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Shoot for the Stars

He had been kicking himself for hours. Luke pulled his keys from his jeans pocket as he hit the crash bar on the front doors of his old school, and stepped out into the crisp early morning air. This is it, this is your chance. Don't blow it. Don't act like an ass. Just tell her what you really want, he coached himself as he jogged down the steps and into the street heading for the diner.

The frustrating thing was that half the time he didn't even know why he said the things he did. Logically, he knew it was a defense mechanism. The surly comments, the grumpy attitude, the heavy blanket of cynicism that he liked to drape over everything, even those most basic hopes and dreams that most people have in common. And he knew that he didn't really feel that way. Why was it so hard for him to admit that he wanted the same things that anyone else would want? A house, a family, a wife to kiss him hello when he came home to that house, a partner to share the worries of the day with, a lover to warm the cold, lonely nights.

Luke shoved his key into the lock on the diner door, and turned it with a quick flick of his wrist. "Why can't I just tell her?" he asked himself as he slammed the door behind him. Using only the dim light he had left on behind the counter to guide him, Luke made his way to the cash register and opened the drawer just beneath. He rummaged through the accumulated detritus and, at last, wrapped his fingers around the bottle of glue that lurked in the very back.

Gripping it tightly in his hand, he willed his sleep deprived brain to focus. And focus it did. Suddenly, he found himself picturing Lorelai draped across his bed. Naked. He saw himself bending over her, squeezing super glue from a giant bottle onto her gleaming white skin, coating her with it as she gazed up at him, her eyes wide. He lowered himself to her, pressing his bare skin to hers, as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, holding him close, bonding them together.

Luke shook his head to dislodge the bizarre and vaguely disturbing picture from his fuzzy brain. There was a reason why they used sleep deprivation to wear people down. He had to tell her. Tell her that he wasn't as anti-kid as his idiotic comments sounded. Tell her that he wanted more out of his life than a diner and a tiny office converted into an apartment. As he slammed the diner door behind him once more, that nagging little voice in his head awoke with a jolt. Why does it matter? She doesn't care what you want. Do you really think that she would ever consider having kids with you? It really doesn't matter, it said mockingly. But what if? Another part of his brain answered. What if she did notice you? What if you did have a shot? What if she woke up one morning and decided that she wanted you, but dismissed the thought because she knew that you don't want all the things that she may want? What if she was just waiting for you to finally make a damn move?

Luke slowed as he looked up at the high school blankly. He glanced over at Miss Patty's and saw the volunteers attending to those who had already called it quits on the insanity taking place in the gymnasium, and then looked back at the building that had held him hostage for four of the longest years of his life. He ran his hand over his face, trying to calm the warring factions in his brain. When he reached the sidewalk in front of the school, he stopped and suddenly felt an eerie calm seeping through him. He knew that this was it. This was his chance. At least, he was pretty sure that he knew. He thought that he did. He just had to say it. He just had to be clear.

Lorelai watched Luke weave his way through the stragglers, admiring his broad shoulders as he moved purposefully toward the gymnasium doors. There he goes, my knight in purple and blue flannel. I like that shirt, she mused to herself as he turned left and disappeared from view, it makes his eyes really blue.Lorelai shook her head to dislodge the thought, smiling at her punch-drunk observations of one of her best friends. She looked down at the broken heel in her hand and twirled it between her fingers. Drop another sucker in this mess. His caustic words echoed through her brain as she stared at the heel. Lorelai sighed, briefly wondering why it should surprise her that he felt that way. Luke had made his thoughts on all things domestic perfectly clear over the years. But still, she couldn't help feeling the little twinge she felt when he said that.

The fact was, he baffled her. She wondered if Luke even realized what he was squandering. Women would kill to have a man like him; strong, capable, handsome and caring. The flannel didn't hide as much as he thought it did, Lorelai thought with a smirk. Such a waste. She smiled sadly as she smoothed her damp palm against her skirt. She turned and saw Rory's arms draped over Dean's shoulders as they swayed slowly on the dance floor. He was always so good to Rory. Not in an obvious, 'look at how nice I am being to this kid,' kind of way, just in a very Luke way.

And they counted on him, probably more than they should, but they did. Luke was the go-to guy. The first one she turned to when she needed help, and Lorelai Gilmore didn't ask for help. At least, not as a rule. But she would ask Luke. Lorelai sometimes stopped to wonder why, but the only answer that she could ever come up with was that he was Luke. He never made a big deal out of things. He never made her feel like she couldn't handle things. He simply helped, accepted a quiet 'thank you' and nothing need ever be said again.

