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"Hey uh, you busy tonight Tor?"

"No, what'd you have in mind?"

"A movie, your place...around eight?"

"Sure" The blonde nodded then looked back to the large text book on her lap. She wasn't about to complain about hanging out with the youngest thunder brother but they've been going out a lot more in the past three months. Before, he was always shy and a bit reserved about coming up to her and inviting her to a movie or out to lunch but now, he was always asking her like he was panicked, in a rush, or like he desperately needed to go out. It was weird, she had been meaning to ask him about it but she never got the chance, and when she got even close to bringing it up he always changed the subject. Tori glanced back up but Blake had already been gone, she bit her lip and shook her head, maybe she was over thinking this? Yeah. "Dustin!"

"Yeah?" The yellow can ninja wheeled back around and walked over to her. She made a motion for him to come closer and he looked around before sitting next to her on the couch, "What's up dude?"

"It's about Blake," She paused, and then continued, "Do you think he's been acting a bit weird?"

"Um..." Dustin scratched his ear the scrunched his nose, "I dunno, he's been acting the same"


"Are you guys breaking up or something?" He tilted his head; he never expected them to break up because Tori was totally in love with Blake, why would they break up?

"Um...no, I was just curious" She shrugged with a small smile. Better to mask anything that she might be implying or already implied...she was sure the others would have noticed, maybe she could ask Hunter later.

"Okay" The earth ninja gave her bare shoulder a pat before he walked off in the direction he was initially headed.

Tori drummed the steering wheel of her van as she chewed on her lip. Throughout the course of the day, she tried to figure this thing with Blake out on her own but continued to draw a blank. There wasn't another girl, if there was, they'd be seeing less and less of each other not more. They were together so maybe she was mistaking the way he asked her out for a growing comfort with asking her out. That sounded logical.

"Hey Tori" The voice at the window caused her to jump and she had a hand over her heart.

"You scared me Hunter" She laughed and looked over at him.

"Sorry, what'd you wanna talk about?" He asked as he pulled his gloves off.



"This is different," She bit her lip again, "How is he?" A good place to start. She could just come right out and say 'what's up with Blake'...that would mean there was a problem.

"I don't know," his brows drew together and he shook his head, "I haven't seen much of him in a long time"



"How long exactly?" She asked slowly as her fingers gripped the bottom of the steering wheel, in her head she only hope Hunter wasn't going to say-

"About two...three months, why?"

"Just asking, I-I gotta go" She smiled and started her van up.

"Sure, see ya"

"Bye" the blue VW droved off leaving Hunter moving his hand back and forth to get the exhaust out of his face. Once the air was clean he looked down to the gloves in his hands the back at the shrinking van, maybe there was something up with Blake? He'd never thought to ask, true he hadn't seen much of his brother in months but he just thought he needed space or time alone, nothing big. He tapped his foot on the ground before turning to go back over to his parked bike. Aside from the fact that he knew Tori could over react sometimes about some things, he didn't think it was the case this time, something was different. Blake was different.