xKairix again! I'm obsessed with Air Gear right now and so I decided to write a fic about it that happens after the Gram Scale Tournament. Wrote this less than a day, phew! Quite the work out!

FULL SUMMARY: Set after the author's pityful and half-ass ending of the Gram Scale Tournament: It was the beginning of the after war and who knew that Noyamano Ringo, Sumeragi Kururu, and Simca would ever team up for the same thing they desire? With peeks at hot springs, bets of love, failed pranks and wars, a new girl showing up (with dark secrets to hide) seeming pretty close to Ikki and Agito/Akito begins the Mission of the Three Girls: The 'Kai-chan' Case. AxOC; IxR; KxE
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Air Gear, sadly, but I do own the new character you are about to meet- err read...?
NOTE! The written ending is NOT the real ending. It is merely something that I made up. And yeah, it has quite a lot of holes in it but I couldn't care less (I'm just writing this for fun) but you can fill them up with soil and dirt and anything else you want (so that the story makes sense!).
WARNING! Contains swearing and some mild themes. Read at own risk.

Air Gear: All's Fair in Love and War

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the After War.

So the Gram Scale tournament has ended with no one winning but with – of course – some people losing.

Genesis (along with a dead Sora and Nike) had lost – gasp! – and so Kogarasumaru had advanced to the grand final where Sleeping Forest were sleeping… in a forest…of… the Trophaeum! Cough, anyways! The one-on-one battles of the two top teams in AT were highly intense and lengthy – which is one reason why the author's not going into detail, another because she's lazy and because it's nearly midnight - heck dammit! – and her imagination is failing her. You may insert things your own needs and ideas to fill in the holes that the author has left for you to complete.

So Kogarasumaru'd won one, Sleeping Forest'd won one, then Kogarasumaru'd won two, and Sleeping Forest'd won two, and so on until the final battle.


The thought of it had just left everyone sitting on the edge of their seats… or imaginary seats that were really not there.

The highly anticipated battle was between the two leaders of the two teams; the Thorn and Storm King (or Queen in Ringo's case). But the battle was different from all others, it… was passionate! ~

And no, it did not contain naked, over-rated sex or making out between the two for those who are of the sick minded.

They had started with a heated 'run', sparks and fire of sorts flickering from under their AT wheels!

Oh wait, it was held in the Trophaeum… Discard the previous sentence!

But, yes, they started off with a heated 'run' (minus the fact that Ikki was struggling under the pressure inside of the 'forest' within Trophaeum and took a very long time before being able to run properly) and they'd talked… if that's the correct word.

"Why? Why do you wish so much to become the King of Kings and of Trophaeum?" Ringo'd asked Ikki.

"I… I don't know." Ikki'd looked down, pondering with that little brain of his.

"Then there's no reason for you to be here!" Ringo'd attacked Ikki but went very easy, being the soft and caring girl who loved the dumb and annoying boy with all her heart. She knew that he was at a disadvantage since she was the only person who could withstand the pressure inside the 'forest' due to the Sonia Road, leading her to be undefeated there.

Ikki had dodged it very awkwardly, still not completely used to the pressure, but had made it out in time. His eyes turned towards his friend, and swore for a second that he saw a ghost of a smile on her lovely face.

She's going easy on me? That means she's…

And, of course, being the boy to act first, think later, he came to the conclusion that-


And, being very hot-headed, he was set ablaze and was surrounded by fire… literally.

No longer, with this fiery anger, did he feel the pressure push down on him. He pulled back his fist and lowered his head and channelled the energy to flow through into his right fist. He stared at his target and locked eyes with the girl standing on a platform above him. He gave a fighting cry and jumped up to punch the girl above him and-


Only… it wasn't Ringo he'd hit.

He had forgotten about the pressure and when he left the ground, the pressure had taken its toll on him and forced him back onto the ground.

"Damn…" – twitch – "it…"

Ringo'd stared at the fallen boy on the ground below her and sighed. She'd jumped down to help him get back up – who had muttered something about not being a baby anymore.

