On another side of Cape Suzette, just about near the docks, three beams of sparkling light beamed down. They soon faded away to reveal Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. "Incredible," said Kirk, eying around. "It looks just like earth back in the 1930's."

"Everything looks pristine and unspoiled," McCoy said, in wonder. "I can't believe we're seeing this. Wonder if anyone lives here." He then turned to Spock. "Are you getting any signatures on your tricorder, Spock?"

Spock waved the device and came in upon a strong reading. "There are definitely life forms here, Doctor," he answered.

Kirk shook his head. "Are you sure we didn't just travel back in time like that one incident?"

McCoy shook his head left and right. "I highly doubt that Jim. Look around you. Doesn't this feel different than all the incidences we had going back into the past?"

The three continued walking, advancing their search of this strange, but somehow familiar place. "So Spock," said Kirk. "Where are the people?'

Spock noticed his signal was growing stronger. "Apparently, just a few more feet ahead of us, so I suggest we continue walking, Admiral."

Soon, they entered the city and couldn't believe what they saw. There was a grand city ahead of them as well as the bluest water they had ever seen with their own two eyes. Spock raised an eyebrow. "Fascinating," he murmured.

"Yup," said Kirk. "Looks like 1930's earth, alright. So where are the people?"

McCoy was getting annoyed. Kirk could be so asinine at times. "Admiral, if I may say so without sounding insubordinate…Calm down! I am certain there are plenty people in the cities ahead. Unless your feet are starting to hurt, we need to keep walking and stop talking. We're burnin' daylight."

"No need to be rude, Bones. It's just that the city looks deserted."

"Not according to my readings, Admiral. This area is teaming with life," Spock said, displaying his tricorder to the Admiral. The signal was growing stronger all the while.

As they walked further into the city, they finally saw the people, and were dumbstruck. McCoy was at a loss for words, which was unlike him. The people were all anthropomorphic animals, wearing clothes! The Enterprise above was still waiting for a response from their courageous Admiral.

Kirk was silent for a moment until he finally said, "They're…animals."

"Excuse me, sir?" Scotty asked on the other end of the communicator.

Kirk put the communicator up to his mouth. "Scotty, the people of this planet are animals. Animals that walk upright and wear clothes. You know, dogs, cats, bears, birds, every kind."

"Ya mean anthropromorphs?" Scotty responded, still in disbelief.

"Exactly. But they're dressed just like people on earth did back in the 1930's." More and more curious about these 'anthropromorphs', Kirk and the others wondered if these citizens wished to be part of the 'Federation of Planets in Starfleet' "I'll report more later. Kirk, signing out." he then turned off the communicator and turned to McCoy. "You think they'd be interested in joining Star Fleet?

"I don't know, Jim," McCoy answered. "Depends if they are benevolent or not. That's why I came prepared with this," He then pointed at his phaser. It wasn't set on 'kill' but rather 'stun', just to be on the safe side. He hoped Kirk and Spock had brought theirs as well. Just by observing them, he could tell they were prepared as well. Experience had taught them to be cautious in any situation no matter how familiar or "safe" their environment seemed.

Kirk nodded and brought out his phaser. "I just hope they aren't hostile. So, where do we go now?"

"I would suggest we find out what planet this is and the name of this city," Spock relayed.

Kirk turned to Spock. "I have a more polite way to do so." He then walked towards a female dog and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me?"

"Yes, Sir?" the female dog asked.

"Could you please tell me and my colleagues what city this is?"

"It's Cape Suzette, of course." The dog then raised an eyebrow. "Do you need help navigating around?"

"That would be useful, yes," McCoy answered.

"There's a souvenir shop not far from here. They sell maps there," the dog mentioned, helpfully.

Kirk turned to the others. "What do you think, men?"

"It would seem that a map would be most useful to us, Admiral," Spock answered, logically.

Kirk nodded and turned back to the Dog woman. "Thank you, ma'm."

The dog woman smiled and chuckled, "Think nothing of it, Sir." She then walked off down the street.

Kirk smiled and went back to the others. "For a dog, she had nice manners."

McCoy couldn't help but chuckle. "I haven't known many dogs that could talk, Jim."

Spock turned their attention to the souvenir shop not too far ahead of them on the other side of the street. "I believe that is the establishment she was speaking of."

"Good going, Spock. It would be a lot easier if we had one more person with us down here."

Spock looked at him quizzically. "Who are you thinking of beaming down with us? Don't you think our search party of three is large enough?"

McCoy nodded, "Yes, I agree. Three's a crowd, and four's one man too many."

"It's just in case we run into some trouble. And if we need to split up into equal teams.

Spock couldn't disagree with his superior's logic. "Excellent point, Admiral."

"Fine, we'll ask Scotty to send someone else down," McCoy stated, sounding like a snubbed toddler that didn't get the toy he wanted in the toy store.

Kirk activated his communicator. "Mr. Scott, please send Ltd. Sulu down."

"Can do, sir!" Scotty said on the other line. "Beaming down now."

Kirk and the others waited patiently for Sulu to join them. But after two minutes waiting, they were getting awfully worried. Kirk whipped out his communicator again and called Scotty. "Scotty, where's Sulu?"

"Isn't he with you sir?"

"No, Scotty. We've been waiting for two minutes, he should've been here by now."

"Oh dear, then the transporter must've malfunctioned."

Kirk raised his eyebrows. "You mean…he could be anywhere n this planet?"

"Aye, sir."

Kirk turned off his communicator and turned to the others. "Men…we have a problem."

"We heard," McCoy said, sternly. "If Sulu isn't here…then where in Sam Hill is he?"