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Beginning of a New Life

Her cousin lived in the outskirts of Domino City. The house was not as stylish as those in Tokyo, but it had its charm. The apartment itself was small and quite messy, for as mentioned earlier, Michiro Aino was an artist out of his fingertips. The teaching profession was only one way to pay the bills.

"It's quite small, but those pictures will be retrived in the morning...", he pointed at abunch of picture screens which were gathered at the sink."...And then we'll get better space."

"Who is she?" Minako asked suddenly. Michiro watched from the mound to the painting his cousin watched. It was a female portrait, painted only in autumm colors. The model stood with her back, looking at the artist over her shoulder while her hair moved gracefully in the wind. It was a beautiful painting, her cousin's talent was brilliant. No one could claim the opposite. Suddenly she got a lump in her stomach. What if mom and dad was right? What if she doesn't have what it takes to succeed. She refused to believe that her dream just was childish fantasy, but she began to doubt when she saw Michiros works. He was a consummate talent and he worked as a teatcher! Mom would never miss an opportunity to remind her if she failed. Minako could aldready hear her derisive comments: "Minako, how was it now? You wanted to be a singer, but weren't we right when we advised you to change your mind? Sure you wish that you had listended to us, right darling?" So she would say. Literally, word for word.

"No idea!" Her cousin said and went forward to the painting. "I got an order to do this by a photograh I got from the costomer. It will be retrived in the morning but I putted it here beacuse I don't want to risk it to be damaged." From nowhere, he took out a white cloth and in one motion covered the painting with it.

"Unfourtantely, it looks like we have to share a bed, cousin." he said then. In once second Minako's face was bright red. Sharing bed? With her male cousin? Sure, she had dreamed about sharing a bed with a good-looking guy, but this was too drastic! Wasn't it also illegal? Her somewhat small bizarre imagination worked at full speed in front of her eyes, despitcing everything that could possibly happen of "the sharing a bed" thing. Michiro just stared at her, slightly embarrassed.

"But come on! It's not that i'm going to rape you while you sleep, geez. What do you think I am, a rapist? We'll just sleep in the same bed, not sleeping together. " Minako stared back at him, then she sighed." You suprise me, Michrio-chan. That you just could believe such a thing."

"That I thought...? Hey, who started, you and your bizarre imagination!"

"Was it not!"




And so it continued. All the way from the bathroom until the two cousins were actually in the comfortable double bed. Why her cousin had a double bed and what he did in it was something she didn't want to find out. But she could imagine what it was, and she began to smile to herself. If her cousin now did what she thought he did with his girlfriends, who could blame him? He was a handsome man and his personality was reflected in the beautiful appearance, so why shouldn't the ladies be drawn to him, even if it was only for one night?

He breathed heavily, he was probably about to fall asleep. Just before she closed her eyes, she wispered:

"Thank you Michiro-chan. Thank you for everything you've done." Then she fell asleep, with a smile on her lips.

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