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"The local police determined that this is a serial killer after the fourth victim. Melinda Eriks, 45, throat slashed and clothes torn. They are desperate for our help. They have no idea how to catch the guy, they're undermanned and the citizens-"


The name stopped her dead in her tracks. Last time she'd heard that name, it had been accompanied by many shouted words.

She turned around slowly, disbelievingly, aware of the scene she was causing, but afraid to find reality – but it was there. Older, haggard and tired, but there.

There was a rush as they both ran forward, holding on to each other tightly as they reached the middle.

"Jess… Jess, I..." There were no words to describe her feelings, no words to describe the rush of emotions she felt. For a moment, she just held on to the blonde woman, hand behind Jess' head as emotion coursed through her.

"What are you doing here?"

It had to be asked when she'd come back to her senses. After nearly ten years of miss, why was she here?
The team was looking at her, she was aware of it, but she ruthlessly pushed down the panic. She'd deal with them later, this was more important, much more pressing.

"I…" Jess couldn't seem to continue. "It… He… It just got worse, he got out, I just couldn't stay there..." She pulled back and looked at her, tears starting to show in her eyes. "It happened again… I did it again… And there was no sign, I- It was-"

JJ's eyes got big as she took in this information, undecipherable for the team, and she pulled Jess against her again.

"It's okay… You're safe now." Automatic words, the reassurance she rarely received, but yet they sounded consoling. "You're safe." She rocked back and forth, the motion used by many women before, back and forth to give a sense of safety.

She felt tears soak her shirt, knew Jess was crying, but she didn't care. She was back, safe right here in her arms. Eventually, Jess' sobs subsided and she pulled back again.

"Does he know you're here?" Jess' eyes were large in her face; still shining with unshed tears.

"No, I don't… I came straight from…"

She nodded, more to herself than to Jess. "Does anyone else know?" She had to know, no matter how painful the questions were. There would be many more painful questions for both of them.

"Just… a friend… She's not dangerous."

She nodded again, this time a bit more firmly.

"Why don't you go to the bathroom, freshen up a bit? I'll be right here."

Jess nodded, recognizing the sentence from earlier times: together, they walked to the door. She showed Jess where the bathroom was, and watched the retreating form. Then she turned back to the team, wishing she was able to avoid this scene.

They were all surprised; she saw the looks on their faces. Surprise, shock, a hint of betrayal: not even her closest friends knew this. She could see them thinking quickly, already profiling her and her sister: already trying to get information, without having to break the silence.

"What's going on?"

It was Hotch who broke the silence. Of course it was. As the boss, he probably wasn't very happy with the intrusion.

"I'm sorry," she started apologizing immediately. "She's my sister, she's had some rough… years." A rough life seemed like too much information at this point.

"You have a sister?" Emily was the next to open her mouth, obviously hurt by her lack of knowledge, thinking she didn't trust her. But it was complicated; if only they could see that…

"Yes," she replied. "I… She… We've had some problems." That was a euphemism, but she was going to prolong that conversation as long as possible. She could see the question lying on everyone's tongue, but thankfully they remained tactful.

"Why did she call you Shelby?"

The dreaded question. She sank down onto a chair, closing her eyes. If she gave herself away, it would only be a matter of minutes before they knew who she was: it would only take seconds for Garcia to look it up.

But she could see no way to avoid an answer. This was her team, the people she shared her life with. Just not her past…

"Because that's my name."

Her words were met with silence. She opened her eyes to see every single member of the team staring at her. Reid's mouth was actually hanging open in surprise. If the situation hadn't been so serious, she would have laughed at the comical sight.

"I don't understand," Morgan finally said. The words were confused, hurt. She couldn't go back now, but she didn't want to go any further, either.

"Look, I know this is… strange, but my sister needs me right now. I can't abandon her again, I need to be there for her. I… Your questions… I will tell you everything, but not now."

She was making dangerous promises; but she needed to to get out of this current situation. Jess needed her; her sister needed her and she was not going to let her down.

Jess returned, with impeccable timing. JJ smiled at her sister, who was looking around the room now, more aware of their audience.

"Uhm… Hi," she said to them, unsure of what to say. "I'm, uh, I'm Shelby's sister." She waved in JJ's direction. "I'm sorry to be here like this, but I just… I didn't know where else to go." She looked at her sister uncertainly, not sure what they knew, not sure what words were safe to say. JJ gave a small nod and Jess understood. Then Hotch spoke, and she directed her attention towards him.

"JJ, take some time off if you need to. We can take this case without you."

JJ nodded, but this time, Jess interrupted her.


"That's… that's my name now. Jennifer Jareau." She prayed her sister would stop going in this particular direction, but she had no such luck.

"You changed your name?" She could see the mood changing in her sister; now that the first shock was away, the other feelings came out. "You let him win?"

JJ cringed; the team was coming dangerously close to finding out by themselves if Jess would keep using those words. If she would keep mentioning him.

"No, I didn't, it was just easier this way." Her voice was calm, soft, not betraying her inner emotions.

"Easier? Easier for what? To escape? To get away from Peter, Scott, everyone? To hurt them? To hurt me?"

"No, Jess I… Let's go home." She changed the subject abruptly, knowing it would say loads to the team, but for now, the façade she had built up was more important. They had things to deal with, yes, but they wouldn't have to do that in front of the entire team. "Come on." She walked towards the door. "I'll just get my coat, it's in my of-"

"They don't know, do they?" Jess interrupted her, indicating the team. JJ recognized the anger in her sister.
"Jess…" she tried to give her sister a message without actually having to say 'shut up', and finally, after a few seconds, Jess seemed to get it.

"Bye," she mumbled in the team's general direction before following her sister out of the room.

Her words were met with astonished silence. The team gazed after the two blondes, a dazed look in their eyes.

"What the hell-" Morgan's words were heavy with shock, "-was that?"

Emily could only shake her head in shock.

"I always did wonder why she hardly ever talked about her childhood," Reid mused. He seemed the first to recover, already busy profiling the evidence.

"This isn't…" Emily stopped to collect her thoughts. "This isn't JJ anymore."

"You heard her. This is Shelby."

Hotch's voice was soft, but unmistakable. Emily thought for a moment, but then Hotch continued.

"Does anyone have any idea what happened?"

He didn't need to mention what he was referring to; they all understood it.

"Him… They both know him." It felt wrong to do this, to profile one of their own, even if she wasn't a profiler. She was one of them, which made it all the more important.

"Abuse?" Reid's voice rang out clearly throughout the room.

"It seems possible," Hotch replied, eyes absent-mindedly going to Morgan. He noticed the young man had clenched his fists.

"It's going to be hard."

It wasn't something that needed replying to, but Morgan nodded anyway.

"She's kept it in for so long…"

Again, he agreed. It wasn't fair. They had to help her.

"She's gonna need us."

"She is," he agreed. "Even if she doesn't want it." He didn't care that his own past was coming up, that they somehow saw him as the expert on the matter; all he cared for right now was the blonde that had turned their world upside down so quickly.

"What about her sister?"

He'd recognized the signs; they probably all had. Some of her words had been mysterious, but they had no doubt it wasn't good.

"She's gonna need us, too."

In a few minutes, helping their team member and friend had become their primary goal.

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