She appreciated that. She appreciated him for exactly who and what he was. She had absolutely no right whatsoever to feel disappointed in him, she told herself sternly. But it wasn't Luke that she felt the disappointment for, really. He seemed content; confident in the way he had chosen to live his life. No, she wasn't disappointed in Luke; she was just a little disappointed on behalf of women in general. All of them, everywhere. Those who don't know a great guy like Luke Danes, and those who did, but would never have what they could have with him.

"Hey. Are you guys out?" Sookie asked as she approached, startling Lorelai from her reverie.

Lorelai jumped slightly and held up the heel. "No, my shoe broke. Luke's fixing it."

Sookie smiled and said, "Oh, good. Thank God for Luke, huh?"

Lorelai laughed softly and ducked her head as she said, "Yeah, thanks God for Luke."

"Listen, I just feel terrible about what happened," Sookie said in a rush.

"I know. How's Jackson?"

"Oh, he's fine. We went home, and he calmed down, and we talked. He totally understands and he's open to anything I want," Sookie said with a relieved smile.

Lorelai smiled back at her friend and said, "That's great," as she tried to ignore the tiny pang of jealousy that zinged through her.

"Now, tell me what I want," Sookie demanded.

"No way," Lorelai scoffed, jealousy gone.

"But I'm not sure."

Lorelai shook her head and said, "Then flip a coin 'cause I am staying so far out of this."

"You're my best friend," Sookie said indignantly.

"Yes, I am, and I can only remain your best friend as long as Jackson doesn't kill me."


"Sookie, he's a produce man. They'll never find the body, but the squash will be especially chatty that year," she answered with a pointed glare.

Sookie sighed, "Okay, fair enough."

Lorelai softened when she saw the genuine disappointment on her friend's face. "Hey, take your time. That's it. That's all I have to say," she said firmly.

"Thank you," Sookie replied with a relieved smile, glad to have a little something to go on.

As Luke started up the steps to the high school he shook his head, knowing that being clear headed was easier said than done, when you had been up for over twenty-four hours. He walked back into the gym and saw that there was only an hour left of this insanity. He glanced over at the table he had set up the day before and saw Lorelai standing there clutching her broken heel in her hand as she talked to Sookie. He watched them for a moment, a surprising surge of jealousy rushing through him as he looked at Lorelai's best friend.

Jackson knew what he wanted, and he wasn't afraid to admit it. You kinda have to admire that, even if the idea of four kids in four years was completely irrational, Luke admitted as he willed his feet to cross the wooden floor. He had to tell her. He had to just make it clear that he knew what he wanted too. At least, he knew what he wanted if she was going to be an option, because as far as he was concerned, she was the only option. "Worth a shot," Luke muttered under his breath as he approached the two women.

"Got it," he said as he held up the bottle of glue.

"Ah, good," Lorelai said, relieved.

Sookie touched Lorelai's arm and then raised her hand in a little wave. "Well, I'm going home to figure out what I want. Good luck. Call me tomorrow," she called over her shoulder as she left.

"I will," Lorelai promised.

Luke turned and watched Sookie walk away. "So, how's that situation going?"

"Oh, it'll be okay," Lorelai said with a tired smile as she hobbled over to the bleachers.

"Good." Luke cleared his throat nervously as he followed her. "Uh, listen, uh, I didn't really mean all that stuff I said earlier."

"What stuff?" Lorelai asked as they sat down and she handed him the heel that had come off of her shoe.

"Uh, the kid stuff, you know."

Lorelai shrugged slightly as she leaned down and began to remove the broken shoe. "Oh, it's no big deal."

"Yeah, I know, I just…" he trailed off. Luke focused his attention on coating the heel with a generous amount of glue. "I'm not really as anti-kid as I might have come off," he admitted gruffly.

Lorelai smirked. "Drop another sucker in…" she mocked mercilessly, ignoring the twinge that popped up again.

Luke glanced up at her sharply. "Okay, yes. I don't always have the patience for 'em. They tend to be a little squishy, and that freaks me out a little," he admitted impatiently.

Lorelai cocked her head as she studied him, wondering what had brought on this startling spate of openness in her usually taciturn friend. "You don't have to want kids, Luke. Or like kids. It's not for everybody," she said gently.

