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There was a lot of things he's knew about his brother that a lot of people didn't know, Like the fact that Blake liked his mac and cheese without hot dogs, he slept with his door cracked open, his window shut and loud music playing, he never went a day without showering, he liked a girl for her personality and her looks (50-50 or 60-40) and her knees, he didn't know what Blake's thing was with a girls knees, but on the other hand, he liked backs so they were both a bit weird. All those things though couldn't stand up to the towering fact that his brother liked him.

How did he miss that? Hunter was so on track when it came to feeling but that's when he would expect it...he expected any girl to fall for him so it was easy to expect, interpret and date. Not with Blake...that was totally off the wall and...Weird? No...Catching Dustin eating guinea pig food after training when he thought no one was watching was weird. He and Blake...brothers...that's the only thing that would perfectly describe their relationship with each other. Brothers.

"Morning Blake" He knew things between them were going to be weird. That was a given. He chose to ignore it though.

"Don't act like nothing ever happened" Attitude. That's what his snap would have been but Blake had a point...but someone said acting like it never happened is better than acting like...never mind, Hunter forgot how it went but point is, he wasn't. He just wanted things to be smooth between them.

"I know bro" He bit his lip; he knew he loved his brother and he would die for him without a second thought but this love. This kind of love was different, he figured he should test the waters...or test himself, how he really felt.

At the feeling of warmth behind him, Blake dropped his head, looking at the bowl in the sink, "Don't Hunter" Despite was he said he found himself turned till the lip of the short tiles at the sink pressed into his back and he pressed into his brother. "Stop"

"No" He brought his hands to the sides of his face and pulled their lips together. Hunter arched into the small trapped body when Blake's nails slid over the back of his shirt and came to a needy stop as his hips. He slipped his tongue past slick lips, kissing Blake was no different than kissing a girl...of course he wouldn't tell him that, but it was true.

"mmm..." Blake pulled back, "Stop it Hunter" The oldest thunder pulled his lips back into a kiss but when his brother bit him he finally pulled back, "I said 'stop'"

"Why?" Hunter asked, licking his copper bottom lip as he looked at his brother for an answer that wasn't coming, "You wanted this, you said-"

"No, not like this! You're only doing this because I'm your 'little brother', not because you love me"

"I do Blake, and you know that"

The navy thunder shook his head, "Not the way I do" He pointed out before moving away from his brother and leaving the apartment, leaving Hunter to his thoughts.

What the hell just happened? That's what when through his mind, the second, third and fourth were the same. What? Blake just pretty much said he didn't want him but last night...was he dreaming? No, Blake said he liked him and just now when he kissed him, Blake kissed back, there was no way to imagine the way his tongue moved the way it did. He was a good kisser...kinda made him wonder how his little brother would kiss if he believed what Hunter had said.

The crimson thunder shook his head, he did love Blake, that kiss didn't really change anything, not saying that he would have done something like that before last night but he really cared for him. He just wasn't sure of the difference between the love Blake meant and the love he meant...they weren't the same? Guess not but...Hunter scratched his head, no wonder his thoughts were doing NASCAR laps, he didn't eat any breakfast. A box of Froot Loops were in the back of the shelf, he grabbed it and walked to the couch. He turned the TV on then laid out on the couch and started eating breakfast.