You Never know...

AN: E/O Drabble challenge. Word was 'lash'. Sorry I haven't played in a few weeks, I've missed it. Between work and pain I haven't been able to do it. Trying to get Madness finished.


"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"I've got something in my eye," Dean growled, rubbed at his watering eye, trying to dislodge the offending object.

"You want me to look?"

"Naw, I'll be right there." Dean made a 'go ahead' motion with his free hand, continuing to dig into his eye, finally extricating a long eyelash to his great relief. He started to flick it away, then paused, glancing over at Sam to make sure he was occupied with the witnesses

I can't believe I'm doing this, he thought.

But he still made the wish and blew the lash into the sky.

End notes: Not much to it, I know.