"Ikki… Do you want to know the reason I use ATs?" Ringo'd smiled. "It's because I believe… that everyone – every boy, every girl – has the right to 'run' freely and obtain freedom and spread their wings and fly. All this fighting… for the Sky Regalia, is pointless. People suffer and die, friends and lovers fight and break bonds – it's sad isn't it? The Sky Regalia has brought nothing but trouble to our world, creating greedy sins and taking away people's freedom… and Sleeping Forest's freedom.

"Sleeping Forest has made it our duty to protect and Sky Regalia and the Trophaeum, preventing people from taking the Regalia and using it as it could bring much unfortunate things upon our beautiful world. But because of this, we have lost our wings and freedom to be able to fly in the sky – like you can Ikki.

"However… AT battles and stuff about Sky Regalia's, Sky Kings and so on… are slowly disintegrating your wings, Ikki. You're being blinded; the freedom you have to fly in the sky for a Regalia. And Kogarasumaru and Sleeping Forest being enemies… we never get to AT together freely – do we, Ikki? We're being bounded by chains caused of this Sky Regalia and our greedy sins and wants."


"Ikki… promise me something… if you ever do win, and kill me… destroy the Sky Regalia… destroy the source of these sins we all carry… the darkness inside of our hearts… destroy the chains that bound us all and release us, like a trapped bird in a cage... and give everyone the gift to fly free in the sky together… please… as my dieing wish…"



"No." Ikki'd looked up and stared into Ringo's blue eyes with seriousness and determination. "Because I'm not going to kill you, and we're going to get through this, destroy the Sky Regalia and 'run'together." Ikki smirked.

Ringo'd quickly wiped her tears away and smiled. "Okay," she'd breathed.

And so instead of killing each other off, they 'ran'. 'Ran' to their heart's content.

The people experiencing the view watched… dazed, and amazed as Ringo and Ikki 'ran' and showed off their tricks and feelings and dreams through them – all their hard work, determination and sufferings were displayed which awed everyone. Their want to be able to AT together freely without any chains bound to them from the ground so they can fly in the sky in a different world where people don't compete and kill each other for a Sky Regalia and other greedy desires.

And as people had watched them… their hearts changed… their wants, desires, feelings, and dreams all changed. They'd no longer felt like competing for a stupid Sky Regalia so they can take over the world. They only felt like ATing freely with everyone. And as their hearts had changed, they'd cheered.

With the match ending with no winner, but two very tired winners.

They'd helped each other to walk towards the Sky Regalia, arms around each other to support themselves and the other.

They'd faced the Sky Regalia and destroyed it, feeling everyone behind them and cheering.

And thus was the end of the Sky Regalia and the Gram Scale…

But not ATs.

"Ahh! Can't wait till tomorrow! Hm… Coffee…" Yawn. Stretch.

"Yay! Ikki-kun, let's have lotsa fun! ~" Glomp~.

"Oi! Don't hug me like that! Turn back into Agito!" Vein mark.

"I wonder if I'll see any naked girls…" Drool.

"Yeah…" Drool.

"K-Kazu-sama!" Punch.

"Why are you coming with us tomorrow, Migratory Bird?" Invisible vein mark.

"Hehe! Because of my Ikki-kun! ~" ~3

"'Y-your' I-Ikki-kun?!" Vein mark.

"Those three are at it again… And I hope I can spend some time with Akito…" Blush.

And as we follow our heroes, we can see that they are excited and ready to go to a hot springs resort out in the forest the next day with merry thoughts and attitudes – and some with more slightly perverted… Urgh.

Anyhoo, back with our heroes who are currently at a café very much like the one where Croissant Mask, Kururu and Simca came to tell Ikki a way to enter the Gram Scale tournament after he accidentally caused his team to be disqualified…

"Akito! Get off of me!" Ikki growled, trying to get the hugging boy off of him.

"Aw, why Ikki-kun?" Akito pouted cutely causing Nakayama to blush at his cuteness.

Emily saw and smirked. She shuffled cunningly over to Nakayama and poked her multiple times. "So," she said slyly and holding the sound a bit longer.

