Who Needs a Knight in Shining Armor?

By viisi (formerly invisiblecows)



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A parade in the streets. A prosperous town with lush green valleys and bustling gardens full of fresh food. A place a little ways from the ocean. A peaceful place that holds its own. A cozy castle overlooking this little place at the top of the cliff. A sunny day. A wonderful breeze.

Big fucking' whoop. (record screech)

Things were just the same as always to the girl with the sticky hands. Everyone in the little town knew her. Hell, the rumors about her plunders and skills spread as far as the mountains about weeks away. She stayed near the ocean on a cobblestone fence and sat, thinking.

She was the notorious thief around here.

There was no use in hiding things from her. She knew how to read people, how to pry things out of them, all with or without force.

But today she was just thinking. Even the greatest of thieves had to rest once in a while. Hell, she was still a growing girl at the age of seventeen. Her dark hair bounced in a ponytail along with that breeze. Her sharp, wide maroon eyes met with the ocean and the sky beyond it, lips torn in a slight frown. She looked... unsure of herself: in a nutshell. She rested on a roof in cloth shirt, pants, and boots. A rope was tied to her waist since a leather belt wasn't in her budget at the moment. She looked like any other villager.

Except for the blade tied to her leg and the one on her wrist.

She kept her weapon in clear view and well in distance of anyone just bending down and taking it. It was just in its sheath tied to her leg with bits and pieces of cloth. Was this just a way of bluffing? Telling people "don't mess with me or I'll slit your goddamn throat"? Or was she actually a skilled fighter?

Either way, people left her alone.

But, as previously said, there was a parade on the cobblestone streets of the small village being overlooked by a castle. That meant lots of people. Lots of perfect opportunities of pick pocketing. Besides, the girl thought it was pretty fun.

It wasn't like she was Robin Hood or anything. She just took what she needed to live...

... and then some.

It didn't hurt to be prepared for the future.

Apparently, the three princes in the castle were celebrating the eldest prince's engagement to a princess a little ways away. Jesters, fire breathers, knights, jousters, hell, everyone was crowded along the streets, being merry like little petty villagers do.

But the girl rolled her eyes at the festivities. Royalty was highly overrated. She clutched a pouch and tied it to her "belt". The inn owners and some other smart people were keeping an eye on her, more than used to her pick pocketing skills.

She just grinned at them and started her job.

She was ecstatic as the pouch got heavier and heavier.

But she paled as a child ran into the streets right in front of a carriage driven by huge white horses. Their hooves were bigger than the child's head.

The prince's carriage.

If the pouch hadn't been tied to her waist, the thief would have stolen all those coins for nothing since she full out darted into the streets and grabbed the child, and using the momentum, bursting back into the crowd with the child in her arms.

The girl scraped her arm, and then looked at the child. About seven. Dirty face. Even dirtier hair and a set of wide gray eyes.

"You OK?" She whispered to the child as a crowd gathered. A frantic cry and the sound of tapping feet were heard. A woman, the child's mother, knelt beside them, bombarding the thief with gratitude and tears.

"Thank you," the woman cried. "May I ask the name of my child's hero?"

"Hero?" She asked. "Me? I'm just a..." The woman's pleading face made the blood rush to her face. She looked away. "...It's Sango." She glanced back at the streets. The horses were startled and the men in fancy clothes were trying to calm them down. Two men were staring straight at her. One in silk and one in armor.

She gulped.

'Great,' she thought. 'I've pissed the Royal Pain in the Ass and his men off.'

I'm done with the intro. I've got a little confrontation set up already. For those who have forgotten, it's a San/Sess fic. And Sesshoumaru isn't the prince, honestly. Sorry folks!