I know, an update! You must've been so surprised.

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But as I was reading the previous chapter of Unexpected, it came to me what a perfect ending it actually was.
So here I am, and this is the last chapter - an epilogue of sorts. I'm not entirely satisfied with the way this story finished, but to be honest, I just have some sort of brain freeze when it comes to HG/CM.

Anyways... I'll stop my rambling. Enjoy this chapter! And thanks so much to everyone who reviewed and supported me. I wouldn't have gotten this far without y'all.

"Hey Em, where's the file on Jason McDowell you had for me?" She walked into the bullpen, feeling self-conscious and expecting all eyes to be on her.

After their last case in Duluth she had taken some time off, trying to get her sister into the rhythm of a DC life. Jess had decided to move to the US capital, at least temporarily. Wanting to keep her sister close, JJ hadn't objected. She had helped Jess find an apartment and had managed to find one quickly, with the help of one of Morgan's friends in housing. After that, they had decorated the house together. JJ had made a point of staying close to Jess, just to make sure her sister knew she wasn't alone this time.

She knew what it was like to be alone. To feel like nobody understood you, and nobody would appreciate and accept the choices you had made. She didn't want Jess to have to go through the same thing.

"Yeah, it's right here." Emily lifted a standard beige package from her desk, not looking up from her computer screen.

"Thanks." She walked over and took the envelope, recognizing a profiler at work when she saw one.

JJ paused near the stairs and looked back into the bullpen. Everybody was at work. Morgan was sitting lazily in his chair, but she knew his mind was working. Emily was still engrossed in her computer, and Reid was unconsciously mouthing the words along as he slowly –for his usual tempo– read an e-mail JJ had sent him earlier. Hotch and Rossi were nowhere to be seen, but she knew they were both at work in their own offices.

And all of a sudden, unexpectedly, tears came to her eyes. These were the people who had helped her and consoled her by just being them. They hadn't backed down like she'd expected they would when she told them her story, after she had told it to Emily that night in the park in Duluth. They had been wonderful and supportive. Hotch had even hugged her, which had been the most surprising moment in the last hectic week.

Her eyes rested on Emily. Emily had never stopped looking out for her. Sometimes, she came into her office just to talk, with or without Garcia. JJ had the feeling Emily finally felt like she belonged here – and irrational as it was, she was quite proud that she had started that, right when Jess had suddenly appeared in the FBI.

A soft smile lit her face. Jess… it was so great to not have to worry anymore, to finally know where one of the people she loved most in the world was. Jess had much more to overcome, but at least she'd have someone to help her.

JJ hadn't noticed Morgan coming closer until he stood right beside her. "Everything okay?" he asked worriedly, taking in her wet face.

"Yeah," she wiped her tears away, "I'm fine." She smiled to prove it. "I was just… reminiscing."

Morgan nodded: he, more than anyone, knew what JJ would feel like in moments like these.

He regarded her for a while, taking in her blue eyes and long, blonde hair. She looked happier, and he knew that, but somewhere deep down he felt a pang of something. Whether it was guilt, admiration, pain or something else he didn't know, but it made him move forward and wrap his arms around her.

He could feel her surprise, but then she softened against him and he knew she was okay.

While he held her, JJ tried to figure out what exactly was it she was feeling right now. She couldn't classify it.

But whatever it was, right now she knew it didn't matter. She had a chance to be happy. She had everyone she wanted to have near her, and she could not think of anyone she'd rather be with.