"I know, but…" He paused as he took a deep breath. "Although I'm quite happy going an entire day without having to deal with somebody else's bodily functions, if I ever happen to meet the right person, uh well, it would be a discussion."

"A discussion," she echoed. Lorelai eyed him carefully, wondering where he was going with this.

"Yes. Probably a short discussion, but still," he said firmly. Luke held the bottle of glue out to her. "Here, hold this." Lorelai watched as he took her shoe and pressed the heel back into place, holding it between his capable hands and applying pressure to secure the repair. She found herself staring down at his hands, marveling at how graceful his long fingers were as he cupped her shoe. "So what about you? You ever think about having another kid?" he asked, his voice low and quiet.

Lorelai's eyes opened wide, startled by the intimacy of his question. "Oh, I don't know how much fun it would be without biology finals and headgear…" she tried to joke. Luke chuckled softly as he glanced back down at the shoe he squeezed between his hands. "But sure, if I ever happen to meet the right person, another kid might be nice," she admitted, the words tumbling from her mouth without much thought.

Luke looked up, and their eyes met, holding one another's for a fraction too long. Finally, he forced himself to look down at the shoe in his hands and said, "Your shoe'll be ready in a minute."

"Thank you," she murmured shyly.

Luke's fingers played with the strap on her shoe nervously as he slowly processed what she had said just moments before. "So, you wanna have another kid?" he asked, unaware that the question had slipped past the filters and out of his mouth.

Lorelai tilted her head, frowning as she asked, "Are you asking or offering?"

"What?" Luke asked as he looked up.

Lorelai smirked as she leaned back on the bleacher behind her and asked teasingly, "Were you recapping our conversation, or were you offering to father my children?"

Luke's eyebrows shot up and color flooded his cheeks. "Sure. Do you want me to father your children?" he asked gruffly as his eyes fixed on her face.

"Well, a girl could do worse," she answered with a shrug. "Pretty good odds our kids would have dark hair and blue eyes. I wonder if they'd be lighter blue like mine, or darker like yours," Lorelai wondered aloud, a giddy giggle escaping her lips.

"You're picturing our kids?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, you offered," Lorelai said with a shrug. "I think we could make a decent looking baby."

Luke snorted as he checked to see if the glue had taken hold. "Ya think?" he grumbled.

Lorelai sat up; her eyes suddenly bright, her smile wide and wicked as she leaned in closer to him. She licked her lips and Luke stopped breathing entirely as she whispered in his ear. "Of course, you do realize that we would have to have sex in order to make that happen."

"Uh," Luke managed to grunt.

Lorelai nodded and said in a conspiratorial tone, "Yeah, it's true. That is how babies are made."

"I think I heard that somewhere," Luke said as he unconsciously tugged at the collar of his shirt.

Lorelai's smile blossomed enjoying his discomfiture a little too much. "Well, we could keep it strictly business, you know. There's no rule that we'd have to derive any, uh, pleasure from it," she said in a husky voice,

"There isn't?"

"Sex strictly for the purposes of procreation. That's how I like to picture my own conception," she added with a laugh.

Luke smiled as he glanced over at her and said, "Don't we all?"

Lorelai shrugged and said, "It sounds like a good plan, but it probably wouldn't work, though. I told myself that the next time I had a kid, I was doing it right."

"Right? Is there something wrong with Rory?" Luke scoffed.

"No, I mean, you know," Lorelai said, her own cheeks coloring under his indignant stare. "The traditional way, marriage then baby,"

Luke blinked and then said, "So, you weren't going to marry me first? You were just going to use me?" Luke shook his head. "I feel so dirty," he added with a smirk.

"Oh, I didn't get that part. Were you offering to marry me and father my children?" Lorelai teased.

"Well, I'm not as easy as you think, Lorelai," Luke said drolly as he held her shoe up by the strap. "You think I'm just a piece of meat, don't you?" he teased.

"Mmm, meat," Lorelai answered with a grin. "So, let me see if I have this right. You're offering to marry me, have sex with me, and father my children. Where did we land on the whole pleasure or no pleasure thing?" she asked, looking him boldly in the eye.

"Pleasure, definitely, pleasure," Luke answered in a low voice.

"Usually people date before they get married," Lorelai pointed out.

"You free on Monday?"

"Monday?" Lorelai asked.

"I figure we'll be sleeping the rest of today," Luke said with a shrug.

"Monday's good," Lorelai answered.

"Monday it is," Luke said as he held the shoe out to her.