"So what?" Nakayama blushed as she knew fully well what her friend was implying.

"You know… Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge." Emily wiggled her eyebrows.

"B-but… What about you and Kazu?!" Nakayama retorted back.




And so the said girl ran off to find her lover, who was currently with the perverted pig looking at dirty magazines behind a newspaper… which of course earned him a big punch in the face when he was caught by Emily…

Nakayama sighed and started to talk to Akito, who got rejected by Ikki when Ringo, Kururu and Simca started talking to him – Wah! Ikki-kun is so mean! ~

"So, Ikki-kun~, who do you love?" Simca purred, leaning forwards and resting her chin on her palms, while also seducingly resting her rack on the table.

Kururu was not impressed by this. She frowned at the pink-haired girl before turning to face Ikki with an angelic smile. "Yes, please tell us." She tried not to sound too excited.

Ringo felt like puking – If only Ikki knew how they really act… She smiled at Ikki but tried not to look seducing like Simca or innocent and angelic like Kururu, it was more at eased and relaxed.

"Huh? Who do I love?" Ikki repeated dumbly.

The girls felt the urge to roll their eyes and kill the dense boy.



A dark aura started to choke the other people in the café.

Ikki was oblivious to it.


The girl's leaned closer, waiting to hear their name.

"I love…"



The three girls saw someone hugging their lover. Their jaws dropped.

"Kai-chan!" Ikki laughed.

The three girls realized that if you put all of Ikki's words together, it makes: "I love… Kai-chan!"

Isn't Kai a boy's name? ... He's gay…?

And on that very day, the three girls made it their mission to:

1. Investigate this 'Kai-chan'

2. Get close to this 'Kai-chan'

3. Find out Ikki-kun's relationship with this 'Kai-chan'

4. If need be, break the bonds between Ikki-kun and this 'Kai-chan'

5. Last resort: Eliminate this 'Kai-chan'

And if they wanted to reach their goals, they realized something very important…

Thus their new mission was the only time Noyamano Ringo, Sumeragi Kururu and Simca ever worked together.

To be continued… right now! Because the author reckons the chapter is too short to be published on as it is!

Ringo, Kururu and Simca rosed from behind Ikki and stared at the supposedly boy- err… 'Kai-chan' and stared at the mass of black hair.

It's too long and silky to be a guy's… Unless…

A disturbing of a male with silky long black hair filled their minds. They all cringed.

"What are you doing here?" Ikki asked 'Kai-chan'.

The person lifted their head and smiled cutely. "I wanted to see you, Kiki-chan!"

The three girls realized that… 'Kai-chan'… was indeed… not a guy… but a girl…

A girl that is currently in Ikki-kun's arms!

A dark aura loomed behind Ikki and 'Kai-chan'.

"Hm?" 'Kai-chan' opened her eyes, revealing crystal clear blue eyes… or eye since her side fringe was covering her left eye.

The three girls instantly stopped and the dark aura was gone as they stared at the blue-eyed girl staring back at them, and realized that the girl was indeed very pretty.

With wide crystal blue eyes, long silky black hair, blue streaked fringe, slightly pale complexion, and a natural pout of her lips, it was easy to see that the girl was popular among males.

All the more reason to find out her relationship with Ikki-kun!

"O-oh-ho-ho? Who's thi-this-this... pretty chi-child here? A f-friend of y-yours, Ikki-kun?" Simca smiled, faking innocence.

"I... w-wonder," Ringo added, hiding her jealousy.

Kururu only stared at the girl.

"Oh!" A light bulb appeared above Ikki's head. "This is Kai-chan! Kai-chan, this is Ringo, Kururu, and Simca."

"B-but isn't Kai a boy's name?" Kururu asked, also hiding her jealousy and faking sweet. The girls beside her nodded in unison.

They suddenly felt a dark aura directed at them and saw that the girl was glaring at them.

"Haven't you ever heard of the word 'nickname'?" she sneered, mocking them though with not much emotion.

The girls twitched.

How can such a cute kid be so rude? Reminds me of Agito…

"So, what's your real name?" Simca asked sweetly, which made the girl want to gag.

