Diary, or something like it…

Some idiot of the Organization came up with the idea of giving us diaries. In hells name, WHY DIARIES! WHY ME!
I blame Demyx, he's the sensitive guy of the group.
The worst thing is that we actually have to write stuff down as well.
Don't ask me why, I don't know, I just found this thing with a note on it that it was for me. Wait, I'll put the note in here.

Number VIII,
This diary is for you.
I insist that you use it.

Seriously, WHY?! Why me and a diary… this can never go the right way…
Whatever, I'm off finding Roxas to do something fun.


Ps. Maybe I'll burn you up and say that it was an accident…

Dear diary,

It's me, Roxas. You don't know me yet, but you will.
I'm Roxas, the 13th member of Organization 13.
I just found this diary, this is going to be so much fun! =)
Well, I guess we all got one, as there was a note on top of it saying that they insist we use it and stuff… ah whatever.
I'll ask Axel later if he got one too.
Well I'm Roxas, number XIII. I'm a nobody. Just like everyone else.
It's nice to write my thoughts down here though, can't really explain why.
Great, now I have to get a new door as Axel just kicked it in… Well I'm off to do something fun with Axel, he just stormed into my room complaining about the whole diary thing.


Dear diary,

This is Demyx. Number IX.
This will be so great, I'll write down my thoughts and stuff in here.
I'm number IX in a row of XIII.
Number I is our leader, Xemnas. (or Mansex as Axel likes to call him. -_-)
II is Xigbar
III Xaldin
IV Vexen
V Lexeaus
VI Zexion
VII Saix
IX me, Demyx
X Luxord
XI Marluxia
XII Larxene
XIII Roxas
Roxas, Axel and me are close friends, we spend a lot of time together, mostly doing nothing and talk about useless things, but we have a lot of fun. Sometimes we can go on missions together, but that doesn't happen very often.
Zexion is kinda scary, but he's nice as well. I think I might like that guy.
Saix just IS scary.

I'm off to play on my sitar for a while. Maybe I'll go outside into the garden to the small river… I'll see.