Full Metal Magic

Chapter 2

Edward was being led down lots of hallways around what appeared to be a giant castle. He had no proof of this, but it sure seemed like it! he was a little freaked out by the moving paintings, but tried to take no noticed and pretend that there was some scientific explanation for it all...

'What the hell is with all of the stone in this place?!' he exclaimed- much to the annoyance of the old lady who'd come to escort him to the Dumb Bore, as Ed called him – 'I mean, didn't ya think about what happens in the winter? Just how cold does it get here?!'

She turned to glare at him and stiffly said, 'This castle has been around for centuries! It was built by the four great wizards who started this school. It being a castle, of course it was built with stone! And we have many fireplaces which give out plenty of heat. And as wizards, the students learn how to create their own fires.'

Ed guessed that most people bowed under that cold glare... but he was Edward Elric! So he just grinned back at her. And almost laughed at the shock on her face.

They soon arrived at these two really ugly statues of gargoyles and stopped in front of them.

'Funny taste in art you have here...' said Edward as he looked at the statues.

The old lady pursed her lips and said, 'Gummy Bears' whatever that meant.

Ed raised one eyebrow as the statues seemed to jump to the side and revealed a passageway. The lady started walking into it so Ed figured that he was supposed to do the same. Once in the passage, he noticed a spiral set of stairs and they started up them. The moment he set foot on the first step the gargoyles jumped back in place, sealing the passage once again.

He rushed after the old lady and saw her knock on a large wooden door.

'You may come through, Minerva.' a voice called.

The lady opened the door and ushered Ed in with her.

He tried to show no surprise at the circular room, but was sure that he failed.

There was a high stone ceiling, but a bright red bird was flying around it. The walls and floor were also stone but the floor was covered in beautiful rugs and the walls with many tall, grand bookshelves and paintings and portraits that seemed to move! There were many tables filled with random objects and things that made strange sounds that Ed couldn't identify, and the books! Oh the books that made Ed just want to stay in this room for hours! In the centre of this room was a large wooden desk filled with more amazing things. In front of the desk were two comfy-looking chairs and behind it was a much larger chair, and sitting in it was a very, very old looking man.

The man himself had a long white beard and was wearing a tall pointed blue hat, decorated with stars and moons. On his nose sat half-moon spectacles and on his mouth a small smile.

'Ah, Minerva! I assume that this is our muggle guest?' the strange old man said to the creepy old lady.

'Yes Albus. He hasn't told us who he is yet, but has no knowledge of magic and claims that alchemy is used every day.' she replied stiffly.

'Yes, yes... hmmm. Well, will you please leave us to talk? I'll speak with you again later.' he smiled at her.

'Very well, Albus, but be warned that he seems to enjoy running off.' She shot another icy glare at Ed, who decided that she deserved an innocent smile.

Once she'd left the room, the old man smiled at Edward again.

'So, what is your name, my dear boy?'

Edward simply raised his eyebrows at being called this man's "dear boy".

'Edward Elric. And yourself?'

'My name is Professor Albus Dumbledore. Now,' he leant in closer to Edward. 'How did you come to be in my school?'

He shrugged, 'I dunno. I just woke up in some bed in your infirmary.' He sent Dumbledore a look, 'I'll assume that you didn't kidnap me?'

Professor Dumbledore chuckled light-heartedly, 'No, my boy; we didn't kidnap you. But I am curious as to how you came to be here. You certainly seem to be a muggle... but no muggle is capable of coming into the school grounds... this certainly is interesting!'

'Look, some kid told me before that I was that; but when he explained it, it made no sense!'

'Who said that you were what?'

'Some idiot called Sirius Black called me a "muggle"... what the hell does that mean?!' demanded Edward.

Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, 'Ah, young mister Black... Muggle is a term to describe people with no magical abilities; someone who isn't a witch or a wizard.'

Edward groaned, 'Magic doesn't exist!'

'Oh, but it does, Mr Elric.' smiled the man. 'You just didn't know about it.'

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