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'Goblin talking'

A New Life

Chapter 7


Eric looked at Ryan and said softly, "I'm sorry Ryan for what I said."

Ryan looked at him and smiled, "It's ok, I know you were in pain and just lashed out at the first person you saw."

Eric was surprise that he was forgiven so easily but at the same time he was happy that Ryan wasn't mad at him.

New part

Ryan was shocked when Eric said sorry to him. He was known for not saying sorry to anyone even when he was in the wrong. Ryan smiled a little bit. He knew Eric was going to be nicer to him now but he kind of liked how Eric treated him, as it kept him down to earth. Ryan looked at the people in the office and asked, "Are we almost done here? I want to take Damian home soon and get him settled there."

Horatio smiled at Ryan and said yes that they were done. As Ryan was going over to Damian to wake him up, Speed turned to him and asked, "Are you going all the way out tonight Ry?"

"I was planning on it why?"

"Because you know it takes you 90 minutes to get to work from that house. Do you want to stay at my house tonight?"

"I really want to take him home tonight Timmy. Besides, you know what will happen if I come over to your place. It won't be the way you like it in a matter of minutes. You are a messy person." Ryan answered. "Besides, I was going to ask H if I could possibly have tomorrow off to get Damian settled and to see my son."

Horatio had been listening to them talk and was now very curious as to where Ryan lived. He knew the address he had had to be false. When Ryan got to the part of asking for the day off he decided he would answer Ryan then and ask him about his place of residence.

"You may have the day off tomorrow if I may see your home tonight. You just admitted to not living where your papers say you do." Horatio said coming to stand behind Ryan.

Ryan cringed and turned around. He knew he was in trouble and he also knew Horatio wasn't going to be happy with where he. Tim was snickering in the background. He knew Ryan was in a lot of trouble now. Ryan tried to smile and started to answer Horatio but before he could Horatio gave him a look and he knew he wasn't going to be getting out of this situation. He decided to just go with the flow and take Horatio home with him. He if Horatio was coming with him then so was Tim.

"I do live where my papers say I do, I just have a second home for the weekends." He turned to Tim and said quietly, "Don't think you're off the hook. You're coming with us since you started this whole thing. " Speed quickly stopped snickering and looked like the world had come to an end. His mouth dropped open and he started to sputter. Ryan just gave him a look and Tim just groaned. He knew he was never going to the end of it when Ryan got him alone. Ryan looked at Horatio and tried to smile. "I'm ready to go now. Did you need to stop and grab anything as you most likely will be spending the night?"

Horatio gave him a look of disbelief and looked at Speed. Speed just shook his head and turned away before Ryan saw what he did. "I guess I should stop for clothes and such before we go out. Do you need to grab anything from the store, like food?

Ryan smiled because he knew who Horatio was looking at. "I guess I should grab some food…."

Tim piped up saying he needed to stop at his house and grab some stuff too.

"Ok. How about this? Tim and I will go to the store and his house. After we get done there, we meet at your house Horatio and go to my house." Ryan said, "Does that sound ok?"

Horatio thought about it and agreed it was a good plan of action.

Speed knew he wasn't going to be able to get out the plan so he just went along with it. Ryan smiled and woke Damian up

"Damian. Damian. Time to wake up, Damian. We are going to be heading home soon." Ryan said quietly and gently rubbed Damian's back. Damian whined and tried to go back to sleep. "Don't wanna get up Papa. I'm tired."

"I know sweet. But we have to get some things before we can go home. So you need to get up now, pup." Ryan said softly.

"Ok papa. I'm up. Are we leaving now?" Damian said sitting up now. He knew he was getting really close to Ryan and that he might be taken away. He like Ryan though and didn't want to leave him.

"We are leaving as soon as Timmy gets his behind in gear. We have to stop at his house and get some things, my house to grab Jake, the store and the Horatio's house to get him. Then we are going out to my other house."

"Otay papa. Is it ok that I call you papa?" Damian asked quietly.

"Yes pup, it's ok. You can call me whatever you want to call me. So, are you ready to hit the road?" Ryan said/asked Tim.

"I'm ready to go."

"Ok. H, we will meet you at your house in about 90 minutes ok? Ok, good. See you then." Ryan said quickly. He quickly sped out of the office with Tim right behind him. Damian was in his arms trying not to laugh at the faces Tim was making behind Ryan's back. "And Tim, if you don't quit that, I'll hide your keys to the Dacutti."

"NNNNOOOOO. Not my bike, anything but my bike." Tim said quickly catching up to Ryan and trying to get him to not do that. Tim couldn't live without his bike. The bike was everything to him. He treated it like it was his kid.

Ryan snickered and just gave him a look. Ryan knew that Tim knew he wasn't kidding. He had done it before and he would do it again. Damian was giggling at Tim. Ryan was happy Damian would be his. Damian was already starting to mean the world to him already. Damian was a happy child when he started to open up and such.