"Hn. Kairi." Kairi stared at them with her red eye.

The three girls stared at the red eye and realization dawned on them.

Wait… Didn't she have blue eyes?

"H-hey… w-wasn't your eye blue?" Kururu exclaimed, voicing the other two girl's thoughts.

"No," Kairi answered bluntly.

She received strange looks.

"Oh," Ikki said. He lifted his hand up to Kairi's face – which greatly troubled the three girls – and brushed away Kairi's fringe, revealing a blood red and crystal blue eye.

"Kai-chan got into an accident when she was young so that's why her left eye is red," Ikki explained.

Kairi quickly swatted Ikki's hands away and pulled his ear and yanked him down to her level – hard. "I told you not to do that in public!" she hissed into it.


Ringo, Kururu and Simca gasped then pushed the girl off Ikki's lap.

"How dare you hurt Ikki-kun like that!" Simca spat, all sweetness gone.

"Ah! Ikki-kun, are you alright?" Kururu knelt by the boy in pain.

"Ah! Kairi-chan! Apologize now!" Ringo ordered the girl. "You should- Huh?"

Kairi was sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes; her cute sobs caused everyone to turn their way.

"A-ah! Are you alright, little girl?" a middle-aged random asked as he knelt beside Kairi.

Kairi glared at him, red eye glowing. "I'm not little. I'm fourteen," she spat before sobbing once again.

More people came to comfort the girl.

"Who did this?" a woman asked. She saw the three girls (Ringo, Kururu and Simca of course. I'm going to refer to them as this because it's too annoying writing out their names all the time) and gasped. "You did this?"

"Y-yeah…" Kururu answered lamely.

The people who came to comfort Kairi started badmouthing the three girls for making her cry.

While this was happening, Ikki had crawled towards Kairi and had picked her up bridal style. He stood up and said loudly, "I WANT AKITO AND AGITO'S MAN-BABIES!"

Everyone was silent as they turned towards him.

You idiot… Agito thought as he felt like slapping himself. Whereas

Akito had no comment and decided not to slap himself since he was the one who was controlling the body.

"Just kidding, but it got your attention, no? Anyway, it's alright, Kai-chan is okay. It was my fault so if you want to take it our on someone, blame me." Ikki scratched his head with one hand. (And for those of you who read carefully, Ikki's carrying Kairi bridal style but, no, he didn't drop her. He's used to it, you'll see why later on. XD)

Murmurs rose in the crowd.

"Aw, that's so cute."

"Do you think they're a couple? Or are they brother and sister?"

"They look too different to be brother and sister…"

"I wish I could be like that…"

Everyone went back to their respective places.

"Kiki-chan didn't have to do that…" Kairi murmured into Ikki's ear.

"Nah, it's alright. Gotta protect you with my life, don't I?" Ikki grinned.

Kairi looked up and stared into Ikki's eyes, secretly telling him something. Ikki nodded.

The three girls didn't like this.

"Why don't you sit with us, Kairi-chan?" Simca asked, as she spotted the spot next to her, away from Ikki.

"Ah, I wouldn't want to trouble you guys…" Kairi frowned, looking downwards.

"Pfft. No worries, no worries. It's O-K," Ikki said and placed Kairi down beside him and Ringo.

Damn, she's still sitting next to Ikki-kun…

"Sorry," Kairi said to Ikki.

Ikki grinned. "Well, I just have to remember not to do that in public anymore, right? Don't worry about it. You hurt me all the time anyway."

'All the time'…?

"Not really," Kairi pointed out. "I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Hm, yeah. True." Ikki laughed.

Ringo was carefully watching Kairi and realized something.

"Ne, Kairi-chan…"


"Sorry for asking but… does your personality change when your fringe covers a different eye?"



"Nah, she just has major mood swings," Ikki answered, putting his arm around her with a big grin.


"Do. Not." Kairi lowered her fist.

The three girls bent over the table to see the beaten up Ikki on the floor.

She's… that strong?!

"So what were we talking about?" Kairi asked cutely.

