Harry and his husbands arrived at the hospital. They had not only the twins but his brothers. Harry was about to become a brother for the last time. Or he might have. They were not sure on their timing. They had collected Nash and Ross from Andromeda and Ted. The boys were as excited as Harry was about their baby sister. Harry may have been a dad with two little babies but he definitely was still over the moon to be a big brother once again.

The twins were six months old. And Draco was like Harry. He was thrilled with being a big brother. He and Pansy were going to start trying for a baby soon. Harry was in heaven. He was grateful Lucius had taken the time before Christmas off. Harry had needed the extra hand. Harry had returned to teaching after four months of paternity leave. It seemed if anyone was destined to be a stay at home dad it was Lucius. He had been doing more and more work from home lately.

When they got to the hospital room Harry smiled when a nurse came out. "Your dad is just finishing a nurse. It will be about ten minutes till you can go in."

Harry smiled with memory of his first nurse. "We can wait."

The boys were a bit impatient. But Harry and his husband had come prepared. They had some new games for the boys. It seemed Carrie decided if her Aunt was getting a feed she was hungry too. He knew she was hungry when she fussed. Both babies were pretty sweet tempered babies. But the only one who ever really fussed was Kieran. Carrie very rarely even when she was hungry put up much of one. But their naps had been slightly disturbed as well.

Remus smiled as he poked his had out some time later. He watched his son with Carrie and Kieran was drinking a bottle in Severus' arms. He waited till they noticed he was standing there. It took the boys. They came running at him. They had been staying with the Tonks for the past few days.

Harry handed his daughter to Lucius to burp as he went with his brothers. "My little sister has made her entrance I hear?"

Remus kissed Harry as the other two had run in. "She has and it more then ready to be introduced to all of her brothers and her niece and nephew."

Sirius was in heaven as always when he was in bed. He had the much awaited pink blanket cradled in his arms. Harry knew his dads loved their sons, all three. But they had definitely been hoping for pink for some time now. And as Remus joined his husband in bed there was no doubt that the two of them were over the moon. Harry had seen the same look on the face of Lucius when he had Carina in his arms for the first time. Or Severus when he held Kieran. Harry had no doubt they would say the same thing about him when he had the twins cradled in his arms. There was nothing like the feeling of holding that much waited new life in your arms and looking on their precious little faces.

The boys were helped up onto the beds and as the twins were settled back into their strollers Harry and both his husbands signed off as record three godfathers. Harry soon though was at the bed side looking at her. Like his brothers she was Sirius in everything but the warm amber eyes and hair color from Remus.

Nash looked at his little sister from his place between his dads. "She is pretty Daddy."

Sirius kissed his son on the head. "I think so too, though you and your brothers were pretty cute babies when you were born as well."

Harry happily took his little sister into his arms. He felt such love for his little sister. The three of them were lucky like the twins. Nash and Ross and his new sister. They had two parents who were there to love and raise them. His parents had never had the choice. But he had never stopped wishing they could have been there. He wished they could have seen him grow up. To see him marry and have the twins. But they were. They were watching. And he had his dads. He had not had them growing up. But he had them now. And his twins would have grandpas. And that meant the world to him now.

Severus took a photo of his husband with his dads, brother and baby before he asked. "And the name for the newest member of the Black family?"

Remus did the honours. "We carried on the Black tradition as with the boys. This is Maia Siria Black."

Maia was the name of one of the stars in Taurus and meant Great. Nash had Remus as a middle name so they decided to finally give a baby Sirius' name, taking Siri as the feminine form. Nash, Ross and Maia, all named for stars in the night sky, as was Carina of course or in her case a constellation. Harry thought the name was perfect for his beautiful little sister.

Harry settled back into the arms of his husbands as he looked at his dads and brothers, and his twins. "Finally I have the family I always wanted. Finally."

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