"Oh great, he was waiting for us." Spencer thought.

"Okay follow me." Melissa said.

Spencer looked at Aaron and Aaron gave him a comforting squeeze.

They walked behind Melissa. She opened the door to William Reid's office and entered with Aaron and Spencer right behind her. Spencer was still behind Aaron when his father looked up at them. Aaron once again pulled Spencer right in front of him.

"Aaron what are you doing?" He hissed out.

"Pointing you in the right direction." Aaron said.

William looked at the two of them.

"Spencer and Aaron Hotchner am I right, how are you?"

"Yes sir, and we're fine." Aaron said.

"So Spencer what can I do for you?"

"Well, I came to tell you that… Um…Dad what do you think about Gay marriages."

"I don't like them."

"Oh.I see."

"But if someone loves a person of the same sex with as much passion as a man loves a women they can do what they want. Why do you ask this question Spencer?"

"Umm. Dad I never told you this before but I'm gay and I'm in love with the wonderful man who stands behind me."

"Are you telling me your gay Spencer?"

"Yes sir, and if you don't like it then I will be out of your life forever."

"Spencer, I…I don't know what to say."

"Well then I better get going. It was nice seeing you again."

Spencer and Aaron left. A second later Aaron turned back around angrily. Spencer saw him.

"Aaron what are you doing?"

" I need to talk to your dad."

"What for?"

"You just go on to the car."

"Oh, Aaron your impossible."

"Just go."


Aaron burst into William Reid's office.

"Agent Hotchner, what are you doing?"

"Your son just told you something very important that he was afraid of telling you and you don't even want to support him?"

"It's not that I don't support him I just…"

"Never thought you would be going through this, huh?"

"Yes, in all the years that I have been out of his life I don't deserve to have him asking me for approval."

"But he did. And even though you have been out of his life for seventeen years. He still seeks your approval. I should know he sends his mom a letter asking her if you were ever proud of him. He wouldn't of been here if he didn't want your approval. He wants you there at the wedding. He just didn't have the courage to do it till now. Now if you excuse me I have to take care of a little boy who has probably lost his father forever." Aaron said calmly as he left the office.

During the time Spencer got down to the car he couldn't help but cry. He knew his father wouldn't approve he knew it. He looked up to see Aaron who had his arms opened. Spencer ran into the hug he couldn't bear it any longer and began to cry. "Aaron what am I suppose to do now my father won't be there he's never cared ever."

"Now Spencer, you know he loves you."

"Aaron he doesn't approve of us I know it."

"I think he's fine with it."

"No, he couldn't be."

"Look, give him some time to think about this and let him decide if he wants to be there he is more then welcome to come."

"Okay. Can we go back to the hotel I'm tired."

"Yeah, lets go." Aaron said.

William Reid looked out the window as he saw his son and Aaron interacting with each other. Will watched Aaron as he soothed his son's emotions. Will saw his son more peaceful then he was the first time he saw him. Will smiled. "At least he's happy. But how did he end up being gay? That will be something I will talk to him about another time. Take care of him Aaron. I will be there at the wedding to hand you my son. Now I have some stuff to do."


Aaron and Spencer were heading to the hotel when Aaron's cell rang. "Hotchner."

"Hey you two got everything situated."

"Seems like it, we're not completely sure."

"Okay we got a case and we need you and Spencer."

"Where are you guys going?"

"Minnesota, make sure you have jackets too."

"Yeah we'll be there soon."

"Spencer we have a case."

"Where are we going?"

"Minnesota, you up for it. Yeah why wouldn't I."

Aaron headed to the Hotel when they got there they went and got their stuff together checking out of their hotel room. They soon made their way to the airport where they took the next flight to Minnesota.

Now I have to think of a case anyone got any ideas.