Chapter One:Heather Blake

Heather Blake was raised some friends and cousins of her father who was a manager for a music group. Her father Evan Burns died at least 10 years ago. Her mother remarried and kicked her only daughter out of the house. When founding out her daughter was pregnant.

These names are friends of hers since she was a singer, and now the undercover agent working in New York City. Where she befriends Detective Don Flack and some other people.

I'm changing some names around a little in the story ok.

This is only Story-One

Cousins:On her father's side of the family

Adrian Chase-Age 34

Ethan Chase-Age 32

Benjamin Chase-Age 31

Cousins:On her mother's side of the family

Joshua Lee-Age unknown yet-helps raises his cousin daughter

Christian Lee-Age unknown yet-helps raises his cousin daughter


Justin Lake

Brian Little

Kevin Rose

Andrew Joyce

Howie Doom

Joseph Smith

These are the main people who are in the first chapter.