The bell signaling the start of the first day of school rang. The front doors opened, and dozens of students bustled into the hallways. Lockers clanged open, friends met up with each other and discussed how their vacation went, and a group of nerds ran fearfully like a herd of gazelle from the random bullies scattered throughout the school.

Throughout this chaos, a young frazzled-looking girl had managed to claw her way through the sea of bodies and into classroom. She stumbled to a nearby desk and sat down.

"Stupid hallways…" she grumbled before taking out a book from her bag and diving right into as the other students began to come into the classroom. After a few short minutes the teacher arrived as well, ushering a few stray students into her room.

As the bell rings, the woman turns around and smiles as she sees all of the students in their seats. Her gaze lingers on the young, brown haired girl from earlier. She takes a few steps forward and gently places her hand on the desk.

[x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]_ [x]

I look up to see a woman in maybe her late 30's standing in front of me. She's wearing a tacky yellow sundress with an even tackier green cardigan. One hand was lightly touching the desk in was in, the other held some papers, and she had a wide smile on her face.

I lowered the book I was reading and stared at her.

"Could you please put the book away, Dearie? Class is about to start." she asked in an overly sweet voice that made me sick.

I close the book and stuff it in my bag, the entire time my eyes never left the woman's face. Her smile had never faltered either.

'That smile….'

It stood there, unmoving. My eyes examined every crevice, every crack on that woman's face. She might have looked like she was just being overly kind to a normal person, but I could tell otherwise. Seeing past a person's outer mask was one of my few talents. Inside she was highly irritated. She didn't like her job as a teacher, not one bit; probably because of the kids. I don't blame her. If I was in here shoes I would've demanded a transfer a long time ago. Maybe she had. What mattered now was that she didn't care about anyone in this entire school.

Neither did I.

"Could you please not call me 'Dearie', Ma'am? I do have a name you know." I sat relaxed in my chair, legs crossed slightly as I gazed at her. She remained unfazed at my comment.

She looked at me quizzically. "Oh? And what might that be?"

"It's-" I started to say, but then she cut me off with, "I'm sure I'll just find out after you take this small inquiry I made. That way I'll be able to get to know you all so much better!" The rest of the class groaned.

I frowned. 'It looks like she really doesn't care about anyone or their opinions…'

"Now don't forget to answer these as truthfully as you can, Dearies!"

As she handed out copies of the inquiry that was supposedly used so she could 'get to know us better', I looked over my own copy.

The pale yellow paper looked average, asking the usual things such as name, age, likes and dislikes. It was only the final question that seemed to amuse me.

[If you had 3 wishes, what would you use them for?]

At reading that, I smiled a little. This whole thing was a joke. This woman was probably only trying to find out more about the class so she could use it against us later. I picked up my pencil and began to write.

'You know, some people can't handle the truth. Let's just hope that she can handle the truth about me, Ari Ranna….'