Harry grabbed a bottle of water. At nineteen he had one term left at the academy. Harry had no intention of being an auror. Lucius planned on retiring from teaching. He wanted to return to business full time. It had been ruled against for Lucius to apprentice his own husband. But Albus basically assured Harry he had the job after. Sirius had been the one to suggest the academy. He knew Harry would not be an auror. But he thought it would be a good alternative to apprenticing, for two years. Harry had been fast tracked. It usually took three years but since he would not be an actual auror, they made an exception. His training had included animagi training.

Sirius laughed. "Hey cub you are getting the hang of it finally. Didn't I warn you though that a bird was going to be a hard form? Should have been a dog."

Harry threw a towel at his dad. "I remind you we do not pick our form. Besides when I learn my form you know I will so much faster then you are."

He had taken the test to see if he had the skill needed to be an animagi. Only those who passed got the training. Harry had. He was given a potion to see his form. Sirius had hoped he would be a dog. His dads were a dog and wolf after all. Or a stag like James. His husbands reminded Sirius they were both snakes. Harry surprised them. He had turned into a beautiful Peregrine falcon. They were the fastest animals on Earth. And as incredible birds of prey they were amazing hunters. Severus thought it suited his husband. Not the hunter part. But the part that reminded them of Harry's break neck moves on his broom as a seeker. He had falcon like eye sight it seemed.

Harry rubbed his sore knee. "I just wish my size and my form would match. My body keeps thinking it should be able to fly when I am still my human size."

Sirius handed him his bag. "Well you are making faster progress then most students that come through. Some aurors with the training take years to accomplish it."

Just because they passed the test did not mean they would b quick learners. He knew Tonks was a fox but it had taken her three years. Harry had made incredible progress considering he had only started animagi training a year before. He was hoping he would soon be soaring without his broom though. He had always wanted to be an animagi after he heard about the marauders. And thin when he learned during their spy days both his husbands had become them as well. He felt left out.

Sirius led him out. "Don't feel left out too bad. You know your little brothers can't change forms yet either."

Harry snorted. "Thanks. My two year old and my six month old brothers can not turn yet, that is great comfort."

It was February. Actually Harry's anniversary was that day, Valentine's. It had been three years since the second bond. His little brother Nash would be three in October and Sirius had only returned to work last month from four month paternity leave with his second brother, six month old Ross Isaac Black. He knew his dads were planning on one more down the line. They were hoping for a daughter as they had three sons now.

Sirius looked at him. "Talking about children. When are the three of you going to make me grandparents? You know Draco might beat you to the punch."

Harry snorted. "Draco and Pansy have been married for two months and have no plans for at least another year. I hope we beat them."

They were considering for some time. His husbands had wanted him to finish school and get his mind into a career. Lucius offered to cover when Harry needed paternity leave from teaching. Tonight they were going out for dinner for their anniversary ad on the weekend they were going to Tuscany for the first time since they wed, and he hoped maybe his husbands would agree with him ad be ready to start trying for a baby during the trip.

Author note: Ross Isaac Black: Ross (Celtic0 means a peninsula but is a star in Virgo, like Nash it follows the Black tradition of a name from the stars

Isaac (Hebrew) he who laughs, the boy is bound to be a prankster considering his dads