"See… before you were kind of… bored and angry looking and now you're all… cute and childish like Akito." Sweat ran down Ringo's face.

"Fuck! Kai-chan."

"Ah! Agito-kun!" Kairi hugged Agito, who returned the hug awkwardly. "It's so good to—"

"What are you doing here?" Agito demanded, awkwardly getting out of Kairi's arms, a light blush on his face.

"Oh." Kairi lowered her head. She lifted it up and her red eye stared into Agito's yellow eye. "Why? You should know…" she answered without any emotion.

"Oh." Was all Agito could say.

Nakayama watched jealously; Agito never used honorifics in anyone's name and he never showed such affection to someone before.

Who is she…?

Ikki coughed and jumped back up. "So, Kai-chan, you wanna come with us to the hot springs tomorrow?"

The three girls instantly jumped up and shouted, "NO!"

Everyone turned to face them, Kairi's cute face starting to tear.

"What do you mean by 'No'?" Agito asked coldly. He placed his other hand which was not in his pockets on top of Kairi's head which was only a few centimetres below the top of his.

"Uhm… what we meant was that Kairi-chan doesn't have to be asked to come with us because we've already decided that she could come no matter what!" Kururu quickly made up and added a little squeal at the end.

Ringo nodded and hugged Kairi. "You're coming, of course?"

Kairi looked up at Ringo and then at Agito. "Phone?" she asked, voice quivering.

Agito stared at her before grabbing her wrist and dragging her away.

Ikki followed casually with his arms behind his head.

The four remaining (excluding Emily who was currently fussing over KAZU-SAMA~~) girls who were left were seething.

"Who the hell is she?!"

"Fuck! Why did you do that?!" Agito growled.

"I wanted to see you guys. I was lonely," Kairi replied timidly.

Agito sighed and touched his forehead. "Now we're going to have to call them and tell them you're coming with us, and get yelled at for 'taking' you without permission, fuck!"

Kairi's lip quivered. "Sorry." She bowed her head, on the verge of tears.

Agito stared at the girl before looking away and patted her head gently. "Don't cry, I'm not mad at you," he said softly.

Kairi nodded but couldn't say anything.



"You made Kai-chan cry!" Ikki growled. He prepared for another punch.

"No! It's… okay. It's my fault, anyway. I'll go back and tell them I ran away to a friend's place." Kairi turned away sadly.

"What? No way! It takes a lot to escape from that hell hole! Must be very hard with all that tight security." Ikki grabbed Kairi's arm.

"Not really," Kairi muttered emotionlessly.

Agito stared at Kairi and lifted his head to lift Kairi's fringe just like Ikki had. "Are you getting better?" he asked quietly.

Kairi grabbed Agito's wrist and lowered it. "No… They can't find a reason why. They say I'm probably just mentally disordered," she chucked half-heartedly.

"WHAT?! You punched me just for showing Ringo, Kururu and Simca your eyes! Why didn't he get punched?!" Ikki whined.

He got ignored.

"I'm serious." Agito glared.

Kairi was silent. "I saw her. I found her a few months ago. She told me why and confirmed that there's nothing wrong with me. It's kind of like your case. But mine are more frequent because I don't have one."

Kairi lifted her hand to touch Agito's eye patch.

"It's all worn out. You need a new one," she noted.

"Che. Fuck it," Agito growled, turning away.


"Ne, are you still ignoring me, guys?" Ikki asked with puppy eyes.


Agito and Kairi lowered their fist.

"Here's my phone." Agito handed Kairi his phone.

"Thanks." Kairi quickly dialled and number and waited for someone to pick up, but all she heard was a long beep.

She was silent and Agito and Ikki stared at her.

And at the tears that started to spill from her eyes.


So many questions unanswered... Who's Kairi? And what's her relationship with Ikki and Agito/Akito? What is she hiding behind those eyes of hers? How far will the Three Girls really go to get their Ikki-kun? And what does Ikki mean by 'It takes a lot to escape that hell hole! Must be very hard with all that tight security'? And what is Kairi trying to recover from? The phone call? What are they even talking about? What am I talking about?

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