Tim knew Ryan wasn't kidding so he knew he needed to stay on Ryan's good side. They quickly reached Ryan's car and got in. Damian was in the back and Tim and Ryan were up front with Ryan driving. Ryan knew that if he drove they would get done faster and that they would get to his house faster because he could be worse than Speed when it came to speeding. Ryan wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

Ryan drove to Speed's house first and waited for Speed to go in for clothes and such. Speed was out within 15 minutes as he knew Ryan would get impatient with him if he took too long. After he put his stuff in the back of the car he got in again. Ryan drove to his house and got out. He went in and grabbed some things he thought he would need and things for Jake.

He opened Jakes cage and quickly took him out to the back yard so he could do his business. He got Jakes leash and when Jake was done, clicked the leash into place. He carried everything to the back of his car and opened the hatch. He opened the kennel in the back and told Jake Up. Jake jumped into the kennel and looked at Ryan. Ryan snapped the leash off and quickly put it on top of the cage. Jake was a K9 dog so he knew what would happen if he chewed his leash. Ryan put his stuff with Tim's and got into the driver's seat again. He started the car and drove to the nearest store. Ryan quietly asked Tim to stay in the car with Jake while he took Damian in to shop.

Ryan and Damian went into the store and grabbed a cart. Ryan asked, "Damian, what do you like to eat? Do you know if you are allergic to anything?"

"No papa, I don't think I'm allergic to anything but I don't really know. I love PBJ's and chicken nuggets and fruit and veggies and cookies and crackers and…"

"Ok buddy. I understand. You seem to like the some food my other sons like. Lets grab some of everything so we can have a variety at home ok?"

"Ok papa."

Ryan started to grab things he knew his kids liked from breakfast cereals and stuff for snacks and dinner. He knew kids ate a lot and with the adults too he knew he would need to grab a bunch of everything. He soon was done with his shopping and went to the checkout. He watched the amount go up and $150 later he was ready to go to Horatio's house. He went to his car to get everything into the back and put Damian in the back. Tim was surprised with how much he had bought but knew Ryan liked to be prepared for anything.

"Tim, can you call H and let him know we are on our way to his house and should be there in 10 minutes." Ryan asked

"Sure Ry." Tim pulled his phone out and pressed 3. That was Horatio's speed number. Ryan was number 2 and Eric was number 4 and Calleigh was number 5 and Alexx was number 6.

Horatio soon picked up his phone and Tim relayed Ryan's message. H said he would be waiting and that they didn't have to rush. Tim just said Ryan was eager to get home.

10 minutes later Ryan pulled into Horatio's driveway and honked his horn. H came out and double checked he had everything and his doors were locked. He walked to the car and put his stuff with Ryan's and Tim's in the back. He then climbed into the back with Damian. He noticed Damian was asleep again.

Ryan backed out of the driveway and started to drive towards his house. He was driving at his normal speed which was 70 mph and knew H was surprised on how fast he drove.

"Speed might be known for his speediness but I'm known for speeding too. I can drive faster than he does sometimes." Ryan said.

Horatio just lifted an eye brow and didn't comment. Horatio watched the scenery fly by and soon noticed they were heading out to the glades. 45 minutes later they came to these woods. Ryan seemed to be relaxed and was even driving one handed. Tim was starting to cling to the door because he knew what was coming up. When they came around this corner Horatio noticed he was on the wrong side of the road and then he saw the tree on the right side of the road. There were a lot of obstacles on the way and soon they came to this hill that just dropped off. They kept on going and were not really in the woods with no clear path. As they were driving along some dark shapes appeared to be running besides them. Horatio looked at them and noticed they were wolves. He finally spoke up and said "Why are there wolves running with the car?"

"That would be my pack and they are making sure it's me in here and not someone they need to attack. We are almost there. Just a few more turns and here we are." They finally were out of the woods and had come to a clearing. They slowed down and pulled into the garage. The house was huge. It was mostly made of wood but you could tell it was a cop's house as it had bullet proof windows and a really advanced security. As they pulled in and stopped in the garage the door closed. A red beam started going over the car.

"Hello Max. I have guests with me today, Timothy Speedle and Horatio Caine."

"Hello Ryan. Everything is clear. Only Jake is here with Michael today." Max answered back

"Thank you Max, please secure the area."

"Ok Ryan. I'll get right on that." Max said

Ryan and Tim got out of the car and walked to the back of the car. Horatio was shocked at how hi-tech everything was. He knew there was more to Ryan than met the eye but he never thought there was that much. Apparently he was wrong.

"H, are you going to help us here. Ry went overboard on the groceries." Tim asked. His voice broke Horatio's train of thought and he quickly stepped out of the car. He walked to the back and noticed how much Ryan had bought.

"Here, takes these and follow Tim into the kitchen. If you can, while you're in there, grab Jake and tell him I need his help." Ryan said. Tim took some groceries and started for the door. Horatio grabbed some too and followed Tim inside. The door led to a mud room and from there the kitchen. Tim put his bundles down on the counter and Horatio followed his example. Tim looked to see if he could find Jake and called out "Yo Jake, Ry needs your help."

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