Lorelai took it from him and stared at it for a moment, her brow wrinkling as she tried to sort it all out in her muddled brain. "Wait, were you teasing or serious just then?" she asked.

"About what?"

"About what? About Monday," Lorelai said impatiently.

"Oh. No, I was serious about that. Were you teasing?" Luke asked, turning to look at her.

"Um, no, okay. Monday's good."

Luke nodded and said, "Good." He stood up and looked down at her as she bent to put her shoe back on, her hair falling over her face like a curtain. He turned and stood in front of her, waiting patiently as she buckled the strap. When she looked up, he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and said, "It was a little longer discussion than I expected, but I was serious about the rest of it too," as he offered her his hand to help her up.

Lorelai's jaw dropped as she blandly placed her hand in his and let him pull her to her feet. "You were?"

"Dead serious," Luke answered as he stared down into her bright blue eyes.

Lorelai swayed into him slightly, the bodice of her dress brushing against his flannel clad chest as she looked up at him, speechless. "Okay," she whispered at last.

Luke nodded, inclining his head slightly, clearly wanting to kiss her, but just before his lips brushed hers, another couple stumbled from the floor and collapsed to the bleachers just beside them. They jumped, glancing at the bodies that lay sprawled with their backs against the bleachers, and their arms and legs akimbo. Lorelai's mind raced as she tried to take it all in. Luke had asked her out. Luke had asked her out, agreed to have sex with her, sex with lots and lots of pleasure thrown in for good measure. Luke had said he wanted to marry her and have kids with her. He said that this was the discussion. He had agreed to father her children without a moment of hesitation. He was just about to kiss her. Again. For the twenty millionth time, Luke Danes had been about to kiss her and didn't. Lorelai turned and scowled at the collapsed dancers at her feet, cursing them in her head.

Luke reached for her, encircling her wrist with his hand, and all thought ceased to exist. Lorelai looked down at his hand and then back up at him, confusion written all over her beautiful face. "Come with me," he said quietly and began to lead her around the side of the bleachers.

"Where are we going?" Lorelai asked as he ducked his head and stepped over the rail beneath the wooden stands.

"Just come here for a minute," Luke said as he pulled her behind him, leading her under the grandstand.

"Oh my God. Are you trying to get me under the bleachers, Butch? Is this where you took all of your girls?" Lorelai laughed as she stepped over the rail and ducked under the seats.

"You are the first girl I have ever been under the bleachers with," Luke said firmly as he moved to the center of the stands and back against the wall.

"But Butch, what if we're late for homeroom?" Lorelai asked breathlessly as he came to a stop.

"Stop that," Luke growled.

Lorelai looked up at him, her eyes wide and innocent. "Are you going to kiss me, Butch? Does this mean that we're going steady?"

Luke slipped his hand up under her hair, his fingers dangling in the loose curls at the nape of her neck. "Yes," he said as he stared into her eyes meaningfully.

Lorelai's laughter died on her lips. She reached up, balancing herself with two handfuls of purple and blue plaid flannel as she tipped her head back and looked up at him expectantly. "Are we gonna make a baby now?" she asked softly, stunned by the intensity in his dark eyes.

"I just want to kiss you," he said raggedly.

"Kiss me," she whispered as his lips descended on hers.

Soft and slow, thick and heavy, the fog descended, wrapping them up in a world of their own. His lips brushed hers gently, but Lorelai was having none of that. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. The force of her body against his pushed him back against the wall as she kissed him hard, her body arching into him. Luke's hand spread over her back, the tips of his fingers brushing the bare skin of her shoulder blades, as he groaned low and deep and parted her lips with his tongue.

Lorelai responded enthusiastically, her tongue seeking his, her body sliding against his in a slow sensual dance, moving to the rhythm set by feel of his tongue sliding over hers, falling under his spell. They parted, their chests heaving as they gasped for oxygen, their eyes locked on one another.

"Oh my God," Lorelai whispered.

"What?" he asked fearfully.

"Oh my God," Lorelai said again as she launched herself at him. Her hands framed his face as she kissed him again. Her breath came in soft pants as he yielded, taking her into him again, and their kisses grew fierce and frantic. Lorelai's hands slipped to his shoulders, and then to his chest, feeling the hard planes beneath her fingertips, her mind mentally cursing the same flannel it had praised just minutes before.

Luke tore his moth from hers, turning her around and pressing her up against the wall. He kissed her again, his hard body grinding into hers, desperate to get closer still. He kissed his way to her ear and whispered hoarsely, "Let me, Lorelai. Let me be the guy, the right guy for you."

