt loops and looked up at her brunette friend with a small smile, "You should get back with Hunter"

"Yeah," The sarcasm was rich as he shook his head and crossed his arms, "Right dude he's just-" he let out an exasperated sigh, almost a growl in frustration as he threw his hands up.

"He's just being Hunter...you should know that Dustin"

"You think so dude?" The earth ninja

"Yes...look, meet me at Ops later so we can talk some more, I have to go" Tori thumbed over her shoulder.

"Okay" The earth ninja gave a small smile and hugged her.

"That's a long time" Hunter commented as he ran a hand through his hair and looked over to her.

"Yeah well..." She sighed then shook her head, "Anyway...I think...I think you should get back with Dustin"

"What?" The crimson ninja shook his head, "Look, I want to but-"

"'But' nothing Hunter...you love him and he loves you"

"If he does then why hasn't he come to me? He doesn't talk to me...lately he doesn't even look at me"

"That's just Dustin..."

"Well I'm not going to him...no matter what" Hunter wasn't about to go crawling back to his ex-boyfriend...even if he did, he knew Dustin would probably ignore him. He was done with this conversation so he got to his feet and spotted Dustin standing there, not looking too happy.

"Oh, c'mon man!" The earth ninja threw his hands out and left Ops. Hunter looked at his back as he left then to Tori, he had no idea Dustin was standing there, but from the looks of things, the water ninja did.

He opened his mouth to say something but she cut him off, "Go Hunter, tell him" She smiled and nodded. The thunder didn't say anything he just disappeared in a crimson streak.

He stopped, grabbing the earth ninja's warm arm, he fully expected his to tear his arm away but he didn't. Through the sounds of birds flying through the trees and the waterfall a few hundred feet away he heard the ninja in front of him sniff, his form shaking.

"Go away Hunter..."

"No...I...I have to tell you something"

"I don't wanna hear it ma-"

"Dustin I think," he shakes his head then nods, "I love you"

Please don't mind what I'm trying to say

'cause I'm, I'm being honest.