The Wedding

By: Goldenlass

Criminal Minds

I do not own Criminal Minds.

It had been two years since Aaron Hotchner had proposed to Spencer Reid the funny thing though they were still engaged. You see they started talking about plans for the wedding but cases would come up every time they even came close to the subject of the wedding. Although the day after the proposal Aaron and Spencer were talking about what they were going to do and whom they were going to invite. Of course they wanted to invite the team they were the ones who got them in the relationship and supported it from the beginning. Then they thought about their families. Aaron wanted Jack to be there if Hayley would allow it. Then Spencer thought of his mom and dad. How would they take it? Would they be happy for Spencer? Spencer looked up at Aaron who had his hand around Spencer's waist.

"Maybe, we should go see your parents before we chose a date for the wedding." He said.

Spencer looked at him.

"I don't know, Aaron what if my dad and mom don't approve? What will my dad say? He left me when I was ten. What if he most of all doesn't believe in gay marriages. What if he tells me he doesn't want to see me again. Aaron I'm scared."

" I know. But it doesn't hurt to try. Come on Spence we'll have to do it either way. I have to talk to Hayley about letting Jack come anyways and how I'm going to do it I don't know. But I will go with what ever decision she makes weather she says yes or no. Everything will be okay."

After that day Spencer and Aaron would talk about going to see Spencer's parents every time they would catch a break from cases. Spencer would always tell Aaron that he was scared that he didn't want to be rejected by his father again. Apparently this was all dependent on how Spencer's father would take their engagement. Spencer always told Aaron he was too scared to go. Aaron was starting to get annoyed he already got the okay from Hayley to have Jack at the wedding he just needed to let her know the date soon so she could plan around it. All in all Hayley had been very nice about the whole marrying Spencer thing.

Aaron let it go every time but after about two years of being engaged to Spencer it was beginning to take its toll on him.

When Aaron and Spencer finally got a break from the last set of cases, they had Aaron decided that it was time to visit Spencer's parents. He and Spencer got into the car to head home. Spencer had fallen asleep on the way home. Aaron looked at Spencer. Good he thought now to go visit Spencer's parents. Hey if they were already there Spencer wouldn't have any choice in the matter. So Aaron changed directions and began the long journey to Las Vegas sure Spencer would be up in about two hours but Aaron didn't care he was doing this for Spencer the man he loved more than anything else.

Two hours later.

Spencer began to stir his neck hurting. He opened his eyes. He saw Aaron at the wheel when he looked out the window all he saw was an open road. Spencer looked at Hotch. "Hotch where are we going?" He questions. "We have somewhere to go Spence." "Where are we going Agent Hotchner?" Aaron looked at Spencer. Spencer only called him that when he was angry. "Spencer, your going to regret not telling your parents about us." "Aaron what are you doing making my decisions for me?" "No, I wasn't. I just wanted to give you a push." "Aaron you knew I was afraid of what my dad would say." "Spence, we need to choose a date for this wedding. I have to let Hayley know and wouldn't you like for your mom and dad there?" Aaron asked.

Even though Spencer was mad at Aaron he knew he was right. "Aaron it's just that I wanted to make the decision to go when I was ready. You even told me I could." Spencer looked at Aaron with sad eyes. Tears ready to come down within seconds. Aaron looked at Spencer and pulled into the nearest rest stop. Aaron put the SUV in park. He took off his seatbelt. Then he got out of the car and then helped Spencer out. Aaron took him to one of the picnic areas. Finally Spencer just began to sob. Aaron held him close.

Soon Spencer stopped crying. Aaron looked at him. "You okay?""Yeah."

"Aaron, thanks." Spencer said as he kissed Aaron.

"So your not mad at me." Aaron asked.

"Don't press your luck Mr. Hotchner. I'm still mad. But you are right I do have to talk to them. Come on lets go." Spencer said pulling Aaron with him.