"You are," she said breathlessly.

"I'll give you anything you want. All of it," he promised as he drew on the delicate skin beneath her ear. "You say four in four, I'm your guy," he growled against the sensitive flesh.

"You always have been," Lorelai panted as she ran her hands over his back. "I don't know what we were waiting for," she murmured.

Luke bent his knees raining kisses over her neck and shoulders. "That's what I want, Lorelai. I want you."

"Oh God, I want you too," Lorelai gasped as he pressed soft wet kisses to the sweetheart neckline of her dress.

Luke pressed his lips to the hint of soft flesh between her breasts and whispered, "I want you, I want you."

"Luke, please," she said urgently.

"I know, I know," he mumbled as he kissed his way back up over her chest, pausing to lick softly at the hollow of her throat before he straightened up.

"Don't stop," she panted.

Luke chuckled and said, "I am not telling our grandkids that the first time I made love to their grandmother was under the bleachers at my old high school."

"They don't need to know," Lorelai said as she snaked her arm down between them and stroked him lightly over his jeans. When he looked up at her, startled, Lorelai smiled and said, "No one ever needs to know. Just you and me."

"Lorelai, I," Luke started to protest, but she silenced him by pressing one finger to his lips as she continued to stroke him through the worn denim.

"We have to practice," she whispered. "Lots and lots of baby making practice."

"You can't be serious. Are you serious?" he asked breathlessly.

"Dead serious," she answered, her gaze never wavering from his.

"It's crazy."

"You're making me crazy. You offer impregnate me, marry me, have sex with me, both business and pleasure, and then you ask me out on a date," Lorelai whispered as she found the tab on his zipper. "Now, you could just be messing with me because I'm sleep deprived, or you could just be the biggest tease in the world, but I really hope that you're not," she said softly as she drew his zipper down. When Luke made no move to stop her, she smiled and reached for her skirt. He stared at her dumbfounded as she reached up and pushed at her hips. A moment later, she wriggled those hips and then looked down pointedly as her panties pooled at her ankles. "It's been a crazy night all around," she said as she arched one eyebrow at him.

Luke's jaw hung open as he searched her face, incredulous. He swallowed hard and glanced down as she stepped out of her panties. "I've been awake as long as you have," he said nonsensically.

Lorelai smiled as she unbuckled his belt and said, "Well, maybe I'm taking advantage of you, then."

"Lorelai, this isn't what I…" he stammered, closing his eyes as she slipped her fingers into the open fly of his jeans and caressed him through his boxers.

"This isn't what you want? I'd say that there is evidence to the contrary," she teased gently.

"This isn't what I want for you," he managed to say.

"Well, it's exactly what I want for both of us," she argued. "Come on, Butch, this is your chance to finally live up to that reputation of yours. Take the shot," she taunted.

Lorelai saw the fire light in his eyes as he looked down at her, his eyes lingering on her breasts before they fell to her hand buried in his jeans. "This is nuts," he said as he finished unbuckling his belt and opened the button on his jeans.

"This is hot," Lorelai said as she pressed her head back against the cinder block wall. "We have to hurry," she urged.

Luke reached for her skirt, his fingers grappling with the slippery material and the petticoats beneath as he tried to gather them higher. He finally gained the soft flesh of her thigh, and lifted her leg, holding it to his hip as his other hand slipped under her skirt and unerringly found the soft damp curls at the apex of her legs. Lorelai moaned and pressed into his hand instinctively, and he was lost, the fog clouding all common sense and reason from his mind, and her heat searing through him.

He slipped one finger into her folds and found her wet and wanting. "Oh God," he groaned hoarsely.

"Oh yes," Lorelai said as she pushed ineffectually at his jeans and boxers. "Dammit," she muttered as she tried to free him. "Oh!" she gasped as he pushed one finger into her, her eyes opening wide. "Now, now," she moaned as she redoubled her efforts, and succeeded in working them down over his straining erection. "Mm hmm," she hummed appreciatively, stroking the thick length of him as his finger slid into her once more. She looked at him, her eyes clouded with desire, her eyelids heavy as she blinked at him drowsily. "Now," she whispered.

Luke withdrew his finger slowly as Lorelai gathered her skirts to give him better access. Luke bent his knees, and still holding her leg at his hip, positioned himself at her entrance. He looked up at her through his lashes and asked, "You are gonna marry me someday, right? "Cause, you know, I'm not usually this kind of guy."

Lorelai laughed breathlessly and said, "I'll make an honest man of ya."

"Good," Luke said as he pressed into her. "Ohh," he groaned as she opened for him taking him deeper into her hot, wet walls. "Oh geez," he whispered. Luke reached for her other leg, and pressed her against the wall as he motioned for her to hop up.

Lorelai complied, wrapping both legs tightly around his hips as he cupped her bottom, squeezing it gently in his large hands. He began to move slowly, his hips circling in time with the waltz that played through the gymnasium. "Oh Luke," Lorelai murmured, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her face to his shoulder.

Luke continued to thrust into her, pulling her down on him with deliberate determination, never wavering from the tempo. He closed his eyes, his nose buried in her soft, fragrant hair, her body wrapped around his in every way possible. The music smothered their soft gasps and low moans until the urgency became unbearable. Lorelai pushed back on his shoulders, lifting her head until she could capture his lips. He swallowed her moans as she tightened around him, she captured his soft grunts as he surged deep within her. As the song ended they slowed, and Luke would swear he saw stars dancing in front of his eyes.

Luke bent his knees again, gently lowering her to the ground as he slipped away from her. Lorelai curled her fingers into the soft flannel covering his shoulders as he pulled his pants up, but left them undone. With one hand wrapped firmly around her waist, Luke kissed her sweetly, over and over again. They parted, and he rested her forehead against hers, their breaths mingling as their hearts tried to recover.

"We're going to make beautiful babies," Lorelai whispered. "So beautiful."


"Um, not right now, I, uh, have that covered," she assured him.

Luke chuckled as he shrugged slightly and said, "Doesn't matter. You said you were going to marry me."

Lorelai smiled and said, "Yeah, but we should probably give dinner and a movie a chance first."

Luke smiled as he kissed her again and said, "More of a chance of things not working out with that, than with this."

"Probably," Lorelai agreed with a grin. "I think this is going to work out very nicely."

"Me too," he said, his voice drowned out by the sound of Taylor's air horn directly above them. "Dammit, Taylor," Luke grumbled as he pressed a hand to his ear.

And then Miss Patty's voice rang out as she called, "Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!"

Lorelai gasped as she pressed her hand to her cheek. "Oh no!" She shook her skirt down and pushed away from the wall in a daze. "No!"

Luke glanced down at his disheveled clothing and spotted Lorelai's panties on the floor. "Lorelai! Wait!" he called as she wound her way to the edge of the bleachers.

"For the fifth year in a row, ladies and gentlemen, the marathon winner is Donna Delain and Kirk!" Miss Patty announced.

"No!" Lorelai cried as she fished the yellow card from the bodice of her dress.

"Lorelai!" Luke hissed holding up her panties.

Lorelai glanced back at him and shook her head. "You keep them, I'll get them Monday," she said as she stepped over the rail.

"I win, I win! I win, I win, I win, I win!" Kirk crowed.

Luke shoved the scrap of fabric into his jeans pocket and began to tuck his t-shirt back into his pants as he saw her trot toward the dance floor calling, "You didn't win! Wait, what are you doing? I'm here, I'm standing, I used my yellow card! I'm still here! Patty, where's Rory?" she demanded.

Luke quickly buckled his belt and tugged his shirt down over his jeans as he heard Patty say, "Oh, she ran off the floor a little while ago, honey."

"What? No!" Lorelai gasped, horrified.

"Yes!" Kirk hissed as he thrust his fist into the air.

Luke stepped out from under the bleachers and turned toward the dance floor as he saw Lorelai rush toward her daughter and envelop her in her arms. He kept a watchful eye on the two women in his life as they swayed in the center of the floor, Rory crying softly as Lorelai rubbed her back gently.

Finally, he walked over to the coat rack and pulled Lorelai's coat from a hanger. He walked over to them and held the coat out in front of him with a worried scowl. "Here. Come on, I'll get the truck and drive you home," he said quietly.

Lorelai looked up, her eyes shimmering with sympathetic tears as they met his. "Thanks, Luke," she managed to murmured.

Luke simply nodded and said, "I'll be out front in a minute," as he turned to leave.

Two minutes later, he fired up the green truck and cranked the wheel, pulling a u-turn that would have made Taylor crazy had he been conscious. He pulled up in front of the school and hopped from the cab to open their door, prepared to do exactly what he always wanted to do, take care of them both.